In the US, Jem was aired from 1985-1988. The first five episodes, were first aired as 15 segments each 7 minutes long, on "Super Saturday"/"Super Sunday" which was a half-hour block with "Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines", "Robotix", and "Inhumanoids". The segments were strung togheter and formed the first five episodes and aired again. Then Jem aired a third time after getting a number of retakes and extended scenes. Jem is currently airing on Hasbro's own channel "The Hub", since May 28, 2011.

Kimber in the UK The UK:
Jem was aired on the UK satellite TV channels UK Gold, and later on The Childrens Channel. In the UK, satellite TV is more popular than cable, so alot of people have a small satellite dish stuck on the side of their house. Although these channels were broadcast to the whole Europe, the picture was encrypted, with subscriptions only available to the UK.

In November 1992, UK Gold started airing Jem on Wednesdays at 6:30am, and the repeat on Saturday at 10:00am. In April 1993, it was shown every weekday at 6:30am, with only one episode repeated on Saturdays at 10:00am, which caused the first showing and the repeat to get terribly out of step. In May 1993, the Saturday repeat moved to 9:00am. Later in May 1993, the Wednesday episode moved to 7:00am, with the other weekdays staying at 6:30am. Sometime in June 1993, they stopped showing it on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, so it was now Wednesdays at 7:00am and Saturday repeat at 9:00am. Sometime in August 1993, the Saturday repeat moved to Sunday 7:00am. Sometime on October 1993, they finished showing the series, but there was still some repeat episodes left to show, due to it being shown on more than one weekday per week but only one episode repeated per week. The repeated episodes continued on Sundays at 7:00am, until at least March 1994, with some of the episodes being shown more than once.

In May 1994, The Childrens Channel started showing Jem every Saturday at 3:00pm. After showing Starbright part 1 on May 28 1994, they suddenly changed the broadcast date to every weekday at 10:30am, without advertising the change.
[Information by Daniel V. Smith]

Jem in France France:
Jem and the Holograms were called "Jem et les Hologrammes" in France where Jem was very popular, and aired as part of a show for kids, on the first French channel, TF1, and then again in 2002 on the cartoon channel Mangas, where each episode was shown a number of times.
[Information by Nicolas]

Jem in Italy The Jem cartoon TV-series has been aired several times in Italy. In January 1987, the first of 15 episodes (probably the same as the American "Super Saturday"), each of 7 minutes of running time (or 15 minutes with commercials) and it's own title, were aired on the Italia 1 network every Sunday at 7pm, with the american Jem opening theme song.

In September of the same year, the same channel re-aired the 15 first short episodes put together as 5 episodes of 20 minutes of running time (or 25 minutes with commercials), where each episode got the title of the first of the 3 short episodes it contained, and then 48 "new" episodes, each with a frame with the Italian title. This time the american Jem theme song were replaced by the Italian Jem theme song.

In 1987 Jem was aired 4 days of the week, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5pm in the children's program "Bim Bum Bam".

In 1989, Retequattro network (Channel 4) re-aired the 15 episodes of 15 minutes of running time, then the 53 episodes, and for the first time the last 12 episodes introducing the Stingers.

In October 1990, till the end of August 1991, Jem was aired only on Italia 1 on Sundays around 8 am, from the beginning (but not necessarily the first episode) until "Alone again", with the exception of the episodes: "The Music Awards" part 1 and 2, "The Jem Jam" part 1 and 2, and "Glitter and Gold", instead of this they aired "The rock fashion book". The episode "The battle of the bands" was the last time when the original Jem Theme Video appeared.

In 1992, from the 7th of July to the 9th of September, Jem was aired on Italia 1, from Mondays to Saturdays at 8:35 am, and Sundays at 8:50 am. For the first time without commercials inside. Only 64 episode were aired, since they didn't want to air the episode "Glitter and Gold", instead they put "Culture clash" on twice in two days.

In 1996, from the 18th of June, all 65 episodes were aired on Italia 1, every day, in the morning. In the 13th of July, the episode "Glitter and Gold" was aired. When the show was over in August, they re-aired it promptly, not all episodes, but for sure until "The Treasure Hunt".

In the spring of 1999, Jem was aired in the mornings from Monday to Friday on Italia 1. On Friday 16th of April the episode "The Stingers Hit Town part 2" was aired, so the airing probably started in the end of January in 1999.

Both of these TV channels are part of Mediaset-Fininvest networks, property of Silvio Berlusconi, the politician.

None of the songs were dubbed into Italian, except for the Jem theme in a commercial. The Italian Jem theme song consisted of clips from the episodes with new music and text in Italian. Composed by A. Valeri Manera and N. Carucci. Sung by Cristina D'Avena.

The episodes were dubbed into Italian, in Milano, Italy, at the Deneb Film studio. Federico Danti was the dubbing director in the first and second season, and Donatella Fanfani took over in the third season. Some of the voice actors were listed in the end of the episodes.

Except for Danielle Duvoisin who had a light french accent, none of the characters that had an accent in the original american version, had an accent in the Italian dubbing. In Italy, German accent is more commonly used by comedians, so if Minx would talk with a German accent, it most likely wouldn't sound trustworthy.

"Synergy" is called "Energy", "Pizzazz" became "Pizza", "Raya" were pronounced as "Raja", and "Jetta" as "Yetta". When Jerrica become Jem, she says "All'opera Energy" ("It's work time Energy"), and when she turns back to Jerrica she says "Basta Cosi'. Energy" ("It's enough. Energy"). The phrase "Truly Outrageous" is not translatable, so it was translated as "E' fantastico" ("It's fantastic").

All other Starlight Girls were dubbed by different actors every time: Valeria Falcinelli, Roberta Federici, Daniela Fava, Donatella Fanfani, Tullia Piredda, Dania Cericola, Patrizia Salmoiraghi, Marcella Silvestri, Emanuela Pacotto, and Alessandra Karpoff.
[Information by Enzo Gervasio and Marco Valli]

In Holland the first season of Jem was aired three years in a row, with Dutch subtitles. First Jem aired after the British soap series "Eastenders", and later it aired right after "Lucky Luke". The last time Jem aired in Holland was in 1988.
[Information by Martijn and jemboyholland]

Jem is currently airing here on the channel "Teletoon Retro".
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The Jem cartoon never aired in Belgium, but one video was released with the first season episodes in Dutch.
[Information by jemboyholland]

The Jem cartoon was aired here on the channel "Boomerang".
[Information by Cosmic Falcon]

According to a Swedish toy store owner, the Jem cartoon was supposed to air on Swedish television but got canceled for an unknown reason. That wasn't good for the sales of the Jem toys at all.

Even though several of the voice actors are also singers, none of the songs were dubbed into Swedish. Aswell as being one of the voice actors, Monica Forsberg also translated and produced, in the KM-studio in Karlskoga, Sweden. The names of the characters were pronounced like in the original American version, with the exception of "Shana".

Jem was aired in Venezuela on weekdays 5:30 pm from 1987-1989 on "Venevision" Channel 4, from the episode "Truly Outrageous" until "Culture Clash", and re-aired with some additional episodes on 1990-1992 on 11:30 am.

The speaking voices were dubbed into the standard form of Spanish, Castellan, in Mexico for all the Latin American countries. There were no show credits of the Spanish voices, but Jem did have two different voices. The summary of the previous episode is said by a female narrator. The episodes aswell as the songs start with a narrator who says the title in Spanish, who was also the voice of Eric Raymond, until Jem changed to her second voice and also took over that part. All the songs, including the theme song, were left in the original English versions. Kimber's Spanish voice can also be heard as the female autobot character "Arcee" in the Spanish dubbing of the Transformers the Movie.

Norway, Denmark, Finland:
The Jem cartoon never aired here.

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