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Cartoon Bloopers

Continuity errors, animation mistakes, factual errors, and voice over mistakes, this page is meant to cover it all. Over 600 bloopers on this page. Jem certainly didn't have more bloopers than any other show, and most are barely noticable unless you're picky. It's only logical to have some errors, and it just adds another fun dimension to episodes for bigtime Jem fans to look for.

And since some of the early Jem episodes had retakes made even twice, some bloopers were corrected, but infact also new ones were created thereby.

Here all discovered bloopers are gathered on one page, episode by episode and mostly in order of appearance, along with some pictures of the most interesting ones. Hopefully more pictures will be added eventually.

To tell them apart, they are divided into six categories:

Audio is basically something with the voice overs or other sounds. Sometimes it's the wrong voice actor's voice coming out of the wrong character, but that could aswell be classified as an animation error since the voices were recorded first and then it was the animators who drew the characters according to it. This is the least common error in Jem.

Continuity is if something doesn't follow the storyline in correct order, like if Jem is suddenly wearing something else for a moment or something is moved without explanation. The second most common kind of blooper in Jem.

Factual is when something does not correspond with reality like if an incorrect fact is said about a real life object or a Jem character, or if a text is misspelt. This is the second least common kind of error in Jem.

Position is a typical animation error like placing a background upside down, placing character cels in the wrong order according to each other, or a cel disappears suddenly.

Appearance is also typical for animation, characters that are drawn very incorrectly in shape, or somehow have the wrong appearance other than color.

Color is another animation error, and the most common one and often least interesting one, and is simply about something that gets the wrong color or no color at all. But sometimes it can cause quite a noticable difference.

So what episode have the most bloopers of all? The very first episode at 39 bloopers. But that is likely because I've re-watched it most often of them all. The least bloopers are found for the episodes "The Jem Jam Part 2", "Treasure Hunt", "The Jazz Player", "Renaissance Woman", "Journey Through Time", "Hollywood Jem Part Two And The Winner Is...", "The Stingers Hit Town Part One", "Midsummer Night's Madness", and "That Old Houdini Magic". So how about finding more for those?

The Beginning

Position: In the absolute first sight of the episode, the moving spotlights that light up towards the sky, do not start at the correct place at the ground.

Position: When Kimber has exited the roadster and is zoomed in, you can see the edge of one layer of an animation cel in the same height as the top of her head.

Continuity: At the cemetery, Jerrica is seen wearing the Jem star earrings, which is because of re-animated scenes.

Continuity: During the scene at the cemetery where Eric offers Jerrica his help, his jacket goes from closed to open during the same sentence. Also, Jerrica'a eyeshadow goes from purple to pink, and back to purple.

Color: At the cemetary in the last clip where Rio and Jerrica are walking away from Eric, Jerrica's hair appears to be pink.

Continuity: When we for the first time get to see the inside of Starlight House, Kimber is playing an acoustic guitar, and Aja is going around with the vaccuumcleaner playing with drumsticks. And we all know Kimber was the keyboard player and Aja the guitarplayer at the time. This isn't really a blooper, but perhaps a script leftover based on Hasbro's early plans where the Holograms played these instruments.

Appearance: Also in the above scene, Kimber's right ear seems misplaced, or perhaps it's supposed to be her hair but was colored wrong.

Color: When everyone is gathered inside Jerrica's bedroom, her curtains are pink. In this same episode, we later see them become white, yellow, green and even blue.

Factual: When Jerrica is talking to the secretary outside of Eric's office, we can see a sign that still has the name of her father since this was his office, but his first name is missing a "T" at the end, it's supposed to be "Emmett" according to the Jem bible. Infact seconds later we see another glimpse of the sign on the door, still misspelled. This was the fault of the storyboard artist though.

Continuity: At Starlight Music, when Jerrica is talking to the secretary, we the entrance door to what used to be Emmett's, but now Eric's office, the door handle is on the left side. when Eric first starts talking about the Misfits with Jerrica, he points towards the door, and we see that the handle is on the left side from the inside, opposite to what we saw on the outside. But as soon as the picture zooms in on the door, the handle has switched back it's place to the right side.

Appearance: When Pizzazz first enters on her guitarshaped motorcycle, her makeup is wrong. She has eyebrows, eyeshadow, and what looks like a red or orange line on her left cheek.

Color: Only in final retakes version: At Starlight Music, after Eric says to the Misfits that their new motorcycles will look great in their next photo session, Pizzazz' dress is partly colored pink, where it's supposed to be white. And Pizzazz' and Roxy's guitarshaped motorcycles get each other's colors in the extra scene before the music video "Outta My Way".

Color: In the music video of "Outta My Way" when Pizzazz rides a surfboard, her bathing suit changes from black to white.

Factual: In the music video of "Outta My Way", when the Misfits are standing on a stage playing their guitars, Stormer is holding hers upside down.

Continuity: Only in final retakes version: When Pizzazz punches a bull's eye and Jerrica falls, she is wearing the star earrings, which she don't receive until later that evening. Before this she is seen wearing pink pearl earrings.

Appearance: Close to the end of the music video "Outta My Way", where we see the Misfits drive their motorcycles, Stormer is seen without a skirt, they forgot to paint it black and drew only fishnet tights for all of the leg visible, well atleast until we see them drive by and see Stormer from behind, then it's fixed.

Position: Only in final retakes version: At the end of the music video of "Outta My Way", when Pizzazz is about to sit on the throne she moves in front of a window, from which the light effects are displayed over the cel of Pizzazz instead of behind.

Appearance: Pizzazz has similar earrings to the ones Jerrica wears before she got her star earrings, but after the music video "Outta My Way" she loses them for a moment, which can clearly be seen in a close-up. Instead she gets black eyebrows, while she isn't supposed to have any eyebrows.

Color: When Jerrica is sitting in front of her mirror, in the last retakes version, she gets light blue eye makeup while she opens the earrings box.

Appearance: Right before Kimber points out the earring box to Jerrica, we see Aja with unusually short hair.

Appearance: When the window blows open in Jerrica's bedroom, and everyone's hair is blowing, Jerrica's hair appears to be a bit longer.

Continuity: When Jerrica gets her box of earrings, we see Shana with and without her earrings on. And when they arrive at the Starlight Drive-in they're off.

Continuity: After Synergy disappears from Jerrica's bedroom, Jerrica is suddenly sitting down again, even though she says "well, let's go".

Continuity: When Jerrica and the others leave to follow the instructions in the earrings box, we see them drive by the same house in the same direction that Jerrica earlier drove by when going home to Starlight House. They should had driven in the opposite direction at this point.

Position: At the Starlight Drive-in when Jerrica says "father made you?", the background behind her and Kimber is upside down.

Continuity: At the Starlight Drive-in, After Kimber is turned back into herself and says "that's even better". Aja turns back into Kimber, Shana into Aja and Kimber (who is first invisible because of a blooper) into Shana. Corrected.

Continuity: At the Starlight Drive-In Synergy reveals a bunch of fashions that Emmett left for the girls, and they seem impressed with them. But none of the fashions are ever worn throughout the entire series.

Continuity: Only in final retakes version: At the Starlight Drive-in when the roadster first appears, in the close-up of Jerrica and Kimber, Kimber suddenly wears her original outfit, which she doesn't even own yet.

Continuity: At the Starlight Drive-in when the roadster first appears it already says Jem on the hood. But you might argue this is because the car was named Jem and maybe that's where Jem got her name.

Color: During the music video of "Only The Beginning", Aja's guitar goes from pink, to bright pink, to white and back to pink. Same thing happens when the Misfits go to steal the instruments, the guitar is white when Pizzazz picks it up, then it's pink, and then back to white when she runs with it.

Position: Originally in the music video "Only The Beginning", there was a scene where Jem and the Holograms were riding on rockets, this was removed in retakes because suddenly Jem and the Holograms would disappear from the rockets, then they would re-appear and the rockets would disappear.

Appearance: Right after the song "Only The Beginning", Pizzazz can be seen with eyebrows, which she is not supposed to have.

Position: When Jem says her name and introduces the Holograms, Kimber is playing on a synthesizer which is not there. Atleast it's missing in the Rhino release of this episode. But the synthesizer is visible in the 80's VHS release, but even there there's a blooper since the animation cel of Kimber is seen through the synthesizer for a quick moment.

Position: In the park after Jem and the Holograms have performed and Jem has created a hologram of Jerrica on another stage. When we see Eric come from the right in the screen moving to the left, the first we see of him he is seen in front of the blonde woman standing in a close-up view to the right on screen, before we see him continue but now from behind her. Corrected.

Factual: Only in final retakes version: When the Misfits are taking a look at Jem and the Holograms' instruments before they steal them and drive away with them, the banner above the stage, where Jem and the Holograms just performed says "Hologram" without the "s". And the Misfits van has the "Misfits" logo mirrored.

Continuity: Directly after the above blooper, When Roxy has grabbed Shana's drums from the stage and is running towards the Misfits van with them, left behind on the stage are some other drums in the same place but that look very different in shape from Shana's.

Factual: Again, while driving away, down the steps, the Misfits logo on the van is mirrored.

Appearance: After Roxy has thrown out Kimber's keyboard during the car chase, Shana is seen for a very short moment with an all grey shirt, which is supposed to be a jacket.

Continuity: In a short clip where the Roadster is about to go over the cliff, Shana is in the driver's seat instead of Aja, and Aja is where Shana sat before, then they've suddenly changed their seats back again.

Appearance: Only in final retakes version: In an added scene where Jerrica asks Synergy for help while the roadster is hanging on the cliff, Synergy is seen without her piano keys, which the animators forgot to draw, so several panels are shown empty, only in grey.

Continuity: Roxy tries to excuse herself to Eric for the trouble they caused for Jem and the Holograms that got them publicity in a newspaper. But Roxy actually says Aja's name "it's not our fault that Aja chick can't drive". But Roxy never met Aja personally at this point, nor heard her name, as far as we see. It's possible she read the news article though, if Aja's name was mentioned in it, but Roxy is illiterate so she couldn't (well maybe she can read some words), but on the other hand her illiteracy was not yet established in the series.

Factual: In the music video of "Winning Is Everything", when Pizzazz is in a beauty contest, her pageant banner says "Miss Puank" instead of "Miss Punk".

Position: In the music video of "Winning Is Everything", in the beauty contest, Roxy is standing behind Pizzazz, but the cel is for a very quick moment put above the Pizzazz cel, twice infact.

Position: When Pizzazz comes out of the giant football in the music video "Winning Is Everything", the lights on one of the arena spotlights behind her are placed incorrectly.

Position: In the music video "Winning Is Everything" when the Misfits van drives in on the arena, in the closeup of the headlights you can see the white parts are one step late and don't follow the movement of the car.

Color: After Jerrica has caught Ashley trying to steal money from the honor jar, when Jerrica and the Holograms walk out of the room Shana's hands are colored too bright, the same color as the others.

Appearance: When Ashley says "30 dollars, but where do I get 30 dollars?" her hair in the neck flashes on and off.

Color: When Rio tells Jerrica they will have to go another night without electricity, her eyeshadow starts out as pink, then changes to the correct bright blue, and again becomes pink and then back to blue.

Continuity: After Rio kissed Jerrica the first time, four Starlight girls are laughing from above the stairs on the second floor. After seeing them laugh in a close-up, we see another view of them from a distance, showing Jerrica and Rio looking at them, in which one of the Starlight girls, Joellen, is suddenly replaced by another girl, Lela. Then when we see them in a close-up again, the girls are switched back again.

Color: Before Rio leaves Starlight House, when he is kissing Jerrica, his pants are bright gray while they're supposed to be a darker and more brownish color.

Continuity: When Rio is about to leave, we see a closed door behind Jerrica. Then it looks like it's open, behind Rio and Jerrica, then closed behind Rio and Jerrica.

Continuity: Near the end of the episode, we see Rio's van parked on the road outside Starlight House, then after Rio tells Jerrica he couldn'f fix the electricity and leaves, we see Zipper sneaking around the house, and now Rio's van is parked right next to Starlight House.

Audio: When Marianne comes into Jerrica's bedroom and wakes Jerrica, we see Jerrica's head from behind moving as if she was talking before we hear the lines. Seems like a cut out speaking line, and according to the script, the original line was longer. But that cut out line was probably removed before recording, because this problem doesn't appear in all versions of this episode, only some episodes that seem to have screwed up with delaying Jerrica's line.

Continuity and color: When Jerrica goes down the stairs to investigate the noise, her hairbow goes from pink to red, and she is suddenly wearing her star earrings, which she didn't wear to bed. Then the red hairbow goes back to pink, but the earrings stay on. The last we see of her in this episode, her hairbow turns red again.


Appearance: When Ashley runs out of the Starlight House she has unusually long hair, and then when she is saved by the fireman, and starts talking to Jerrica she has extra short hair. Corrected.

Color: When Jerrica tries to convince everyone there's a house waiting for them, Rio is standing next to her with miscolored white/gray pants.

Color: The blankets the Starlight girls are wrapped into, change color noticably atleast 1-2 times for seven of the girls: Ba Nee, Delaree, Joellen, Krissie, Terri, Deirdre, and Marianne. And so do Rio's pants during one of the views.

Color: In the retakes scene where the Misfits follow Jerrica and the Holograms in their van, Jerrica goes between pink eye makeup and blue. Jerrica's eye makeup changes between bright pink to bright blue many times in this episode, even when she hasn't had time to change outfit.

Position: Before the song "Like A Dream", and before Jerrica turns into Jem, she is standing in front of Synergy, but she is too far up so it looks like she is floating in the air, also at the same time Synergy's lights flash right through her head. Corrected.

Color: In the music video Like A Dream, when Jem and Rio fly on a flying carpet and fly through the second door at the palace, Jem looses her tights for a moment.

Continuity: In the episode "The Beginning", Aja's guitar is smashed to pieces and so is Kimber's keyboard, still both of them appear in the following episodes looking the same. Of course they might have replaced them with the exact looking instrument.

Color: At the end of the music video "Like A Dream", in a zoomed out view of Jem and the Holograms in front of Howard Sands' house, Jem wears pink instead of blue, and then it's back to blue. Also Rio's pants are gray in that clip.

Appearance: When Kimber tells Howard that Jerrica will explain everything, her left shoulder changes shape quite drastically.

Color: Howard's eyes changes color in this episode between blue and brown. Not sure what they are most of in this five-parter, but I believe they are most often blue in the rest of the series.

Position: When Jerrica tells her story to Howard Sands, it first looks like Pizzazz is sucking her thumb, and then the thumb goes right through her chin so she is resting her chin in her hand.

Color: When The Misfits have just driven away from Howard's house, and we see Howard standing with the Holograms, Jerrica and Rio, Howard's belt is missing, then it appears in the close-up of the group, but it's gray.

Continuity: When the Starlight House burned down the Starlight girls ran out in their night clothes and Jerrica says "there goes everything". But when they arrived at Starlight Mansion for the first time, the Starlight girls all have their regular clothes back.

Color: When Jerrica and the others first arrive to Starlight Mansion and Mrs. Bailey sees the kitchen for the first time, Lela's skincolor is too bright.

Position: When Rio arrive with the media people at Starlight Mansion, he is talking to Jerrica through the phone at the gate, but he is standing too far away from it to be able to talk into it and to be able to be seen in a closeup by Jerrica through the camera on the inside monitor. This was later corrected in retakes.

Color: At Starlight Mansion, when Ashley talks to the Misfits at the gates, a black dot on her shoulder flashes to yellow and back.

Color: Also when Ashley talks to the Misfits at the gates, when Pizzazz tells Roxy to pay Ashley, Pizzazz' hair turns to skincolor in the neck.

Continuity: Before the music video "Click/Clash", Jem has one blue outfit, in the video she suddenly has a pink one, right after the music video she has her original outfit (this clip was probably first supposed to be used before the music video starts), until the explosion when she gets the pink one she had in the video again.

Color: During the music video "Click/Clash", Aja's guitar changes between white and pink.

Position: During the music video "Click/Clash", in one scene everyone but Shana is visible, there she is missing for 18 seconds. Then she goes missing once more, and again.

Continuity: After Jem has saved Kimber from the explosion, we see Jem and the Holograms back on their feet again from a far distance as the camera moves from the gate to Starlight Mansion. It looks very much like Danielle is standing there next to them, although she has not arrived yet. Several of the characters seen here also look funny, like Roxy who appears to be wearing a yellow skirt, and one guy has no head.

Audio: At Starlight Mansion when the Misfits are being asked questions by reporters, Roxy and Stormer's voice actors say each others lines.

Color: When Howard introduces Danielle to Jem and the Holograms, we first see the band from behind, where the bottom part of Jem's dress is not white like it's supposed to but pink instead like the rest of the dress.

Color: Only in last retakes version: When Jem asks the Misfits to help clean up the mess at Starlight Mansion, Roxy has the same haircolor as Pizzazz for a moment.

Color: When the Misfits tell Jem and the Holograms to clean up the mess from the explosion at the Starlight Mansion themselves, Stormer's eyes go from blue to brown in the last clip of them, then blue and then brown once more.

Audio: The last thing the Misfits say to Jem and the Holograms before they leave the Starlight Mansion, is "...'cause we're gonna win the contest and the mansion" which we only hear Pizzazz' voice say, while the other two Misfits move their mouth as if they were all meant to say the line at the same time.

Audio: Only in last retakes version: After the Misfits have left, and Jem and the Holograms are by themselves, the last line said before they all laugh, by Shana, is actually said by Kimber's and Aja's voice actress (who share the same voice actress).

Color: After Lindsey has whistled on Anthony Julian, and he appears, there are four unknown guests in the background. Soon we see the same angle again with the same guests in the background, but now they all have different colors of their hair and clothes. Perhaps this was done on purpose to create the feeling of alot of guest being in movement, without having to draw new cels completely. Infact this happens more than once in this party.

Color: Also when Lindsey has just whistled on Anthony Julian, when we see her full figure, the color of her tights switches color with the skin on the lower part of her legs aswell as feet, and then back. It looks like she looses her tights and gets socks instead there for a while.

Continuity: When the Misfits are going with their boat to the Countess Danielle Du Voisin's yacht, they suddenly wear their original outfits when the boat is seen from the front.

Color: On Danielle's yacht, when Jem tries to tell Rio her secret identity and is about to kiss him, her eye makeup flashes off and on.

Continuity: As soon as the music video "Makin' Mischief" starts, the Misfits' outfits are changed into their original outfits, and then back after the music video.

Color: In the music video "Makin' Mischief", we see Roxy and Pizzazz run towards a table with a trophy on, when they arrive the trophy has changed color from golden to silver.

Color: In the music video "Makin' Mischief", soon after the above blooper, a man walks into a room with a wagon of pies, but when he has entered the other room the wagon he was rolling, has changed from three rows of pies to four rows of pies, his red outfit has turned black, and his hair has changed from somewhat blonde to brown.

Position: In the music video "Makin' Mischief" at the end of it, one of the men throwing pies suddenly disappears.

Kimber's Rebellion

Color: The captain has a change of color of his necktie between the previous episode and this one, and so does one of the crew members who also has a change of haircolor from blonde to red.

Appearance: When Rio holds on to Jem as she is hanging out from the yacht, on the yacht behind them there are two windows on the left side of the door, and the next time we see them from the same position, there are three windows to the left of the door, and one on the right side instead.

Continuity: On Danielle's yacht, when the Misfits are done causing mischief and leave in their boat, Roxy suddenly has a purple dress instead of the green.

Audio: When the Misfits leave Danielle's yacht, it sounds like Roxy's voice actress is speaking, but we only see Stormer's mouth move. And then when Stormer's voice actress speak right after that, we can clearly hear it's a different voice.

Color: At Starlight Mansion, when the Starlight girls are talking about The Holograms going to Paris, we see Becky lying on the floor reading, although she is colored like Deirdre's clothes and has blonde hair. And strangely the correctly colored Becky is seen in the same shot.

Continuity: In the same clip as the above blooper we see Lela lying on a chair reading, wearing socks but no shoes. seconds later she suddenly has shoes. You can tell no time passes inbetween since Ashley's line begins in the first view and ends in the second view with the shoes.

Continuity: In Paris, when Kimber asks why Jem should get all the attention, she, aswell as Aja and Rio are looking in the wrong direction, if they are looking at Jem which it appears since they are talking about her. And Kimber also walks in the wrong direction if she is heading away from Jem. You can tell because just seconds ago they can be seen at a distance on the same side of the street as Jem and Anthony, and there's no way nor reason for them to have switched to the other side of the street by now.

Continuity: In Paris, when Kimber asks why Jem should get all the attention, as soon as she says "we're part of the group too" she suddenly has her arms in a completely other position although no time has passed to allow her to switch position.

Continuity: Only in the final retakes version: In France, After Rio follows Kimber to talk to her, when Kimber turns around you can see she is suddenly wearing her original outfit, and then back to the correct outfit in the next clip. This is the second blooper where this happens to Kimber.

Color and continuity: In the music video of "Twilight In Paris", close to the end in a clip with the Eiffel tower, Kimber has pink hair instead of red. Then Shana is seen in her blue outfit "Dancin' The Night Away" instead of "Music Is Magic" (only in final retakes version).

Color: After the music video "Twilight In Paris", the camera man (assuming it's the same, which it appears to be by his model design) has a noticably different color on every piece of his outfit compared to before the music video.

Color: At the airport, when Kimber is seen in a closeup with Danielle, the strap of Kimber's pink handbag, is suddenly blue like Danielle's, which is by the way supposed to be purple. Jem walks right behind them in a closeup aswell, But the strap of her handbag which she had second before and also after, is suddenly missing entirely. Jem's handbag is missing again when she runs away to change into Jerrica, and she returns without it. Also as she returns, the others are standing by where you pick up your luggage, and theyr all are carrying larger luggage, but their handbags are all missing.

Continuity: At the airport, after Jem has changed back to Jerrica and met up with the others, Shana is missing.

Color: In the music video "Gettin' Down To Business", Aja's guitar change color between white and pink, like it does in several earlier music videos. But here, probably for the first time, it's seen all white. The guitar changes color in the same way in the music video "I Got My Eye On You" also.

Appearance: In the music video "Gettin' Down To Business", on a poster based on some model cel art, they seem to have accidentally added more from the model art than they were supposed to, it looks like it's got that little box to the right that has a little Jem logo and says Marvel and Sunbow and stuff.

Color: Right after the commercial brake after Kimber has driven away, Jerrica's skirt is the same color as her top, pink, instead of white.

Position: When Aja, Jerrica and Shana runs to the Starlight Express to drive to KMAX, it looks strange when Aja and Jerrica approaches the car. Aja looks very small compared to the car, and one of the cels of Jerrica has her legs placed halfly behind the car and halfly in front.

Color: When Jerrica, Shana and Aja enter the elevator at KMAX, Aja has no tights, and she is missing them also when they exit the elevator.

Position: When Aja, Jerrica and Shana are talking to Kimber on the radio KMAX, when Shana starts talking, one of the animators must have touched Jem's eyes by mistake because they jump out of place in her face, obviously painted on a separate cel placed over her face.

Position: Lindsey seems to be positioned pretty low behind the desk when she announces Jem and the Holograms in her show.

Continuity: Before the music video "I Got My Eye On You", Jem wears her original outfit, during the video she wears another one, and after the video it's back to her original.

Continuity: Only in final retakes version: In an added retakes scenes, the Misfits leave Pizzazz' apartment to go to the Lin-Z show. But in the music video that follows, "I Got My Eye On You", the Misfits are seen still in Pizzazz' apartment watching Jem on TV.

Appearance and color: In the music video of "I Got My Eye On You", Aja's guitar switches shape and color.

Position: At the end of the music video of "I Got My Eye On You", the last time we see the Holograms behind Jem, Jem is dancing and singning, but the Holograms have a frozen pose.

Appearance: Only in final retakes version: When the Misfits arrive outside Lindsey's studios, the stairs that were there when Rio, Jerrica and the Holograms arrived, are missing, and other things about the building look different aswell like shapes and colors.

Continuity: Only in final retakes version: When the Misfits are driving to Lin-z's studio in their van, it's first Pizzazz who is driving, then Roxy when the car arrives at the studio, and then Stormer a second later.

Color: When the Misfits are stopped by the guard outside Lindsey's studio, the coloring of the legs of Roxy's pants have switched, and in the next clip it's correct again.

Appearance: After Lindsey announces the commercial break, we see Jem in her original pink minidress, but it's suddenly without sleeves.

Appearance: When Jem and the Holograms sit down in the sofa after their performance at Lindsey's show, the sofa has no arms. But the sofa gets arms when the Misfits sit there. But as soon as Roxy pushes Kimber off it, the sofa loses its arms again. Then it regains its arms when we see Kimber still sitting on the floor. Then after Pizzazz asks "So, what are you gonna do about it?", we see a glimse of the sofa without arms again.

Factual: When Stormer grabs a guitar in Lin-Z's studio and Jem pulls it away, that's not Aja's guitar which it's supposed to, but actually Pizzazz's, by the shape of it.

Frame Up

Color: When Rio is sitting with Jem in Lindsey's room, his pants are first lightgrey, instead of dark.

Position: When Jerrica exits Ashley's room, she closes the door which we hear by the sound it makes. But then when we see a zoomed out view of Ashley with the entrance in the background, the door is missing, and then in a short moment when she exits her room, there is a closed door there which she opens.

Position: When Roxy grabs the hardback poster to threaten Mr. Hayes, the background behind Roxy with a sofa and a lamp is upside down. Then when Roxy has put down the poster and Pizzazz tells her to shut up, that background is also upside down, which you can see by the keyhole. The second one of these bloopers was later corrected.

Position: When Ashley is at the Misfits place, in a close-up of Ashley, her mouth disappears in one cel.

Color: When Pizzazz tells Mr. Hayes that one of the Holograms are missing, her right cheek is missing it's makeup, which then appears.

Continuity: At the casino, when Mr. Hayes tells Jem, Kimber and Shana that if Aja isn't back there in time the Misfits will take over, Jem is suddenly sitting and wearing her original outfit, then it's the right outfit again but she is still sitting.

Continuity: At the casino, when Rio, Jem, Kimber and Shana all come back after searching for Aja, Jem is suddenly wearing her original outfit instead of the yellow one, then it's back to the yellow.

Color: After the bus driver exits the bus, his eyebrows go from the same color as his hair, to black.

Appearance: One of the two men Aja encounter on her run back to the Gold Dust casino, is first seen with a black shirt with a skull print on and a white collar sticking up at the top. But in the following shots, the collar disappears.

Position: In the music video "Too Close For Comfort", there is a scene that scrolls from left to right, starting with Jem, where she has no legs.

Appearance: When Stormer finds Ashley behind a sign of Jem and the Holograms, the sign looks almost exactly as the next time we see it, but one difference is that they forgot to draw any details and colors on Aja's guitar.

Position: After Zipper and his henchmen have blown up the safe, and are taking out the money, we can see the layer of broken door to it, is placed wrong in relation to the money. Since we see the safe from inside, we should see them stick their hands through the hole, but here it looks like the hole is inside the safe, behind the money.

Color: When Detective Griffin tells Pizzazz they're searching all rooms, including hers, half his vest turns the same color as his jacket.

Continuity: When Jem is handcuffed, she suddenly has her original pink outfit instead of the yellow one she was wearing. Was later corrected.

Color: When Ashley comes running telling the detective that Jem didn't rob the casino, Ashley runs past Roxy who grabs her for a second, and at the same time Roxy's pants switches color and then back.

Color: Just as we hear Stormer appear, disguised as "mystery lady", we see Shana from behind colored with too bright skincolor.

Audio: While the mystery lady is talking to the police detective, Jem is asking a retorical question to Rio. But the voice actress emphasizes the wrong word in the sentence "I can understand Pizzazz wanting to get at me, but why you?". She emphasizes the word "Pizzazz", but this scene calls for the word "me" to be put emphasize on.

Audio: When the Misfits comment to each other what they are doing at Danielle's fashion show, Stormer's mouth moves when Pizzazz' voice actor is speaking.

Appearance: In the beginning of the music video "Truly Outrageous", Kimber's left arm disappears for a quick moment and then returns. This was fixed in retakes.

Position: In the music video "Truly Outrageous" when Jem and the Holograms are in the airballoon, as it moves up to the right in screen, you can see how the cel ends.

Position: In the music video "Truly Outrageous" when Jem falls off the unicorn, and into Rio's arms, at the bottom of the screen you can see where the animation cel of Rio ends, and his legs are cut off.

Continuity: After Jem and the Holograms have left Danielle's fashion show, as they drive into the Starlight Drive-in, Shana is seen without the hat she was wearing, and then inside she is wearing it again.

Color: When the Misfits appear at Danielle's fashion show, Stormer is seen in a close-up with a dress that has some unexpected areas of green on it.

Position: In "Truly Outrageous", when Jem falls off the unicorn, we can see where the head of the unicorn ends on the left of the screen.

Continuity: Only in movie version: After Jem and the Holograms have left Danielle's fashion show, gone to the Starlight Drive-in and exited it, when the roadster drives out through the wall the Holograms suddenly have the wrong outfits, and Jerrica is Jem again.

Factual: This is not really a blooper. But inside Starlight Drive-in, when Jem changes back to Jerrica, Synergy actually shoots out her holographic lasers towards Jem to transform her into Jerrica. This seems odd because turning off a hologram should not required a laser projection to be sent out, rather just shut it off. This was probably done on purpose though, just to show how it was Synergy who was responsible for Jem changing to Jerrica. And one could argue that Synergy gave Jerrica other clothes than she was actually wearing as Jerrica.

Continuity: Before Malone takes a chair and tries to break Synergy, we see another chair aswell positioned next to the one he grabs. After he starts hitting Synergy with it, it disappears in the next shot where it was supposed to be seen.

Position: Only in final retakes version: Malone breaks Synergy, and for a moment we see his shadow or the shape of his body appear above himself, which is likely the explosions that was supposed to appear around him, that is placed too high and leaves a weird looking space for him in the air.

The Battle Of The Bands

Continuity: Only in the movie version: After Synergy has warned Jerrica about the intruder, and the next time we see the roadster, none of the four girls are sitting in the same spot nor wearing the same outfit they did a few seconds ago, and Jerrica is suddenly Jem, after that it's back to normal.

Color: When we see the Holograms disguised as old ladies parked outside of Starlight Music, in the last clip of old Shana she is colored to bright.

Position: After Synergy has been moved to Starlight Mansion, put back togheter and opened her eyes, the lights that come out of Synergy's eyes, is placed outside of Synergy's eyes. Corrected.

Color: In the last scene of the music video to "She's Got The Power", when Synergy has jumped back into the computer, part of her hairband flashes in another, lighter color. Corrected in retakes.

Factual: At Starlight Mansion, after Kimber says "here it is, the big night, and I don't know what to wear", Kimber dances around holding one of Shana's outfits.

Color: At Starlight Mansion, right after the above blooper, part of Kimber's jacket is unpainted and you can see right through it.

Continuity: Only in final retakes version: In the same scene as the above, Aja is suddenly wearing her yellow dress along with the hairpiece, necklace and gloves, that she was just holding seconds ago while wearing another outfit. Besides, the outfit Kimber was just holding, is exchanged for another blue outfit.

Position: When Eric calls Jerrica and tells her he kidnapped Ashley, we see a closeup of Ashley where we can see where the animation cel ends in the bottom.

Position: At Starlight Mansion, after Rio has left, and Jerrica is about to transform into Jem, the door behind her suddenly has the door knob on the wrong side, and also the door knob is pretty high up, in height with her shoulders. Corrected.

Color: Only in final retakes version: At Starlight Mansion, after the above blooper, Jerrica transforms into Jem, but her eye shadow only covers the area above her eyes.

Continuity: When Jem and the Holograms leave to go to the Starlight Drive-in, Jem is wearing her original outfit. But when she arrives, she is wearing "Up & Rockin'". As for Kimber, she was wearing "Permanent Wave" when they left, and then wears her original outfit when they arrive, which is then switched back to "Permanent Wave" in the next clip. Once Jem and the Holograms get to the concert, they all change outfits again, the Holograms wear their original outfits, and Jem wears "Like A Dream".
[Blooper spotted by NIGHTWALKER193]

Continuity: Only in final retakes version: Ashley escapes and Roxy chases after her and closes a door Ashley was trying to escape through, but then the door disappears.

Color: In the beginning and end of the music video "Takin' It All", Roxy's pants have the colors in the wrong way.

Position: In the music video "Takin' It All" by the Misfits, Kimber appears as a cheerleader on a football field in the background, but suddenly she disappears before the clip ended.

Continuity: Before Synergy projects the Holograms of the lions and stuff, there is a close-up of Jem asking Synergy if she knows what to do, where Jem suddenly has her original outfit. And Jem is also going back and forth between having one or two earrings, while she is only supposed to have one since she threw one off outside.

Continuity: When Buster and Tork run to close the door at the Starlight Drive-in, which turns out to be a hologram, when they reach the wall they have switched places.

Audio: When Jem has created all kinds of holograms to trick Zipper and the other thugs, and are about to escape until Kimber is captured, the voice of Shana comes out of Aja's mouth as she says "he's got Kimber".

Continuity: When Rio comes to save the Holograms, they suddenly wear their original outfits. But Jem has the correct one.

Continuity: Right before Jem and the Holograms make their appearance at the Music Bowl on stage, we see the audience from behind cheering towards a distant stage where Jem and the Holograms have already entered the stage! It's hard to see but, but they're there with their haircolors and instruments. Although as the view zooms in, it's still the Misfits on stage, and Howard is about to rpnounce them as the winners, right before Jem and the Holograms show up.

Appearance: When Jem and the Holograms appear on the rising stage, Kimber's neck seems either to have an odd shape, or maybe it's her hair that is accidentally colored wrong.

Factual: In the "Music Is Magic" video we see Jerrica appear next to Rio while he is watching Jem and the Holograms perform, and she actually bumps into him. Without noticably switching position Jem can clearly grab the papers for the mansion and the movie contract from Howard. Even if it was only a hologram of Jerrica backstage with Rio, it would seem she wouldn't just stand there, they would probably hug or even kiss since Jerrica had been missing for a while.

Continuity: At the same moment as the above blooper, there's one more. Jerrica is seen in an outfit that was destroyed in the fire at Starlight House, where Jerrica wore a nightgown and says "there goes everything". And when Jerrica and Rio at the end of this episode, in an added scene, arrives to Starlight Music, Jerrica is wearing this outfit again. On the other hand she never wears it again in the entire series, but that's only because it was re-designed and looks differently for the rest of the series.

Continuity: Only in final retakes version: After the "Music Is Magic" video and the Rock Meter lightens up, there's a clip where Jem and the Holograms are looking up to the fireworks, where Jem is suddenly wearing her original outfit.

Factual and color: Only in final retakes version: Shortly after the above blooper, Kimber is seen on stage holding Aja's guitar, which then turns pink even.

Color: Only in final retakes version: At the Music Bowl when the Starlight girls rush on stage, Jem has no tights. Position: At the end of the music video "Takin' It All" by the Misfits, we see Stormer and Roxy throw around money inside a car, and at the beginning of this scene we an see at the bottom where the cel ends.

Starbright Part One: Falling Star

Continuity: The fashion set Danielle is said to have designed for Jem and the Holograms here, includes a fashion for Shana which was previously seen already three episodes ago, and was not mentioned then to be designed by Danielle.

Position: At Starlight Mansion when Mrs. Bailey asks for Jerrica and Jem walks away, Rio's arm moves right through Jem and then through Kimber, and back.

Color and continuity: After Jerrica has checked on Synergy's power level and walks towards the holographic wall and she changes back to Jem, the haircolor stays blonde and the outfit is her original instead of the outfit that Danielle designed for her. Corrected.

Color: After the above blooper and after Rio calls as Jem walks away, Jem's earrings are pink as her hair.

Color: A Starlight girl who resembles Deirdre is seen in the kitchen, but it's actually Becky whose hair was colored blonde by mistake. Because Becky is actually working at the party, while Deirdre is seen in the livingroom in her regular clothes only moments earlier.

Color: When Rio is sitting with Jerrica on the balcony, in the close-up of their faces, Rio's bowtie seems to have straps hanging down from it, because they accidentally colored the vertical lines on his shirt in the same color as the bowtie. But this is fixed in the retakes version of this episodes, where they also took the chance to give Jerrica blue eyebrows instead of black in this same moment, while they are still black in the next close-up of Jerrica.

Color and Appearance: In the music video of "Who Is He Kissing", Jerrica's outfit is suddenly blue instead of white, later Jerrica has pink hair, then Jerrica looses her tights and instead gains sleeves on her dress. All of these were corrected.

Appearance: After the Misfits have been standing on the balcony of the Gabor mansion, and we see them walk inside, Roxy's right sleeve is as long as the left one.

Color: When Pizzazz says she wants her name spoken with awe, her makeup flashes between pink and purple.

Color: Tripleblooper. At the World Studios office, when Eric tells Jem she is "...out", we see Eric and the Misfits around him. This clip was re-animated in retakes, but the only problem I can find with the original was that Stormer's top had a line over the belly, and that her lips looked almost black. Well in the retakes they apparently thought the black lips was correct so they made them black again, but created two other coloring bloopers, making the top of Stormers top pink, and making Roxy's right arm purple.

Color: At the World Studios, when the Misfits start getting their makeup, Stormer's arm is the same color as her top, pink.

Appearance: When Pizzazz tells everyone her father owns the studio, one of the sleeves on Roxy's shirt is missing. This blooper was later corrected in retakes.

Color: Anthony Julian is colored too brightly when he tells clash and Pizzazz to leave the set.

Color: Kimber is lying on the bed with pink hair when Jerrica comes home to Starlight Mansion.

Color: In the music video of "Jealousy", Rio's bangs is once skincolored instead of purple.

Color: Only for final retakes version: Right after the music video for "Jealousy", Rio gets brown eyes for a few seconds, which is corrected in the next clip.

Appearance: Outside studio 20 before the reporters are let in, the reporter seen furthest to the left, is leaning in a strange way, not towards the wall but sideways, so it looks like he would fall over.

Color: In as much as two different shots before the reporters are let in to the studio, the female reporter with black hair has the colors of her outfit changed several times, first her jacket is pink and skirt brighter pink, then the skirt turns darker pink or red, and finally it's correct color red jacket and gray skirt.

Continuity and appearance: Before the reporters are let into studio 20 at the World studios, the doors are open, and then they're closed and look different and Miguel has to open them.

Color: When the reporters have surrounded Jem and the Holograms and Nick, Shana's outfit isn't correctly colored on the shoulder and earring, one of each is white and on the other side they're yellow.

Appearance: When we see the Misfits roll down their gigantic Misfits poster advertising themselves in the movie, Jem stands in front of it and has very short hair, as of the animators forgot to draw more layers than the hair around the top of the head.

Position: When Jem and the Holograms arrive for their big number and Eric points and says the Misfits are doing a song instead. Eric's pointing hand starts behind Jem shoulder and goes right through it.

Continuity: Before the "Universal Appeal" music video, when Eric tells Jem the Misfits are doing a song instead, Jem has no bracelet, and it's also missing in the music video, but she gets it back later.

Color: In the music video "Universal Appeal", in a close-up of Roxy and Stormer, part of Roxy's hair is uncolored so the darkblue background is seen through, and her right ear is colored yellow.

Continuity: After the "Universal Appeal" music video, Roxy suddenly has another outfit. Color: After Jath have left with Video, the Misfits celebrate on stage, but Stormer is not wearing her tights, but then in the next sight a few seconds later she is wearing them again.

Starbright Part 2: Colliding Stars

Color: When Jem and the Holograms come back to continue the film, and Jem says "let's get it over with", Kimber's hair is pink like Jem's.

Color: When the Misfits have found out why Jem and the Holograms have returned to finish the movie, right before the music video "Congratulations", Kimber has pink hair.

Continuity: Before the music video "Congratulations" we see Stormer stand in front of a mirror, and when it starts she still does, but the mirror and desk beneath looks completely different. Infact already in the storyboard for the part that appears in the music video, had a blooper because it showed Roxy standing there instead, but noted as being "Stormer" below.

Appearance: Early in the "Congratulations" music video, Pizzazz is standing with her hair thrown aside, but the shadow behind her, doesn't correspond with her hair. It does follow her movements later though.

Color: During the "Congratulations" music video when Rio enters the picture, Jem is seen without her tights.

Factual and appearance: In the "Congratulations" music video, Roxy is holding a clapper board that says "RBRIGHT" (and "CASINO" which is funny because that storyline scene didn't happen yet and was not seen in this music video) and her one sleeve is missing. The second one of these bloopers was corrected in the retakes.

Color: After Jerrica has created a hologram of Jem and ran away, Nick has brown hair instead of the blonde he is supposed to. Corrected in retakes.

Color: Early in the music video "Show Me The Way", Jem's shirt turns blue instead of purple.

Color: When Jath have been brought to the correct studio by Video, we see an establishing view of the studio and all the people from above, and Roxy has the wrong arm of her main outfit colored purple. The left arm is supposed to be the long sleeve.

Color: After Eric says he is docking Jem and the Holograms a days pay, Kimber's hair is too bright, almost pink.

Color: When Eric lets Shana, Jem and Kimber out of their cage, Shana's skincolor is too bright. Corrected in retakes.

Continuity: When Jem changes back to Jerrica, under the hologram she was facing in the wrong direction. Corrected in retakes.

Color: When Jem starts walking onto the log, in the close-up her right eye make-up which is probably darker because it's supposed to be shadowed, seems a little too red.

Color: When Pizzazz points out to Eric that Video taped Jem's accident, Shana's hair is dark turquoise like part of her outfit.

Color: When Pizzazz tells Clash that she has a job for her. In the close-up of them, Pizzazz' dress is white instead of orange.

Color: After Nick is seen in a close-up sitting on the fake bike for a movie scene, in a zoom out view with Eric and the camera man, his gloves which are supposed to be dark turquoise, are instead light gray like some parts of the jacket.

Color: Only in final retakes version: When Eric tells Kimber what to do in her scene, she has blue eye makeup.

Color: When Jeff meets Kimber after the song "Love Is Doin' It To Me", some parts of his jacket shift color from black to light gray.

Color: When Kimber is running through the explosions, Jerrica is screaming, with blue hair.

Starbright Part Three: Rising Star

Color: When Jeff puts on his helmet to rescue Kimber on his motorcycle, his hair is too blonde, because apparently the animators mixed him up with Nick.

Color: When Jeff starts carrying Kimber to take her to the hospital, he again has too blonde hair.

Color and appearance: When Jerrica is reading a book for Ba Nee, the book is first purple, but when she puts it down, it's yellow. It even looks kinda strange as she closes it, looks like two books for a moment.

Appearance: When Jerrica and Aja is walking to meet with movie crew who has gathered at Starlight Mansion, Aja loses her left hand for a short moment.

Continuity: When Jem enters the room with the movie crew, she says "Thank you for coming. Eric Raymond and the Misfits think they've beaten us." and in the meanwhile Howard Sands is sitting on a couch, and Jem's line continues right away while the screen changes to another view where Howard is suddenly standing right up.

Factual: In the music video of the song "Puttin' It All Togheter" by Jem and the Holograms, after Kimber takes the paper from the typewriter and throws away, we see four men on screen, and in the background is a calendar that miscorrectly titles the movie "Jem The Movie Truly Outrageous" instead of "Starbright".

Position: In the music video of the song "Puttin' It All Togheter" by Jem and the Holograms, in the end right after the two male hands have been seen doing a high five, Jem is seen in a close-up where the right side and bottom shows parts of the animation cel that are uncolored, and there's a lot of cels in sequence where this is seen.

Color: When Lindsey is reporting from the filming of the Starbright movie, she starts off with a green headband and no tights, then the next time we see it it's corrected.

Appearance: When we see Clash first enter club where Stabright is being filmed, the door she enters through is barely wider than her shoulders. But when they zoom out, it's suddenly about twice as wide.

Color: When the disguised Clash has snuck into the Starbright set, and Shana, Jem and Aja are standing reading their scripts, Shana has a white spot between her eye and nose.

Appearance: When Georgia is discovering Clash at the Starbright set, Rio suddenly gets long sleeves on his shirt, which is supposed to have no sleeves, and seconds later, they're gone. Then they return again, and disappear a moment later. To appear again, and disappear. Rio's pants also go all yellow there for a few seconds.

Continuity: At Starlight Mansion when filming the scene with Jem and Rio where Nick shows up, we can see Georgia is part of the crew standing behind the camera. Then in one of those views, it's Patricia instead taking her place, where only seconds have gone and the other characters are holding their positions. Then back to Georgia. This is very hard to see because when Patricia appears, she is so far in the background. But you can tell by the different shape of her clothes. You can not however tell from the different colors of her outfit, because they are almost the same as Georgias. But the blooper here is infact that Georgia is present at all to begin with, because she was in charge of makeup, but Patricia was the second assistant director of the movie. I guess the model designers made these characters so alike, the animators couldn't tell them apart.

Color: In the music video "People Who Care" Jerrica has blue eye shadow in a scene, where all black people become white, Rio gets the wrong color of his shirt, and Ba Nee gets blonde hair.

Color: The the music video "People Who Care", Anthony, Shana, Corwin, and Elzer become white instead of black. And Ba Nee's hair turns white instead of black.

Continuity: In the music video "People Who Care", we see Ba Nee going to the eye doctor and meeting a nurse there. This is of course just a music video, and not necessarily what takes place in the episode, but alot of scenes in this music video seem realstic to the story and chaarcters, and should probably be assumed to have happened in the story aswell. Still a very similar scene takes place a few scenes after the music video, where Ba Nee goes to the eye doctor and meets the nurse. Sure Ba Nee could had been there and met the nurse twice, but then why does Jerrica introduce Ba Nee to the nurse, "this is the nurse Ba Nee", as if they never meat before?

Continuity: In the music video "People Who Care", which is about the Jem movie they are getting together and filming after quitting the one with the Misfits, we still see scenes from the Misfits movie where Jeff is saving Kimber on the motorcycle.

Position: In the music video "People Who Care", in the very last scene showing Jem and the Holograms perform in a spotlight, Shana is sitting in the air playing her drums. I guess Pizzazz came by and called for another chair.

Color: After the music video "People Who Care", there's a scene with Ashley and Lela hugging, where Lela is white instead of black.

Color: When Eric runs away from the party for the Misfits movie, Pizzazz's dress changes it's color for a moment.

Position: When Eric runs away from the party for the Misfits movie, he loses his left hand right before he goes off screen.

No blooper: When Ba Nee and Jerrica arrived at the hospital, the nurse looks like she is wearing two different colors of shoes, one white and one red, but infact this is not a blooper, because her shoes are two-colored and appear like that depending on what side you see.

Position: When the Misfits walk into the theater for their movie, the audience they walk past telling they won't give autographs, suddenly disappears for a quick moment. It's the top layer cel with the most detailed fans, while the ones behind remain in place.

The World Hunger Shindig

Color: When Jem runs to meet the Jerrica hologram, Shana is seen from behind with the wrong color on her jacket, it's purple.

Color: When Jem has changed back into Jerrica, after creating the taxi hologram, as Rio approaches Jerrica, his foot turns clear for a moment. Someone forgot to color that part of the animation cel.
[Blooper spotted by NIGHTWALKER193]

Continuity: Right before Jerrica tells Mizz Sally about Eric Raymond, we see Shana from behind, with a too short jacket, showing the dress underneath. This was probably drawn according to the original design of her jacket for that outfit, which was shorter.

Color: When Jerrica has created the fake flood by the help of Synergy, Kimber is seen with pink hair, and she still has pink hair once the flood is gone

Continuity: Before the music video "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" the Misfits come into the club with no instruments. Then on stage before the song, Roxy and Stormer suddenly have their own instruments. Then as soon as the song begins the instruments are gone, and stay gone for the rest of the song and even the scene after.

Position: In the music video for "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" by the Misfits, there's a scene where the Misfits are walking in a line, seen from above, and the audience around them is frozen.

Color: Before Jem, Aja and Shana climb out to the stage, Shana is seen with a incorrectly colored outfit.

Factual: Jerrica is seen singing in the music video "Share A Litte Bit", with the Holograms driving the machine on the field.

Color: Kimber is seen with pink hair in the music video "Share A Little Bit", when Jem and the Holograms are standing in front of a crowd from different places of the world, although Jem is right there next to her.

Position: Backstage after the show, as soon as we see Ellen Sue Tanner she is standing in the air compared to the others. Her cel should have been placed underneath the other characters.

Color: Backstage after the show, when Jem gives the briefcase of money to Sally, Stormer has dark turquoise hair.

Adventure In China

Factual: When this episode first aired, there was no episode title at the beginning and no note of who wrote it.

Appearance: When Jem is in the bath and changes back to Jerrica because Roxy steals her earrings, Jerrica is wearing a robe instead of a bathingsuit, which means she was bathing with that underneath the hologram.

Continuity: When the music video of the song "You can't Catch Me" by the Misfits has ended, Jem and the Holograms have changed outfits compared to before and after the music video.

Continuity: As the Holograms approach the Misfits after their concert, the Misfits are each wearing a pair of star earrings. But as soon as the music video "You Can't Catch Me" begins, Pizzazz and Stormer are suddenly wearing other earrings. when in the chase did they have time to put those on?

Appearance: When Jerrica and the Holograms take the aerial lift to chase the Misfits, Jerrica's hair seems a little too long for a moment.

Continuity: After having changed to karate-outfits, on the train later, the Misfits have changed to their regular outfits rather than the ones they had before the karate-outfits. Where did they get them from during the chase? And why is Stormer and why is Stormer wearing her bracelet so far up her arm? And why does the bracelet soon disappear?

Continuity: Before the song "Love Unites Us" by Jem and the Holograms, Linn is sitting in the audience with two women on her sides, but as the music video begins, the two women have switched places and are wearing somewhat different outfits.

Continuity: When Jem is walking off stage and towards Linn, Jem has no purse, but when she reaches Linn, Jem suddenly has a purse.

Factual: Considering how the events of this episodes are presented as taking place in one single day, some events seem unlikely, like the earrings being massproduced and get included at a museum for which they are even advertised in a printed magazine.

Last Resorts

Factual: When Jem and the Holograms arrive to the resort, the roadster has no roof, which should have made their trip pretty cold.

Appearance: Also when they arrive, and the camera scrolls to Jem, her right eyebrow can be seen through her hair.

Factual: Kimber calls Jem sis', but then of course no one but Jem and the Holograms is around to hear.

Continuity: After the music video "You Gotta Be Fast", Jem gets red lipstick that comes on and off and on again as she is talking to Shana.

Appearance: When the owner of Green Fern says he can't risk any more accidents, after Jem and the Holograms have just been saved from the ski lift, his hair is where an ear should be.

Continuity: Right after the above blooper, Kimber is first seen with her skiing outfit, and then in a closeup her top is suddenly all orange without the pink parts, and then directly in the next clip it's back to normal.

Color: When Eric and the banker drive away from the Green Fern, we see a mountain in the background. Why is it all red? I'm no expert on mountains, but it looks like something horrible happened there.

Color and continuity: Pizzazz' earrings for her first outfit seen in this episode, are seen in four different colors.

Continuity: During Svensson's line "On your marks, get set, go!", the audience standing right behind him, changes to a completely different bunch of people, and then back to the previous people standing in the exact same pose as they did to begin with.

Factual: At the start of the ski race, Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits, are placed much too close to each other to be able to use their ski poles without hitting each other and falling.

In Stitches

Continuity: Before the song "It All Depends On The Mood I'm In", Jerrica is seen in an old pajamas, but the animators accidentally referred to the original model cel too much because Jerrica also has her old shorter hairstyle with it. Then after that music video, she suddenly has her longer hairstyle.

Continuity: Shana draws the same design thrice, first when showing Ashley, then in the music video "It All Depends On The Mood I'm In", and then soon after the music video.

Color: On the plane going to Venice, Kimber wears no tights with the outfit K-6 which is supposed to have tights. They appear after they've reached Venice.

Continuity: When Jem changes to Jerrica on the plane, Jerrica is wearing an outfit with a bracelet. But when the view goes from Jerrica just discovering she has transformed back in the mirror, to a closeup, the bracelet is missing, and then in the next view of Jerrica it is on her other arm.

Continuity: When Jem changes to Jerrica on the plane, Jerrica is wearing an outfit with a hat, like Jem was. But then we see the plane from outside and when we see Jerrica again in the mirror, her hat is missing, but still she changes back to Jem with a hat. Maybe this plane scene was longer in the original script and something more happened in there.

Factual: Shana designs fashions for Jem and the Holograms for the Rock Fashion competition. But she only designs and sews three outfits. Just enough for the Misfits who later steal them.

Continuity: When the Misfits show up at the shoe store and sing their song "Designing Woman", Pizzazz grabs Jem inside the store. But Jem never actually went inside, only Shana and Ashley did, and Jem stayed outside. Atleast according to what was shown before the music video.

Factual: Apparently the Misfits run faster in high heels than Jem and the Holograms do in sneakers, as the Misfits catch up with Jem and the Holograms when chasing them.

Continuity: The scene starts off with Jem taking all three outfits, a violet one, an orange one and a turquoise one, and she throws them down the balcony to the Holograms, so that Kimber gets the turquoise one, Aja the orange one, and Shana the violet one. Pizzazz grabs the turquoise one that Kimber was carrying, and Kimber and Pizzazz are seen struggling for it, Roxy was running before Stormer so Roxy must be the one who grabs the violet one from Shana, and Stormer then grabs the orange one from Aja. The next we see is Roxy suddenly pulling the turquoise one instead and from Kimber instead, Pizzazz is suddenly pulling the orange one instead and from Aja instead, and Stormer is pulling the violet one instead and from Shana and Jem instead. Then in a closeup we see Roxy is pulling the violet one instead, probably from Shana instead since we see a closeup of her next, struggling. Then we see all three Misfits, where Stormer pulls the violet one instead of Roxy, Pizzazz the orange one still, and Roxy the turquoise one instead. Then when the Misfits fall over the bridge, they are still holding on to the same colors as they were last seen pulling, but then after the commercial break, the Holograms are still in the same positions holding the same color, but Stormer has switched place from violet to turquoise, and Roxy from turquoise to violet. So all in all, without any sight of them releasing their grip of any outfit, each Misfits have held onto two different outfits, and Stormer even three. A funny note is that each Hologram is seen pulling the outfit that was meant for them. But Pizzazz is the only Misfit that never held onto the design that she would later wear.

Continuity: Although the fashions Zipper stole from Jem and the Holograms, are ripped apart, the Misfits still appear in them dyed black, in the fashion contest.

Color: On the catwalk, Shana's skincolor flashes in a too bright color for a quick moment.

The Music Awards Part 1

Color: When Jerrica and the Holograms bring the Starlight girls to the clothes store, Kimber (although she is very hard to spot) has blue hair.

Color: When Pizzazz goes in to see her father in his office at the Gabor mansion, his hair is brown in some shots from behind.

Continuity: We see Synergy create a special outfit for Jem. Then Techrat comes around outside trying out his "jammer", and then we suddenly see Jerrica standing in front of Synergy again, but in the next clip she is Jem again, and that's when the hologram of Jem disappears as it should.

Appearance: When Pizzazz tells Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie to stay out of their hair until after the concert, the shape of Pizzazz' guitar is incorrect, but it's corrected for the music video "I Am A Giant".

The Music Awards Part 2

Continuity: In the repeat from the previous episode, we see what Roxy was wearing on stage. But soon after, we see a quick view of her wearing another outfit, which she was infact wearing earlier in the previous episode, but not here on stage.

Position: After Danny has saved Krissie in the beginning of the episode, it cuts to another scene outside the stadium, where an unknown woman is standing to the left on screen. She is apparently not a giant woman, but a regular visitor, still the animation cel of a smaller sized man crosses her path over her animation cel, while he's supposed to appear under.

Factual: The fast food person takes down a note from a board that says "Ranaway Swichboard", which is supposed to say "Runaway Switchboard".

Color: At the stadium, near the end of the episode, Anne's shirt has the colors reversed.

The Rock Fashion Book

Factual: When Jem fell into the pool with the killer whales, she wore a tank top, however underwater when she changed back to Jerrica, Jerrica is wearing long sleeves, which Rio should have felt when he touches Jem's arms.

Color: After Pizzazz fires the photographer Harvey, we soon see the Misfits in a close-up, where the animators forgot to colorize Roxy's hairpiece green, and instead made it white as her hair.

Color: When the Misfits show their fashion book to publishers, the photos in the book of the Misfits shows them in their original outfits, which are colored wrong, and which they didn't even wear during their photoshoot.

Continuity: At the Washington Monument, right after Rio and the others have grabbed the blanket to catch Jem and the Holograms when jumping off the stand, we see the whole group on it in a close-up, then when zooming out only Kimber and Aja is on it, then in the next shot they're all there again.

Color: When the Misfits start throwing rocks at the bats in the cave, the stripes on Stormer's top are missing.

Continuity: The Misfits read a newspaper with Jem and the Holograms on the front showing a picture of the helicopter apparently just in the moment it took off and the cliff fell down. Who took the picture?

Audio: When Clash is spotted by the guard and she stars running, it sounds like she says "see you later occifer", while she's probably supposed to say "see you later officer". She also has another questionable line where her pronounciation seems a little off, in the car with the Misfits when pointing out the Holograms next photographing location.

Continuity: Before the Misfits arrive to tell Jem and the Holograms they are taking over their fashion book, Howard Sands was standing next to Jem and the Holograms, and then when the angle changes, he's gone and replaced by Rio and the photographer.

Factual: In the music video "We Can Change It" there's a picture of Jerrica from the pool with the killer whale. If anyone saw this picture it might reveal Jerrica and Jem is the same person, so this was a mistake by the animators.

Color: When the Misfits look through the photos of Jem and the Holograms cleaning the floor, Kimber hair blue hair.

Broadway Magic

Appearance: When the window cleaners work outside Bob's window, you can see it says his full name and "producer" underneath, but right after the Misfits background music plays on the radio the scene switches directly from outside to inside view of the window, and there is no name on the window. th

Continuity: At the gym after we see Stormer hang upside down, the next view we see is Eric and Roxy, and they are not shown upside down, which they are supposed to because they are seen from Stormer's perspective. This blooper was either an early blooper, which was then corrected for most versions of this episode. Or this blooper was created by Rhino when they released this episode on DVD, incase Rhino misinterpreted this scene and wanted to correct the fact that Eric and Roxy was shown upside down.

Color: In the music video "Who Is She Anyway?" Roxy and Stormer lose their tights for a moment.

Factual: In the music video "Who Is She Anyway?" there's a cassette tape of Jem and the Holograms that says "OUTRACEOS" missing the "U" as the second last letter. Part of this spelling-error was already present in the storyboard. But the animators seem to even have mistaken the "G" for a "C".

Position: When Eric is on TV, his head sticks out of the screen, but this depends on what version of the episode you have. This error is present on the Rhino DVD atleast.

Appearance: At the Broadway theater when Jerrica is about to change to Jem she says "Synergy, we need Jem, and fast!", but after her lips stop moving we can also hear her say "Showtime Synergy". Perhaps this was added later to get in that specific phrase, but even if it was a fix I consider it a blooper here since the animation wasn't fixed to show her lips move for this phrase.

Appearance: During the above scene, we see Roxy in the background, but she is missing her mouth during the whole moment.

Continuity: At the Broadway theater when Roxy enters the control room, the stools are brown, but when she turns away as Jerrica is about the change into Jem, the stool have turned black.

Color: In a close-up during the music video "Can't Get My Love Togheter", Jem's eyebrows go from black to uncolored for a short moment.

Continuity: Although Jem and the Holograms live in Los Angeles and had to fly to New York, they are going to Lindsey's show, in New York it seems! Because even after the show, they are still in NY. But Lindsey's studios are supposed to be in Los Angeles. Guess the writer forgot they were in New York.

Appearance: On the Lin-Z show Lindsey's gloves disappear for a moment.

Appearance: When the Misfits are first seen sitting on the Lin-Z show, Roxy has a big black spot on her left knee which looks kinda odd. If you look at other views of this outfit of her you'll realize she is supposed to have black shapes on her tights, but maybe this one was a little too big and there were no other shown to compliment it in this view, so it was considered a blooper and fixed, in some versions of this episode. In the Rhino DVD release it's there, but in the Shout Factory it's not.

Color: When Pizzazz brings the hose to the set, Kimber has dark pink hair.

Position: When Bob tells the Misfits on the Lin-Z show that if anything happens to Jem and the Holograms, they will become the stars of the broadway show, you can see on his yellow shirt that the red and black shapes move around slightly.

Color: When Synergy first appears, she is seen without the shapes on her upper arms. They're all purple.

Continuity: When Rio enters a room to try to find out about Jem's real identity, he appears to be entering it from the hallway, but when he has entered, the outside no longer looks like where he came from, instead it appears to have a painting on the wall which a few seconds ago was located in the same room as where the Holograms must be assumed to still be sitting.

Factual: When Jerrica projects a hologram of Jerrica in Central Park, we see a rollercoaster in the background of Jem. But we learn in this episode that it mostly takes place in February, and the Wollman rink had been closed for six years at this point and did not re-open until later that same year.

Color: When we see the Misfits at their place, and Roxy walks around and passes a poster, she is wearing her main outfit which has its purple top. On the poster on the wall in the background all Misfits are wearing their main outfits, but Roxy's top is colored black like the original version of this outfit was.

Factual: The fake letter that the Misfits write to Jem, supposedly from Rio, says "I love you" to Jem. Since when does Rio actually love Jem? But Jem doesn't seem to react as she is reading it.

Continuity: Although Stormer wrote the fake loveletter to Jem from Rio, on a typewriter, it is later seen held by Jem as having cursive handwriting.

Continuity: After Jem has thrown away one of her earrings from the Statue of Liberty, she is still seen wearing both.

Factual: We see the Chinese new years parade at one point in this episode which places this episode on a specific date in February when it's winter in New York and somewhat cold, but we also see the characters wear light clothing outside and visit a Central Park with a green nature.

Factual: The second time we see the taxicab with the female driver, it has the misspelled word "TAXY" on the roof.

Continuity: When Rio and the others are waiting for Jem to arrive in time for the Broadway show, Rio wears an outfit with a dark pink jacket in that scene, but the show is about to start in seconds, and when it does, he is suddenly wearing a black tuxedo and sitting on the front row.

In Search Of The Stolen Album

Factual: On the Rhino DVD release of this episode, the song titles of both songs in this episode are written in capitals.

Factual: The outfit Jem wears when she and the Holograms go to the studio to find their mastertape has been stolen, was a design Shana created for the a fashion contest in the episode "In Stitches" and the outfit was actually stolen by Zipper, re-colored to black, and worn by Pizzazz. But of course if Shana was really attached to the design, had the original material for it or a good memory, she might had recreated it for Jem, even outside the contest. But it seems unlikely.

Continuity: When the Misfits come up with the idea of the treasure hunt, Stormer is first seen with a bracelet on her upper left arm, which then disappears.

Factual: In the music video "There Ain't Nobody Better", Pizzazz removes music cassette out of the player in the car, and as soon as she takes it out it has the cover on. We never see it without its cover.

Appearance: When Jerrica and the Holograms return to Starlight Mansion to find the first treasure hunt note on the door, the door is a regular single door, instead of a double.

Audio: When Jerrica and the Holograms go up the stairs to the Storehouse club, Kimber's jacket changes for a moment in the close-up, from light blue to pink, since they apparently mixed up the colors on the jacket.

Audio: When Jerrica and the Holograms come out of the club and find a dent in their roadster, the voice actors for Jerrica and Aja say each other's lines.

Colors: Some of the nine bad guys who surround and approach the Roadster, have their jackets change color for a moment.

Position: Spoiler: When Jerrica and the Holograms are listening to the blank mastertape they found, the background is moving, which can be noticed especially on the painting on the wall moving up.

Position: At Starlight Music, when Jerrica and the Holograms are sitting around the table talking to Joanie, the animators forgot to give Aja a chair, so she is sitting in the air.

Hot Time In Hawaii

Color: At Starlight Mansion when Jerrica, the Holgorams and the Starlight girls are working out, in a close-up Kimber's bright pink shirt becomes dark pink.

Continuity: On the airplane, after Kimber has spilled her drink on Steve, his wet spot on the shirt disappears right away.

Color: On the airplane after Steve offers to train Jem and the Holograms for the competition, in the close-up of Aja, the blue part of her dress has turned white like the shoulderstraps.

Color: When Jem and the Holograms work out on the beach in a quick shot, right after they arrive at Honolulu, Jem gets red hair.

Color: After Zipper shows Stormer her shoes, the view scrolls up to Pizzazz whose black hairband gets the same color as her hair for a moment.

Color: When we first see Roxy chasing Shana on the bike, her shorts are orange instead of purple, and then when Shana's bike breaks, Shana is standing next to her bike with a white Jem logo on her top, which is supposed to be pink.

Appearance: When Jem and the Holograms are standing on the beach watching the performers on stage, Shana says it's too bad Kimber is missing it all. Something is flashing behind Shana's neck.

Color: When Kimber and Steve is walking on the beach, his pants flash another color three times.

Color: When Kimber is talking to Steve at the beach, and she sees the Misfits, part of her hair or neck, flashes between skincolor and red.

Color: Pizzazz loses her makeup for a moment during the music video of the song "Misfits In Hawaii".

Color: Spoiler: When they rescued Kimber, Shana's earrings go from yellow to white.

The Princess And The Singer

Position: Shana is missing one of her drums when they are rehearsing, but is still playing as if the missing drum is there.

Factual: Jem introduces Kimber as her sister to Lexa, while Kimber is actually Jerrica's sister.

Continuity: When Dimitrios' men start the motorboat, only the three of them are in it. A few clips later, we see Dimitrios is also in it, driving it.

Position: When Jem and the Holograms are worshipping the Misfits in the music video "Queen of Rock and Roll", you can see where the animation cels end of the Holograms at the bottom of the screen.

Position: After princess Adriana has told the audience that she accuses Lexa of plotting against the throne, a woman seen on the front row in the audience laughs but then loses her mouth.

Island Of Deception

Continuity: Eric gets onboard the cruise ship, but then isn't seen until the end of the episode. Not really a blooper though.

Appearance Not really a blooper but when Jem and the Holograms are eating with the captain, all background characters in that scene are completely frozen, some in positions like making a toast or something. They don't start moving until clapping their hands for Jem and the Holograms' performance before and after.

Continuity: Aja's outfit which is ruined when they fall of the boat and swim to the island, is actually seen broken already before it breaks, in the music video "Set Your Sails".

Continuity: When Jem and the Holograms jump up in the lifeboat to surprise the captain, they are not in the same positions as when they got in. Most notably Aja and Jem switched places.

Color: When Jerrica has brought Stormer up to the surface, and she transforms back into Jem, part of Jem's dress blink back and forth between blue fabric and pink hair.

Color: When Pizzazz says the line "she wasn't even there" about Jerrica to Stormer, Pizzazz' lips go from dark pink to dark orange.

Color: When Pizzazz says "let's get going" and wants to head into the jungle, her dress switches tone of purple slightly.

Color: After the Hologram of Jerrica has saved Aja from the snake, and Kimber has said "yay Jerrica", during Pizzazz' line, Stormer's white flower in her hair has turned as red as the regular one.

Old Meets New

Color: In the dressing room after the performance in the park, when we see Kimber and Aja up close, Aja's white top turns yellow like the rest of the dress.

Appearance: The guard that is trying to stop Bobby Bailey after Jem and the Hologram's performance has a large disformed hand.

Color: When Eric tells the Misfits that when his new record factory is up and running, the first album to be cut will be theirs, when Pizzazz says "so what" the black and white colors of her hairband switches to the opposite colors.

Color: After Kimber saves Bobby from the electric wire, we see a zoomed out view of Jem and the Holograms and Bobby, where Kimber gets blue hair like Aja.

Color: When Video helps Jem record the documentary to save the building, already at the start, part of Jem's body becomes white like her top.

Factual: Right before we see Jem on TV recording the documentary to save the building, Jem accidentally reveals to Bobby that Kimber is her sister.

Audio: During Jem's documentary about the building that is about to be torn down, when we see a father and his son watching Jem on TV outside an electronics store, after the son's first line, the son's mouth moves without any words coming out.

Color: Two re-appearing (in this episode) background characters, both with speaking lines, have a change of color between their two appearances. One changes haircolor from blonde to black, and the other gets differently colored clothes of the same shape.

Position: When Eric realizes the battle is over, and starts to walk away, there's a glitch during his walk that makes it look as he is moving his legs but not going forward, for just a very short moment.

Intrigue At The Indy 500

Appearance: Eric covers the bullseye picture of himself with egg from a rag he just used to wipe off his face, but after that, the egg seems to be missing from the picture as he holds it in his hand.

Color: In the music video "I'm Coming From Behind", towards the end Kimber's blue dress becomes light blue, and then back to blue.

Appearance: When Jerrica comes to see Rio at the hospital she has a bouquet of roses, but shortly before she manages to ruin them in anger, they appear to shrink in one shot and then return to a larger size before she ruins them.

Appearance: When The Misfits and Eric first realize Jem is in the lead and may win the race, we see Stormer without her flower in her hair and Roxy without her black gloves and bracelet.

Position: When Pizzazz gets up in the audience to join the race herself, you can see that Roxy and Stormer have no legs.

Color: Shana's shirt for her mechanic outfit is shown with a orange color instead of bright blue, just after the announcer has announced that Pizzazz is in the lead. Kimber and Aja wear the same outfit but with an orange top, which makes it easy to confuse.

Position: Soon after the above, we see Pizzazz park her racecar for service, but when she is going around the corner it looks like the car is driving if you look above the wall.

Appearance: At the end of the music video "Ahead Of The Game", Roxy suddenly has no earrings, and Stormer doesn't have her flower in her hair.

Color: When the announcer says that he never saw such an incredible comeback in the history of the indy 500, we see Rio with the Holograms, and Rio's eyes are brown although they are supposed to be blue.

The Jem Jam Part 1

Factual: In some versions of this episode, like on the DVD-collection released by Rhino, the title card is missing for this episode. And in perhaps all versions, also the song titles are missing.

Color: At the party for the Jem Jam announcment, Krissie is one of the Starlight girls working, and her hair band goes from pink to red.

Continuity: If the singers in the Jem Jam was part of the surprise announcement, it's funny that they can be seen already before the announcement is made on the posters on the walls in the room where all the guests are in right at the beginning of the episode.

Appearance: After Lindsey whistles on Jerrica, and asks for Jem's big surprise announcement, we see a Jem poster where Jem has no skirt.

Appearance: Before Roland Owens is introduced, we see the Holograms on stage, but Aja is missing her earrings and necklace.

Factual: In the scene where a reporter pushes Ashley aside, we see Deirdre and Becky in the same view. All have their names written on their pink jackets, but for Becky it says "Becki".

Continuity: Why is Clash still in disguise much later when she's with the Misfits and Eric on the roof of Misfits Music? She could atleast have taken of the glasses.

Continuity: Where is Stormer when the other Misfits, Eric, and even Clash is at Techrat's rathole? There's no reason for her not to be there, yet she is nowhere to be seen.

The Jem Jam Part 2

Continuity: In the performance of the song "Jam All Night Long", Jem's shoes changes between pumps and sandals.

Culture Clash

Continuity: Jem, Kimber and Aja are wearing fashions while on the garbage boat, that were actually stolen by the Misfits several episodes earlier and dyed black.

Color: After Jem and the Holograms' video recording on the garbage boat goes wrong and they are safe again and Fitz comes to see them, during his first line "Jem if anything had happened...", Shana has the same skincolor as the others.

Color: During Jem and the Holograms performance on the stage indoors, before the robots explode, Shana has the same color on her outfit as Jem does, while it's suppose to be much brighter pink.

Color: After the robots have exploded, the yellow in Video's makeup changes to green.

Factual: When Jem and the Holograms are stuck with the police, Synergy is able to project a hologram of Fitz although it appears outside the room where Jem is with her earrings. A hologram can't be projected through a door.

Continuity: When Jem and the Holograms escape to find Fitz, we see a building with five dark figures coming down the outside stairs. Then when they escape with Fitz, the same building is shown again without any figures in sight. They most likely mixed up the order of those scenes of the building.

Appearance: Misfits Music looks more different in this episode than it did in any other, although all buildings would change in each episodes since the backgrounds where redrawn. But in this episode it looks so simple in shape, much straighter without the many different shapes sticking out and all that.

Continuity: Although Jem and the Holograms live in Los Angeles and had to fly to New York, they are able to get back to Los Angeles and Misfits Music and then again to New York in the same night. Guess the writer forgot they were in New York.

Color: When Jem and the Holograms go back to Fitz' apartment to get the robots, Fitz' shoes go from the correct purple and white color, to all purple to all white. correct

Factual: At Maria's club, after Jerrica has projected a hologram of Eric knocking on Maria's door, Maria appears to push the hologram aside as she runs by. But no one can touch a hologram, it's empty space.

Color: After Jem exits the building of Maria's apartment, and Fitz asks Jem what she said to her, in the close-up of Fitz we see Jem standing behind him, although she is actually standing far away. It was probably one of the Holograms' (probably Shana) clothes mistakenly colored like Jem's.

Color: When Fitz and the Holograms are running inside Maria's nightclub, Shana's hair flashes between a lighter and a darker color.

Position: When Maria enters her night club, and runs towards a mirror, her mirror image doesn't reflect her movements correctly. Her arms are positioned differently.

Color: When Fitz reveals his feelings to Jem and Jem says it would never work out, the shirt part of Kimber's outfit is blue instead of yellow.

Glitter And Gold

Continuity: The Rockin' Roadster says "Jem" before Jem and the Holograms win it.

Appearance: In the music video "How Does It Feel", Pizzazz goes from having three bracelets on each arm, to having only two on each.

Color: When Jerrica tells the hologram of Rio that she is really Jem, Synergy is seen in the background with the wrong color of her outfit, pink.

Color: Jeff Wright is back for the first time since the Starbright trilogy, but he has black hair instead of blonde. Perhaps they mixed him up with another one of Kimber's boyfriends, Sean Harrison who appeared in an episode inbetween.

Color and appearance: When Kimber's dates are let into Starlight House, her earrings alernate between different colors and shapes, and even disappears in the same scene.

Continuity: Late in the music video "Glitter and Gold", we see Rio drive the roadster. But when Jem jumps off the hood, we see Rio from behind wearing his regular jacket, by the look of the color, and then he's back to wearing the Glitter 'n Gold outfit.

Appearance: Before the music video "We're Up/You're Down", we see Jem and the Holograms with Kimber in front. Behind her, we can see Jem with the new color of makeup, but here they painted it on in the old shape.

Appearance: The Starlight girls come to the Diskovery Records store and say they want to help Jem, the next time we see Ashley, she is missing some of the pieces of her new outfit, the headband and the suspenders. And at the same moment, Lela is wearing glasses. Also Joellen is colored too bright, and is wearing an outfit never worn before by her, but perhaps they confused her outfit with one worn by Delaree.

Color: At the Diskovery Records store, after Rio is asked if it's true that he works for Jem, we see Jem standing next to him and she's missing her tights.

Appearance: At the end when Clash is trying to convince the customer to buy the Misfits record, her eye makeup gets mirrored (left makeup on right on eye).

Appearance: Spoiler: When we first see the Misfits and Eric as they realize they lost, Roxy's clothes lose all their patterns.


Color: Before Raya gets out of the Roadster when arriving at the beach, her skincolor is painted too bright, like the others.

Color: In the music video "She Makes An Impression", only Jem and Raya wear kneepads while rollerskating, and Raya's kneepads go from white and yellow (like Jem's) to only white for a moment after she falls into the sand.

Audio or Factual: When Shana receives a letter in the mail with a page from Kimber's diary, it reads "Shana can be so ridiculously insecure about her talent", but later in the music video "I Love A Scandal" by the Misfits, we see the page in the diary while Kimber is writing it and it says "Shana can be so stupidly insecure about her talent". Perhaps it was changed in the voice session, or maybe the animators wrote the wrong word in the dairy.

Continuity: At the hotel, after the Holograms have read their letters, and Kimber walks into the room, she wears golden earrings that almost look like triangles but open in the bottom. As she moves around in the room though, these earrings go back and forth between black pearls, golden pearls, and back to that original shape again, and it just continues throughout the entire scene. When Jerrica approaches Kimber, we get a very close sight of her black pearls.

Color: Outside the office of Cool Trash magazine, right before Jerrica starts talking, one of her earrings turns blue for a quick moment.

Appearance: Outside the office of Cool Trash magazine, when Jerrica says they should look liek they mean business, we see Jerrica from the side with a strange look with her bangs.

Color: When Jerrica and the Holograms are about to enter the office at Cool Trash Magazine, as they arrive and also before and after Jerrica changes, she has blue star earrings, then in the next clip, they're back to the correct color.

Continuity: Where is Stormer during the scene with the other Misfits and Sean at the restaurant? This is atleast the second time in the series that Stormer is not in a scene with the other Misfits and there is no explanation for it.

Continuity: In the scene with Pizzazz, Roxy, Jetta, Sean and Pit, at the restaurant, a picture is taken of Jetta, Sean and Pizzazz. When this picture is taken, Sean has a negatively surprised look upon his face and is stretching out his arms on the back of the sofa, but in the photo Kimber receives he looks happy and has his hands tightly on Jetta's and Pizzazz' shoulders. Of course, according to how the story goes in this episode, the sly Pit Slurman might aswell have added a smile to his face on the picture, and even his hands perhaps. But on the other hand, to be picky, the sofa they are sitting on looks different also.

Factual: The second Cool Trash Magazine seen in the music video "I Love A Scandal", spells Kimber's name wrong, "KIMBFR".

Color: At the end of the music video "I Love A Scandal", the magazine that Jetta gives to someone at a table, aswell as the magazine that Pizzazz gives to Kimber both suddenly change cover a moment after they are handed over into someone with orange hair, barely even looks like Kimber who was on the covers a moment ago.

Color: When Kimber asks Synergy to change her, we see Kimber's necklace shift between black and gray.

Factual: In the flashback that Synergy shows Kimber, she has a pink men's bike. It's one thing that it's silly for bikes to be made differently for males and females, but this combination of a men's shaped bike with the color pink, doesn't sound like how many manufacturers would make them. They clearly just needed to draw a bike for this scene and probably just went with what they could find to refer to, a men's bike.

Continuity: The studio woman who tells Jem and the Holograms it's five seconds left for them to go out on stage on the Harriet Horn show, actually appeared already on Venice Beach, in another production without Harriet Horn. Could be the same TV-channel though.

Color: When the Misfits are sitting a couch on the Harriet Horn show, and Roxy calls Kimber a sissy, Stormer's jacket is purple instead of orange.

The Presidential Dilemma

Color: Raya's skincolor is too bright during this episode.

Color: One of Lin-Z's earrings is green and the other is orange.

Color: One of the guards that come in while the Holograms are trying to put Synergy back togheter, is black, but when we see a shot of him from behind he is white, and then back to black.

Color and appearance: When Jem and the Holograms receive a fake call with an invititation to the white house, Shana's hairstyle has some turquoise parts in it on the sides, which is supposed to be purple like the rest of her hair. Then when they arrive, Shana's has her regular hairstyle, which changes back to the correct hairstyle in the next clip, but also the miscoloration comes back. Then when they're driving the roadster it's back to her regular hairstyle.

Color and appearance: When the president's men stop the Holograms from putting Synergy back togheter, one of the agents who starts of as being black and wears sunglasses, changes to white in the same scene, and changes to regular glasses.

Color: Shana's skincolor is far too bright during the scene right before the scene switches to the building where the performance of the song "Freedom" takes place, where the Holograms are seen from a far distance, but still it's obvious.

Factual: Right after the above blooper, we see Jem and the Holograms on stage from a far distance before we see a zoomed in view of Jem, where Shana is on drums and Raya is standing, perhaps with a guitar in her hands which is hard to see.

Color: Jem wears purple eye makeup along with her Glitter 'n Gold outfit in the music video "Freedom", instead of gold.

The Talent Search Part 1

Color: After Shana leaves to see Liz Stratton, Jem has a red shirt suddenly right before changing to Jerrica.

Continuity: When Anthony drives Shana to Liz Stratton the second time, she got into the car with a gray outfit, but when we see the car from the side, she is wearing the green outfit she wore the first time they drove there.

Color: Right before Shana throws the measuring tape on the floor in Liz Stratton's home, Shana's collar is green instead of bright pink.

Color: When Miguel tells Raya about the talent search, and that anyone can try, the hair behind and below his right ear is skin colored.

The Talent Search Part 2

Appearance: The entire scene that leads up to Jerrica calling for Shana, has animation that is quite off-model.

Color: In the music video "Show Me The Way" Jem has blue eye shadow for a moment.

Color: In the same music video, Kimber has blue hair for a moment, even though Aja is included in the same clip, then in the next clip it's corrected.

Color: When Craig and Aja stops their running in the park, before they talk, Craig's shoe is uncolored for a moment so you can see the background through it.

Appearance: When Raya walks out of Eric's office, while saying he will never learn Jem's secret from her, the second time she says "never" her lips are barely moving and she doesn't look anywhere near as angry as she sounds.

Color: When Aja asks Craig why he is withdrawing from the contest, he first has the wrong color of his shirt.

Continuity: After Raya has stopped Jem from changing to Jerrica, and the scene switches to a room where they are alone, discussing how Raya discovered Jem's secret... The pictures on the walls in that room shows Kimber, Jem and Aja. But after the view switches to close-ups of Raya and the others and then back to the entire room, the pictures on the wall has changed to some completely different people.

Color: When Jem, Kimber, Aja and Raya arrive back at Starlight Mansion, the building is white with a blue roof, a very unusual color for it, since it's usually beige, pink or brown, and with a orange, red or brown roof.

Color: As soon as we see them come inside and entering through a door where they meet Anthony, Kimber is seen with Shana's haircolor, and then it's uickly back to red, and then back to purple again until we see the closeup of Anthony.

Continuity: Before the song "All's Right With The World" starts, Raya has a blue outfit on, but as the song starts she suddenly has her main outfit instead, but it's changed back to the blue one when the scene changes as the leave the garage in the music video.

Treasure Hunt

Position: In the music video "Take The Time" when three Starlight girls are standing on the podium, the olympic rings displayed on it are upside down.

Factual: Ashley picks out a book by Lewis Carroll, which is said to be a first edition. But although Disney's movie interpretation was called "Alice in Wonderland", the original book was actually called "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".

Trick Or Techrat

Continuity: Where is Aja during the first scene when they're watching the movie? Just like Stormer was left out of the story in early episodes after Jetta arrived, it seems they let Raya have Aja's lines and forgot to add in Aja in the scene. This episode was animated soon after Raya had joined in, so maybe it was rewritten to include Raya, and they gave her some of Aja's lines which left Aja with no lines at some points and so the animators forgot to sometimes include Aja at all? Speculation of course.

Continuity: On the way to talk to Rio, Jerrica has no shoes on when changing into Jem, but gets shoes when she becomes Jem. Which probably means she was barefoot when visiting the old opera house.

Appearance: When Jerrica, the Holograms and Danse are making Halloween decorations, Raya's and Aja's fashions are missing their patterns.

Continuity: In the music video "It's Fun To Be Scared", after Terri runs through a hallway and stops and cries, she suddenly is missing her bracelets.

Continuity: When Rio isn't able to keep the inspector from going into the old opera house, and the Misfits follow, only Pizzazz, Roxy and Stormer actually enter the building. Jetta is nowhere to be seen. Maybe they forgot about her. She then appears inside the building with the rest of the Misfits without explanation.

The Bands Break Up

Color: When Dave Daniels is discussing a contract with Kimber and Stormer, when he is seen from behind, his collar flashes in the wrong color.

Color: On the Lin-Z show, when Lin-Z asks Kimber and Stormer what kind of songs they've written, her jacket turns all red instead of red and white.

Factual: After the Misfits try to rehearse without Stormer, we see Kimber and Stormer on stage playing together in three different outfits, the two times of those that you can see Stormer's keytar, she is holding and playing it in the wrong direction.

Appearance: After Jem and the Holograms did their gig without Kimber, and Shana says they're not the same without Kimber, Shana's earrings become much smaller from one clip to another.

Appearance: When Jem, Aja, Shana, Raya, Pizzazz, Roxy and Jetta show up to sing their duet, and we see a close-up in the music video of some hands pointing towards each other, they 're probably supposed to be the Holograms vs the Misfits, but the hands are both mirrored of the Holograms, since you can tell they're wearing the same outfits.

Continuity: Stormer's yellow outfit appears here, although it was badly torn in the episode "Island Of Deception".

Danse Time

Color: First time we see Joanie, her scarf is purple instead of blue.

Continuity: In the first close-ups of Pizzazz on the pool table, she loses her earrings which she had a moment ago, and then they return.

Color: At Starlight Music, when we first see Joanie, her scarf is the same color as the rest of her outfit, purple, although it's supposed to be blue.

Appearance: From when Jem arrives late to filming their music video, throughout the scene where Eric arrives to tell the Misfits they have to make a new video, and up until the accident with the snow machine, the animation looks is so on and off that it practically counts as a blooper. Infact this goes on and off more or less throughout the entire episode. So there are a lot of big eyes, funny expressions, and offmodel bodyshapes. Looks like the same animator who worked on part of the episode "The Talent Search Part 2", in the beginning when Jerrica calls for Shana.

Color: At the hospital, after Danse asks the doctor to explain in "English" rather than medical terms, the next shot of her pajamas changes from bright purple to dark.

Color: When Eric introduces his idea about gumballs to the Misfits, we see Roxy in a close-up with Pizzazz, and the back of Roxy's hair flashes off and on.

Factual: When the Misfits record their bubblegum music video, Roxy is playing drums instead of guitar.

The Fan

Appearance: When Pizzazz tells the fake Holograms to put their faces back on and get back to work, Raya goes from having one bracelet on her right arm, to three.

Factual: When Jem wants to rehearse in the fake mansion with the fake Holograms, she goes to a room which looks exactly like a room that in a previous episode has been established as being located in Starlight Music, rather than in the real Starlight Mansion. Sure this is a fake mansion so anything goes, but Jem seems to act like that room is supposed to be there.

Factual: When Jem tells the fake Holograms she wants to practice for their concert the next day, she starts singing some lines of the song "I Believe In Happy Endings", the first line is correct "Tell me I'm crazy", but the next line is supposet to be "maybe I know", but she sings "tell me I'm lazy". This was sung by the voice actor Samantha Newark who was already then a singer, and she could probably had sung it correctly if she wasn't given the wrong lines. This blooper could be explained if Jem, who had already mentioned her suspicions several times, was actually trying to test the Holograms if they reacted to the wrong lyrics, but it wasn't presented as that was the case though.

Color: At the fake Starlight Mansion, after the Misfits have locked Prescott into the closet, Roxy's hair turns black and her outfit the same colors as Jetta's.

Journey To Shangri-La

Color: Raya's skincolor is too bright during this episode.

Color: Shana's first winter jacket in this episode, is colored partly incorrectly, with too much white.

Factual and color: When climbing the cold snowy mountain, Jem and the Holograms aren't wearing any gloves on their hands. And on top of that, Kimber is not even wearing tights on her legs.

Color: When the sherpa guide begins to climb, Eric's brown boots have turned white.

Audio: After the old lady in the village tells Pizzazz she is unworthy to find Shangri-La, Stormer's voice comes out of Roxy's mouth.

Factual and appearance: After the old lady in the village gives Jerrica the map to Shangri-La, Jerrica runs out without changing back to Jem, risking to show herself to whoever is outside. Also one of the patterns on her sweater changes alot.

Continuity: When Jem comes back from the High Lama, we see the Holograms resting on the grass. The first time we see them they are wearing their outer clothing, jackets and hats, and just seconds later (and although they're about to leave and should rather take their clothes on) they suddenly have taken their outer clothes off.

One Jem Too Many

Audio: At the very beginning of the episode, after Jerrica has come out and stopped the fight between Marianne and Terri, as they are apologizingto each other, both of their mouths are moving and it's hard to tell who says what. It looks like both Marianne and Terri sre saying "I'm sorry Marianne", and then Terri replies "me too".

Factual: In the music video of "Congratulations" by the Misfits, Stormer is playing Pizzazz' guitar and Jetta is playing Stormer's keyboard.

Continuity: At Pizzazz' office in Misfits Music, after Clash puts on the Jem mask, in the close-up of Pizzazz, she suddenly wears the wrong outfit, which she just wore in the music video in the previous Misfits scene.

Color: When Pizzazz talks to Eric on a walkie talkie, her left sleeve becomes orange instead of black.

Continuity: After Clash reveals herself on stage, and Jem and the Holograms take over and start their performance, Jem and Aja are suddenly in other outfits, while it looks like there was no interruption inbetween for them to change.

Music Is Magic

Color: Ashley and Ba Nee both wear their original outfits, but they are mistakenly re-colored throughout their entire appearance of this episode. Perhaps you would argue the animators knew this, because all other Starlight girls had their correct colors, and they just wanted to give Ashley and Ba Nee some new looks because they were magician assistents for Kimber during her little magic show for the other girls. But I don't buy that because this is one of those episodes with cheaper animation done in another country and completely changing an outfit's color for no obvious, is nothing unusual, they did it in other episodes for other characters aswell, and even neglected to give Raya her correct skintone in most episodes. Appearance: When Devon Silverstone gives Jem the flowers, the fishnet stockings she was wearing are gone. The next time we see Jem's legs, they're back.

Color: Right after Professor Frick appears, Kimber gets Jem's purple eyemakeup for a moment.

Audio: Right before the song "It Could Be You", Aja and Shana's voice actors say each other's lines.

Appearance: In the music video "It Could Be You", right after Marla Martell makes a weather trick, we see a quick view of Kimber, Raya and Aja, where Aja's sleeveless outfit suddenly has sleeves.

Position: During the song "It Could Be You" when Marla Martell makes a trick, you can see where the cel ends in the bottom.

Color: After Raya thinks she sees Jem in a cage, Stormer loses her tights.

Continuity: In this episode, Shana is seen with two kinds of earrings for the same outfit, round pearl earrings, and rings.

Father's Day

Continuity: Did they really have any material left, like photos from Starlight House? In the music video of "Something Is Missing", Kimber and Emmett are shown at a house with a pool in the backyard. The animators might have taken for granted that Kimber grew up in Starlight Mansion.

Factual: Looking at the old tapes in Video's parent's house, they say Video was two years old when Clash came home from the hospital, but according to the Jem bible they were born at the exact same time.

Color: When Jerrica says all Harvey seems to think about is business, her eye makeup is light blue instead of pink, and right after that, Harvey gets brown hair instead of grey.

Color and continuity: At the end of the episode when Video comes walking into the Father's Day celebration, she is first seen with two bracelets on her right arm, but as soon as the view switches to show her from behind, the bracelets are gone. After the last song, they disappear again. And they also switch places according to color.

Continuity: When Jem and the Holograms start playing the song "You're Always In My Heart", Clash is sitting in the audience clapping hands, which isn't impossible, but very unlikely for her.

Continuity: In the music video "You're Always In My Heart", Jerric and Kimber is walking with Emmett past a tree a few times, and the last time they do, before Emmett is gone, Jerrica is seen wearing her Jemstar earrings, which she didn't receive until after Emmett died. Infact she is also seen with a longer hairstyle than she had at that point.

The Jazz Player

Factual: The trumpet that is projected by Synergy on the shelf of Eric Raymond's office, is still there for a moment after Jem leaves his office. It should have disappeared right away. Jem does mention very clearly to Raya that the hologram won't last when they exited the room, so perhaps this was the only way to present it in the story, to have Jem and Raya leave the room and then show Eric react to it disappearing, they can't show both scenes and say both lines at once.

Rock N' Roll Express

Factual: When the Misfits are allowed to come on the train with Jem and the Holograms, where did they get their old outfits to change into? And then again when they leave the train, they're in other outfits. But this might not be a blooper since they do carry suitcases with them in which the clothes could have been packaged. But then how could that small plane had carried five people and four suitcases?

Continuity: After the Misfits have a food fight, all the stains mysteriously disappear.

The Middle Of Nowhere

Appearance: Ba Nee's eyebrows flash on and off as she talks to Shana about her penpal.

Color: Raya's skincolor is too bright in this episode.

Color: Shana's fashion with the yellow shirt, is supposed to have reversed colors on the sleeves.

Continuity: Ba Nee lost her cap which the seals took care of, but appears with it later anyway.

Continuity: During the song "Makin' Mischief", Roxy first has a yellpw snowmobile, but during the action it's switched with Jetta, and then switched back very soon.

Color: After the song "Safe And Sound", Rio has red sleeves on his vest, then they disappear and are back to white.

Roxy Rumbles

Color: When Pizzazz asks Eric for money in his office, her right knee gets invisible for a moment, because the animators forgot to color the cel.

Position and continuity: In the music video "I'm Gonna Change", when Roxy comes flying in the sky on a leaf, when she is starting to come closeby, there's first a weird shot where it appears they drew her hair on separately and place it incorrectly onto above the other cel. Then for a very quick moment she gets earrings, which quickly disappear.

Continuity: In the music video "Gimme Gimme Gimme", Roxy gets a new hairstyle, but it disappears for a moment when she is seen as a paperdoll getting clothes cut out for her, and returns slightly later when she is seen in more of a closeup.

Aztec Enchantment

Continuity: When Pizzazz tells Clash she better be right, we see a close-up of Pizzazz without earrings.

Color: When Raya is shown in a close-up and says there's something about Dr. Baltazar that doesn't seem right, she loses her eye makeup for a moment, until it returns.


Appearance: When McDuffy and his friend Bernie grab Switch and offers him an airplane ride, McDuffy and Bernie's mouths disappear for a moment when they're talking.

Appearance: After KMEL has been named KJEM, we see Jerrica and the Holograms inside the building, where they forgot to draw the pattern for most part of Kimber's jacket.

Position: When all the sponsors are demanding to get on the air, and Jem changes back to Jerrica, the lighteffect around her is misplaced slightly.

Continuity: In the music video "KJEM", we see Jem and the Holograms dance upon a giant KJEM sign, everyone but Raya.

Video Wars

Color: Raya's skincolor is too bright in this episode.

Color: Lindsey has one green earring and one orange in this episode, instead of both being mixed with both colors.

Color: Right before the music video "One Of Those Days", Jerrica's outfit has blue sleeves instead of the correct white ones.

Color: Before and during the music video of "The Last Laugh" by Jem and the Holograms, Jem's eye makeup changes between yellow and light blue.

Color: Before the music video of "The Last Laugh" by Jem and the Holograms, Jem's outfit is yellow and pink, but during the video the pink changes to a rather red color.

Renaissance Woman

Color: After Danse releases Jem, Raya and Aja from the tower, we see a close-up of Jem where part of her hair then turns into skincolor.

Alone Again

Color and position: When Laura comes to school to get more drugs from Bobby and he demands money, we can see the bottom of the cels that aren't colored.

Color: When Laura apologizes to Jerrica for taking her money, Jerrica has too dark hair, yellow instead of blonde.

Appearance: When Jerrica takes Laura for a drive, Jerrica's eyebrows go flashing on and off.

Mardi Gras

Continuity: Not a big blooper. But when we first see a close-up of Jem and the Holograms sitting at a table, we see a glimpse of a blonde woman sitting to the right on screen at another table, but seconds later when they zoom out to show the stage, and that table is clearly seen, there is no woman with a green dress anywhere.

Appearance: When Jem and the Holograms are in the hansom cab going across bourbon street, we see some jugglers juggling, but we also see some other background characters that are strangely standing in positions like if they were walking, dancing and even running, but they are frozen.

Color: When Mademoiselle Yvette shows Jem and the Holograms around Maison Fleur, Raya's shoulders are mistakenly colored blue where there is only supposed to be skin.

Color: When Jem and the Holograms and Mademoiselle Yvette come out of a room in the Maison Fleur at night, and meet Shana and Pierre, Shana's robe is all white for a moment, while it's supposed to be light blue.

Color: When Jem and the Holograms tell Mademoiselle Yvette they're going sightseeing, when we see Raya from behind leaving through the entrance, her entire top is transparent, since they forgot to color it.

Position: Right after the Misfits are fighting to wear the jewels, we see the crowd watching the parade, but at the bottom of the screen we see where the cel ends.

Color: Soon after the above blooper, the Misfits are running on stage, and part of the top of Roxy's outfit flashes in another color.

Color: When the ghost comes out of the water, the Zomboys lose their white makeup in one shot.

Homeland, Heartland

Continuity: When we first see Stefan, and we see the female dancers behind him, they are standing in a certain order, the black haired, the brunette and the blonde, suddenly the frame switches to a close-up, where the brunette is suddenly missing. Then she shows up standing to their left.

Color: When Victor shows Jem and the Holograms around, Shana has too bright skincolor for a moment.

Color: After Victor has shown Jem and the Holograms, Rio and Danse around, there are some errors in Rio's and Jem's outfits. The shapes on Rio's shirt are brown instead of black, and some big stars on Jem's jacket are dark red like her star earrings instead of white.

Color: Rio wears an outfit throughout the entire episode which appears to be his original outfit in the cartoon, except for the colors of the jacket and shirt which might have been switched around. This is a big colorblooper.

Color: Jem has yellow eye makeup in the music video "Music and Danse".

Color: When Danse reaches for the letter that was left for her under the door, her hand and arm turns white.

Color and position: When Victor threatens Vera, part of Vera's top turns white instead of black. Also in the same scene we can see the end of the animation cel which ends before Victors shoulder should end.

Color: Close to the end of the second time the music video "Music and Danse" is played, Aja gets blue shoulders on her outfit, where there is only supposed to be skin. It then happens again the very last we see of the episode.

Journey Through Time

Factual: When Synergy's power levels are affected by a storm, and Jem and the Holograms are changing back to their regular outfits, why isn't Jem changing back to Jerrica? Perhaps Synergy used her last power to keep Jerrica as Jem, but why would she bother to do that since they are in another time when no one would care if Jem and Jerrica was the same person? Infact, why didn't Jerrica go through most of this episode as herself even when singing?

Beauty And The Rock Promoter

Color: When the man who plays the father of Beauty, tells the story about the guitar, Raya skincolor is too bright.

Continuity: The outfit that Jem puts on when she wakes up after four days of sleep, is actually not a Jem-fashion but a fashion Clash wore when impersonating Jem in the episode "One Jem Too Many". Jem had never worn that outfit prior to that, and there's no logic to how she got ahold of it. Still she puts it right on when she wakes up. Most likely the animators had access to a bunch of model cels and didn't know the backstory of this one.


Continuity: Raya and Kimber act like it's their first time in England, but they had already been to England before in the episode "Renaissance Woman", and even "Beauty And The Rock Promoter" according to episode production number, but those episode were written by other writers. And perhaps they're just excited to be in London, but they do say "England". Perhaps they didn't get a chance to have some freetime and really visit the country as tourists the last two times? Okay now I can't think of any more explanations for this not to be a blooper.

Continuity: At the airport Shana wore one outfit, and although they say they're going straight to the club, she has another outfit when they arrive.

Continuity: Pizzazz's purple outfit appears here, although it was badly torn in the episode "Island Of Deception". She must have really liked the outfit to buy another one or have it resewn.

Out Of The Past

Color: The first we see of Aja, she is walking into screen and the colors on her shirt are reversed, and fixed in the next view. But then the problem keeps returning.

Position: Soon after the above blooper, Kimber appears to be walking right on top of a carton on the floor, as if it was just flat floor.

Color: Lindsey's headband is first green instead of orange.

Continuity: In all flashbacks, Jerrica has longer hair than she did in the first five episodes of the cartoon. This was changed in the Starbright episodes to make Jerrica resemble the doll more, but still in flashback they could had made her hair shorter so it looked somewhat how it looked in the first five episodes.

Appearance: When Eric is talking to Jerrica on the phone, and looks out the window. At first he has no eyebrows.

Appearance: When Aja says she may be able to find Jacqui's recordings programmed in Synergy, Aja's hand appears too big compared to the rest of her body.

Continuity: Kimber, Aja and Shana are wearing outfits that were ruined many episodes ago, in "Island Of Deception". Now they look like new.

Hollywood Jem Part One For Your Consideration...

Appearance: At the start, we see the Holograms and Jerrica up close, but as the view zooms out to show them full body sitting in a couch, Shana loses her hairband.

Position: When Jeff leaves Kimber and drives away, we can see what looks like the end of the animation cel sheet, which creates a border.

Hollywood Jem Part Two And The Winner Is...

Appearance: When Jerrica, Aja, Shana and Raya are helping Kimber pick out her wedding dress, we see them all reflected in a mirror, but Jerrica's and Shana's outfits are not reversed.

Factual: When Kimber tells Sean to get well soon, she reveals that Jem is her sister. And only Jerrica is supposed to be Kimber's sister.

The Stingers Hit Town Part One

Color: In the music video of "Like A Dream" underwater, Riot's belt buckles flashes between yellow and black.

The Stingers Hit Town Part Two

Appearance: When Stormer tries to warn Pizzazz about Rapture, Rapture's outfit loses it's shoulders.

Continuity: The makeup Pizzazz is given by Rapture, appears in the music video "Lovesick" before it's actually applied in the story.

Color: When the Starlight Girls come running to get the Stingers' autographs, there's a close-up of them, where Anne's hairband is purple instead of green. What a blooper!

Continuity: In the Stinger's music video "Take It Or Leave It", Rapture wears a bracelet on her upper right arm when she comes down the stairs with a teddybear. But as soon as she gives the teddybear to Terri, Rapture loses that bracelet.

Factual: After Rio has come to see Jem at the wind harp where she went to meet Riot, he says he'll go away and Jem will never see him again. Rio then goes straight to where the old Starlight House used to be, and takes a look at the old sign for the treehouse. Why would Rio say something like that to Jem? First of all it's Jerrica he's dating, not Jem, and he wouldn't go away and leave Jerrica too because of a fight with Jem? And why go to the treehouse after a fight with Jem, when Jem had nothing to do with the treehouse, which was where he and Jerrica grew up. Perhaps this is a clue that he really knows that Jem is Jerrica. And this is an episode by Christy, so there's a big chance she had more in mind than this being a blooper.

Continuity: The outfit Riot told Ashley he would never wear again, he actually wears again, in the music video "Now", although then he throws it to the audience, but not in a way that it seems he doesn't like his jacket anymore.

Midsummer Night's Madness

Continuity: The necklace that belongs to Jem's greek outfit, keeps changing when it comes to the blue pearls, sometimes they're there, and sometimes both are golden like the rest instead. This changes back and forth atleast seven times in the few scenes this outfit appears. Even in close-ups, where it would have been easy to draw them correctly, this differs.

The Day The Music Died

Factual: After a while on the boat, Jem tells Riot she wants to return home, because she misses her sister, apparently referring to Kimber, who is Jerrica's sister.

Appearance: When the old Starlight Music sign is smashed and replaced with the new Misfits group, Rapture is seen without shoulders on her outfit, and this is not the first time this happens in an episode.

Continuity: When Pizzazz is going through Jerrica's office, and she picks up a picture of Emmett, Kimber and Jerrica, the yellow gloves Pizzazz wore disappear and we see her hands, and then the gloves return.

Color: In the music video "Top Of The Charts", Minx plays on a pink synthesizer, that second later turns to it's correct color, black.

Factual: In the music video "Top Of The Charts", for some reason Kimber (or princess Adriana) is seen walking around in an outfit that is never worn by Kimber, but by her lookalike princess Adriana, and Adriana isn't supposed to be in this episode.

Color: In the music video "All's Right With The World", we see a magazine called "Rock-Out" where Kimber wears the outfit Rock'n Roses, but the pants are blue instead of white.

That Old Houdini Magic

Color: Raya's magician outfit is colored differently than it was the last time we saw it. They switched around the colors of the bottom part and the necktie.

Straight From The Heart

Continuity: In the beginning of the music video "It Depends On The Mood I'm In" by Jem and the Holograms, Kimber suddenly gets the wrong outfit, although the others still have the same. Most likely the music video was animated by another group of animators since the music videos put more effort into the animation, and those animators mistook "K-63" for "K-53", which looks very different in design but the numbers could easily be mistaken depending on handwriting.

Continuity: The last outfit that Jem wears in the music video "It Depends On The Mood I'm In", which is only seen in unpainted form there, is actually not a Jem-fashion but a fashion Clash wore when impersonating Jem in the episode "One Jem Too Many". Jem had never worn that outfit prior to that, and there's no logic to how she got ahold of it. Most likely the animators had access to a bunch of model cels and didn't know the backstory of this one. This happened with another Clash-outfit from that episode aswell, which Jem then wore in another episode.

Appearance: When Regine is surprised by the hansom cab, she drops the rolls of fabrics, and then she loses her right hand for a very quick moment.

Color: When Regine enters the hansom cab, the attendant who opens the door has gray hair, but when we see him zoomed out, he has brown hair.

Factual: When the Stingers CD starts playing and spinning around, we can still see the text "The Stingers" being still on the CD. It's not supposed to be readable when spinning.

Continuity: When the music video "All In The Style" starts, Regine is suddenly wearing her original outfit inside the hansom cab. So this is a second music video in a row in this episode where a featured character is suddenly wearing the wrong outfit.

Appearance: Still in the same music video, when standing on stage next to a sign where it says "Riot models Regine", she is seen without eyebrows.

Color: When Jem and the Holograms try out Regine's fashions, Regine gets the wrong hairpiece for a moment, as she gets the one from her regular fashion which is pink instead of black. After Minx and Rapture bother Shana at a mall, and Regine walks away with Yaki, it happens again.

Color: When Jem and the Holograms come out wearing Regine's new fashions and the camera scrolls from bottom to top, the color of Aja's fashion continues onto Raya's, which is only supposed to be red and not purple.

Color: Regine's hairbow turns pink instead of black and stays that color a while while she is drawing designs at Danielle's place.

Color: Regine's sleeve turns the same color as her skin, after she gets the invitation from the Stingers party from Danielle's butler.

Appearance: At Stingers Sound, during the party, when Regine comes up with the idea of royalty fashions, Riot's jacket is seen without it's triangles, then the triangle return the next time we see Riot while Regine is drawing her designs, then they disappear again in the next view of Riot.

Color: Aja's robe has switched two colors around since the last time we saw it, in "Mardi Gras".

A Change Of Heart

Color: When Aja enters the view in the kitchen of Starlight Mansion, where Minx is giving presents to the Starlight girls, her shirt is colored too bright.

Color: Aja goes to complain to Minx about her helpfulness and finds her installing an alarm for Starlight Mansion and changes her mind, when we see Aja in a close-up, her white earrings are suddenly purple.

Continuity: When Jerrica is given a makeover at the House of Glamour on the behalf of Minx, we see a scene with a male and a female makeup artist. The same scene replays later in the music video "Too Much", but some things differs: Originally it was the female makeup artist who put on the cover on Jerrica, and the male one who put on the mudpack, this is reversed in the music video.

Position: After Minx has thrown out the synthesizer from the window at the Starlight Mansion, she steps in from the window into the room where the floor is practically in height with the bottom the window. But a few second later, we see Jerrica and Rio look out the same window, and the bottom of the window is above their waist.

Audio: When the Stingers play at a night club at the end of the episode, they start playing a Misfits song "Outta My Way".

Riot's Hope

Color: At the beginning of the music video "Take It Or Leave It" by the Stingers, we can see Riot's reflection in the water of his glass, where he is seen with blonde eyebrows instead of black.

Color: When Riot's father arrives at the club and the guards gather around him to throw him out, some of their hats are not colored by the animators, they're transparent and show the background behind them.

Continuity: All the facts about Riot and the Stingers in this episode do not correspond with other episodes written by Christy Marx, or the Jem bible. Christy wasn't involved in nor aware of that Roger was writing this script.

Appearance: In the music video "Let Me Be", Rapture loses the shoulders on her outfit for a moment. This is not the only episode this happens.

Color: When Riot's father is sitting in the audience watching Riot perform, the sclera in his right eye is colored the same as his skin for a moment.

A Father Should Be...

Color: At the beginning in the episode, when Jerrica is called by Ba Nee's teacher, the colors of Jerrica's outfit are reversed in the close-up.

Factual: When Ba Nee's fake father has taken Ba Nee to the zoo and locked her up in an animal cage, why can't she just reach out and remove that thing and get out?

Color: Suddenly in the music video "This Is Farewell", Jem has her previous eye make-up color again, dark purple.

Factual: Infact the cartoon leaves us with a blooper in the very last scene, and almost last view. The words "Good Bye" are misspelled as "Good By" on the banner in the end of the episode, and Ba Nee's name is written togheter as "Banee".

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