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Episode Guide

In depth information about all the 65 episodes, about the stories, everything we see, the work behind it, and all the interesting details each episode has to offer.

Each episode is approx 21 minutes long (counting only the stories without intro, credits and commercial bumpers) originally aired from 1985 to 1988, and each features 2-3 songs with a music video.


The episodes are listed in the original order they were aired, with production number. Although storywise some episodes would be placed in a different order according to when things like characters are introduced. The rows of space between some episodes on the list is because they were aired long apart, and in some cases the animation changed style inbetween, and other big changes occured.

08. The Beginning Written by Christy Marx
09. Disaster Written by Christy Marx
10. Kimber's Rebellion Written by Christy Marx
11. Frame Up Written by Christy Marx
12. The Battle Of The Bands Written by Christy Marx

01. Starbright Part One: "Falling Star" Written by Christy Marx
02. Starbright Part 2: "Colliding Stars" Written by Christy Marx
03. Starbright Part Three: "Rising Star" Written by Christy Marx

04. The World Hunger Shindig Written by Mary Skrenes
05. Adventure In China Written by Beth Bornstein
06. Last Resorts Written by Roger Slifer
07. In Stitches Written by Mary Skrenes
13. The Music Awards Part 1 Written by Christy Marx
14. The Music Awards Part 2 Written by Christy Marx
15. The Rock Fashion Book Written by Richard Merwin
16. Broadway Magic Written by Marv Wolfman
17. In Search Of The Stolen Album Written by Richard Merwin
18. Hot Time In Hawaii Written by Beth Bornstein
19. The Princess And The Singer Written by Christy Marx and Ellen Guon
20. Island Of Deception Written by Mary Skrenes
21. Old Meets New Written by Sandy Fries

22. Intrigue At The Indy 500 Written by Roger Slifer
23. The Jem Jam Part 1 Written by Christy Marx
24. The Jem Jam Part 2 Written by Christy Marx
25. Culture Clash Written by David Wise
26. Glitter And Gold Written by Christy Marx

30. The Talent Search Part 1 Written by Christy Marx
31. The Talent Search Part 2 Written by Christy Marx
28. Scandal Written by Mary Skrenes
38. One Jem Too Many Written by Buzz Dixon
34. The Bands Break Up Written by Marv Wolfman and Cheri Wilkerson
36. The Fan Written by Beth Bornstein
40. Father's Day Written by Roger Slifer
32. Treasure Hunt Story by Ellen Guon and Christy Marx Teleplay by Ellen Guon
45. Aztec Enchantment Written by Misty Stewart-Taggart
39. Music Is Magic Written by Paul Dini
41. The Jazz Player Written by Michael Reaves
35. Danse Time Written by George Arthur Bloom
44. Roxy Rumbles Written by Jina Bacarr
49. Alone Again Written by Sandy Fries
46. KJEM Written by Christy Marx
33. Trick Or Techrat Written by Misty Stewart-Taggart
29. The Presidential Dilemma Written by Beth Bornstein
42. Rock N' Roll Express Written by Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty
50. Mardi Gras Written by Mary Skrenes
43. The Middle Of Nowhere Written by Chris Pelzer
48. Renaissance Woman Written by David Wise
37. Journey To Shangri-La Written by Richard Merwin

52. Journey Through Time Written by Eric Early
54. Britrock Written by Christy Marx
55. Out Of The Past Written by Michael Charles Hill
56. Hollywood Jem Part One For Your Consideration... Written by Roger Slifer
57. Hollywood Jem Part Two And The Winner Is... Written by Roger Slifer

58. The Stingers Hit Town Part One Written by Christy Marx
59. The Stingers Hit Town Part Two Written by Christy Marx
47. Video Wars Written by Cary Bates and Greg Weisman
53. Beauty And The Rock Promoter Written by Clare Noto
51. Homeland, Heartland Written by Carla Conway
60. Midsummer Night's Madness Written by Evelyn A. R. Gabai
61. The Day The Music Died Written by Roger Slifer
62. That Old Houdini Magic Written by Jina Bacarr
63. Straight From The Heart Written by Buzz Dixon
64. A Change Of Heart Written by Christy Marx
65. Riot's Hope Written by Roger Slifer

66. A Father Should Be... Written by Christy Marx

Live-action Movie

- Jem and the Holograms Written by Ryan Landels

This is what the guide contains about each episode:

Episode number: Production number.
Title and writer: and sometimes other info.
Pictures: Ten pictures showing the story of each episode.
Synopsis: Short description of the beginning of the story. Watch out for spoilers on two-, three-, or five-parter episodes.
Characters: Main characters and even minor characters by name, job title or role. In episodes after Raya and Jetta join, they are included in the group name.
Focus on: What characters the story is mostly about, if any in particular, or atleast where secondary characters are most featured compared to the rest of the series.
Locations & vehicles: Countries, cities, buildings or even parks and other specific places, and vehicles, in order of appearance.
First appearance of: Characters, locations and vehicles that are especially notable or later re-appear.
Songs: The featured songs with music videos.
Part of songs: Songs partly played because of the story of the episode.
Instrumentals: When only the instrumental music of a song is played because of the story of the episode, or as background music. Not including the regular background music which is based on songs like "Outta My Way", "Makin' Mischief", "Winning Is Everthing" and the "Jem Theme".
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Message, Romance, Humor, Fantasy, Sport, and Mystery. Listed in order according to amount, while in some episodes it's almost equal amount of some genres.
Releases: Where in the world the episodes have been aired on TV and when, released on VHS or DVD, and what the title was in that language (and translation of that title). [Some of the information by Daniel V. Smith, Enzo Gervasio, Marco Valli, Martijn, jemboyholland, and Cosmic Falcon]
Keywords Sightings and mentions of all kinds of things that grab attention in any way, to in the future create a directory where you can look up all kinds of unimportant details like in what episode the characters rollerskate.
Recommended: Episodes (Jem or even other cartoons) that have something in common and may also be of interest.
Trivia: Behind the scenes info, interesting facts and observations.
Fashions: The most notable fashions introduced in this episode for the main characters, like those of a specific theme of the episode, with a link to that character's fashion page.
Hasbro products: Dolls, fashions and playsets made by Hasbro, that are seen in the episode.
Review: Analyze of what occurs and stands out in the episodes, with observations of a huge Jem fan, how everything fits in and compares with the rest of the series and to the Jem bible and scripts, info about the writer, sometimes cut out material and behind the scenes art and information, "easter eggs", inspiration behind the episode, International trivia, and lots of pictures and links.

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