Promotion Pictures

These images were made early on, to market the cartoon. They were probably sent out to TV-channels, newspapers, magazines, and video companies. Because they showed up on video covers, in magazines and some other places. You can tell at what point in time these are from according to what the characters look like, as some features changed before the cartoon was animated, what instrument they play and even what they wear.

The quality of the pictures here vary, but I think this covers all of the images that were made for this purpose. Although some of them may have originally been separate pieces, character by character.

This first picture is from a UK lunchbox, where it was used unaltered. It can also be found on an italian and a French video. It features the design seen in the first five episodes of the cartoon, like Jem's red belt.

A beautiful picture, but Aja is on drums instead of Shana. This scene isn't the story of any of the episodes, and was probably just meant to show that Jem contained action. Although it does resemble one of the clips of the shows intro, except we see Kimber here in place of Shana, and Rio is standing with both legs outside the roadster in the intro. (From the cover of one of the VHS videos released in Sweden).

It's supposed to have the Jem logo as in the left version (from the cover of one of the Swedish VHS videos), but I included the right version (from the cover of the first US DVD) aswell because it cuts of less of Jem. This picture appeared in the cartoon, in other colors, in the episode "Britrock".

In this picture, Jem is wearing an outfit that, as far as I can tell, doesn't appear anywhere in the series. Close-up of Eric.

What is Rio wearing?

This looks like an album cover. (From the cover of one of the Swedish VHS videos).

In both of these pictures, Shana and Aja are playing their correct instrument. (The left picture here is from the cover a Swedish video, and the third is from the cover of a UK video).

Here are close-ups of the faces from the right one of the pictures above.

And lastly here is a very uncommon picture which appears to be early promotional art. It seems to have the same kind of look and details like the rest of the early pictures. Like Jem's necklace which has a star. It's very interesting considering it's showing us a dress that never appeared in the show, unless it was re-designed or re-colored.

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