Song Lyrics

Jem singing The Jem animated series contained as much as 151 unique songs in total, counting all the groups: Jem and the Holograms, The Misfits, The Stingers, collaborations between the bands, and guest artists.

Except for the theme song, the lyrics of all songs in the Jem cartoon were written by Barry Harman. The first song in the cartoon, except for the theme song, was "Outta My Way" by the Misfits. The last song except for the ending theme, was "This Is Farewell..." which was a collaboratiom between Jem and the Holograms, The Misfits and The Stingers.

The "Glitter 'N Gold Theme Song" is the only Jem song that didn't appear anywhere in the cartoon, and is not the same as the song "Glitter and Gold".

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