She's Got The Power

Here are (eventually, more to come) all the holograms that Synergy creates. Synergy creates holograms about 30 times already in the first five episodes. And can actually generate as much as 600 holograms a minute.

This guide is counting every time Jerrica changes into Jem (but not when Jem changes back to Jerrica), the band all change clothes or appearance, and counting when Synergy appears in holographic shape. Not counting things that clearly are only music videos and don't at all represent something that happens in the storyline. As you can see, some types of holograms are colorcoded, and the times that Jerrica is changing to Jem that we can actually see happen, are in bold.

I'm not going into detail about whether it's Synergy who creates them herself, or if it's suggested by Jerrica, and alot of the time we don't really learn that.

The Beginning

  • Synergy appears in holographic form in Jerrica's bedroom in Starlight House.
  • We see the holographic wall she created and walks through at the Starlight Drive-in, and walls and interior inside.
  • She makes a hologram of Jerrica standing next to Jerrica in the Starlight Drive-in. She changes Kimber to Aja. She changed Aja to Shana. And Shana to Kimber. And also presents the roadster and clothes with the ehlp of holograms.
  • Jem is seen for the first time. We don't see Jerrica change into her, just Jem right there singing with the Holograms in the park.
  • She creates a hologram of Jerrica when Eric tells Jem and the Holograms they can't play in the park.
  • A hologram of Jem to make Rio save Jerrica and the Holograms from the end of the cliff.


  • A hologram of a dumpster covering the Starlight Express, to make the Misfit lose track of them.
  • Changes Jerrica into Jem at Starlight Drive-in. The first time we actually see Jerrica change into Jem.
  • A hologram of Jem that runs away to distract Stormer outside Howard's house.
  • Jerrica changes to Jem to meet with the press at Starlight Mansion.
  • Jerrica arrives as Jem at Danielle's yacht.

    Kimber's Rebellion

  • Jerrica appears as Jem when she records with Rio and the Holograms in their studio.
  • Jerrica appears as Jem when she and the Holograms are filming their first video with Anthony in Paris.
  • In the music video "Gettin' Down To Business" Jerrica becomes Jem again.
  • At the radio station KMAX, Jerrica changes to Jem in the elevator, to convince the DJ to send out a message to Kimber.
  • Jerrica goes into the dressing room and changes to Jem to appear for Lin-Z's show.

    Frame Up

  • Jerrica appears as Jem, as she and the Hologram step into an airplane going to Las Vegas.
  • Jerrica appears as Jem at Danielle's fashion show.
  • Synergy makes a hologram of herself as breaking, as the private investigator tries to smash her into pieces.

    The Battle Of The Bands

  • Jerrica and the Holograms become old ladies and get an older looking car, to follow Eric's private investigator.
  • Jerrica and the Holograms start Synergy after bringing her to Starlight Mansion, and she changes Jerrica to Jem.
  • In the music video "She's Got The Power" she changes Jem's fashion several times and makes a bunch of holograms of all kinds of things, including several copies of herself.
  • After the phone call from Eric, Jerrica changes to Jem.
  • Holograms of Lions to trick Zipper and his gang, at the Starlight Drive-in.
  • A bunch of police cars appear outside, at the Starlight Drive-in.
  • Jem and the Holograms become invisible, at the Starlight Drive-in.
  • A fake door and make the real door disappear, at the Starlight Drive-in.
  • A hologram of Eric, and then three holograms of him, at the Starlight Drive-in, who throws a fake box over Zipper.
  • Jem dances out of a sign on top of Starlight Music at the end, perhaps this is a visual for the viewers or perhaps it's Synergy's work.

    Starbright Part One: Falling Star

  • Jerrica changes to Jem when Howard asks for her at the party.
  • Anthony asks for Jem, and Jerrica first goes to ask Synergy if she will wear her out. She then changes to Jem.
  • Jem and the Holograms are going to the World Studios for the first time, and Jem is already changed into Jem.
  • Jerrica arrives as Jem with the Holograms to the first day of filming.
  • Next day in the studio, she is already changed to Jem for the music video "Jealousy".
  • Third day of the movie, and she arrives as Jem to the studio for interviews.
  • New day? Jem and the Holograms get ready for their big number, and Jerrica has already become Jem.

    Starbright Part 2: Colliding Stars

  • Jem arrives with the Holograms back at the World Studios to continue the movie.
  • Jem changes back to Jerrica when Eric calls. Eric wants Jem to film a scene, and Jerrica who is currently his assistant is not allowed to go get her, so she creates a hologram of Jem.
  • Jerrica herself change into Jem.
  • After being back to Jerrica and assisting Eric, Jem is already Jem again when she and the Holograms pick up their schedules for tomorrows filming.
  • Jem arrives with the Holograms to the World Studios the next day.
  • Jem is stuck in a scene inside a cage, and has to create a hologram of Jerrica when Eric calls for her.
  • She is back to Jem for a new scene running on a log.

    Starbright Part Three: Rising Star

  • Jerrica changes to Jem to question everybody about Kimber's "accident".
  • At Starlight Mansion Jerrica goes out to see the rest of the movie crew, as Jem.
  • New day and back to Jem, now filming at Starlight Music.
  • Chasing Clash, Jem creates a hologram of a tree blocking the road, to stop Clash. She just asks Synergy to help them, and along comes a tree. Clash drives right through it, surprised.
  • Jem is filming a scene with Rio, and Nick comes around. This might be the same day though.
  • Jem is standing with the Holograms watching the lines to the premiere of their and the Misfits' movie.

    The World Hunger Shindig

  • Jem arrives ready to perform in Houston.
  • Jem makes a hologram of a taxi with Jerrica coming out of it.
  • Jerrica makes a holograms of some real bad weather to scare of Eric's henchmen.
  • Next day and time for Jem and the Holograms to go to the arena where they are performing for the World Hunger Shindig.
  • After Jem, Shana and Aja are locked up by one of Zipper's henchmen, Jem creates a hologram of them sitting nicely in there, to trick the guard, while they've actually started to escape through the air ventilation.
  • In another room, Eric is hiding some money he plans to steal, and when Zipper goes to pick it up, Jem creates a hologram of a snake.

    Adventure In China

  • Episode starts with Jem being on an airplane with the other Holograms, Rio, The Misfits and Eric Raymond.
  • When Jerrica gets the real pair of earrings back at the end of the episode, she turns to Jem again for the concert, and even the Holograms get outfits from Synergy.

    Last Resorts

  • Episode starts with Jerrica already being Jem, on her way with the Holograms to the Colorado Mountains to ski.
  • Ski race day, and Jem is transformed and ready to race. The ski outfit is only a hologram.
  • Jem is having a hard time passing by the slower skiers Pizzazz and Roxy in the race, and makes Synergy create a diversion, a big pine tree in the middle of the road in front of Pizzazz and Roxy, and Jem takes to chance to go right through it.
  • Jerrica crawls to find the earring that the bear knocked off her, while Rio heard her scream and comes inside the cave. Once she reaches the earring she makes a hologram of a monster over Rio to make him scare away the bear.
  • Right after the above, Jerrica changes back to Jem.

    In Stitches

  • Jerrica changes to Jem in a music video "It All Depends On The Mood".
  • She is Jem again when we see her on the plane to Venice.
  • Then after the interference in Synergy's transmission she is back to Jem again.
  • Jem changes into a seemstress to get into the Misfits place.
  • As soon as she got what she came for, she is back to Jem.
  • Synergy is asked to design some fashion by the help of Shana.
  • The holograms disappear because of a satellite glitch. Then they re-appear again.

    The Music Awards Part 1

  • Jerrica asks Synergy to cook up something extra special in terms of fashions for their next concert, and Jerrica becomes Jem and gets a new outfit.
  • In the roadster, going to see Danse for the first time, Jerrica changes to Jem.
  • Later at Starlight Music, Jerrica goes into another room to change into Jem.
  • Directly after the above, she creates a hologram of Jerrica.
  • After being back to Jerrica, she changes to Jem again to see Danse once more.

    The Music Awards Part 2

  • Jerrica creates a hologram of a gigantic eagle outside Starlight Music to distract Pizzazz who is flying a hangglider outside.
  • The music video "Runnin' Like The Wind" starts and Jerrica has already turned into Jem.
  • Jerrica changes to Jem behind stage at the stadium.
  • After Techrat's gadget interfered with Synergy's holographic signal, Jem is back to Jerrica backstage. Danny saves the day, and Jerrica turns back into Jem.
  • As mentioned in the previous episodes, Jem had some special effects for the performance, which she couldn't share with Rio.

    The Rock Fashion Book

  • Jerrica changes to Jem to talk to Robert Arlington.
  • Jerrica has already become Jem when we see her at the Marine Park.
  • Jem turns back into Jerrica when Synergy's transmission is blocked by the deep water. As soon as Jerrica gets out of the water, she changes back to Jem.
  • Grand Canyon, probably a new day, and she is already Jem.
  • Jem comes up with the idea of scaring bats away by blasting them with sound, by the help of the Jem star earrings.
  • New day and she is already Jem.
  • When signing the finished book, apparently days have gone, and we see Jerrica already changed into Jem.

    Broadway Magic

  • When Jem and the Holograms arrive to New York, Jerrica is already Jem.
  • Jerrica goes backstage to change into Jem at the theatre.
  • Next day probably, and Jerrica is already Jem.
  • At the hotel, Synergy appears in holographic form.
  • Another day, and Jerrica creates a hologram of Jem in central park, to distract Rio.
  • Jerrica has changed into Jem to go to the Statue of Liberty.
  • Jem throws down an earring from the Statue of Liberty to create a hologram of Jem to lead some construction workers to let her out.
  • Jem promised to show her other face to the construction workers in change for a boat ride, and creates a hologram of herself taking a mask of Jem off, to reveal she looks just like him.
  • While in the air, on a hang glider, Jem changes to her Broadway outfit.
  • At the party after the broadway show, she changes to Jem again to do an interview with Lindsey.

    In Search Of The Stolen Album

  • Jerrica is already Jem when the episode starts.
  • Next day Jerrica is already Jem when the arrive at the studio to record more.
  • Next day Jerrica is already Jem when the arrive at the studio and the tape is stolen.
  • On their way from the Storehouse club, Jerrica calls for Synergy's help and she creates flames over the Rockin' Roadster to scare away the gang.
  • Jerrica changes into Jem in Synergy's room at Starlight Mansion.
  • Jem asks Synergy to change her, Shana and Kimber into the Misfits to get inside Flash Recording studio.

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