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Identify this Jem

What is this and what connection does it have to Jem? Highlight the text under the image to find out.

Jem, Aja, Shana and Kimber posing to form the face of Synergy, from the original music video "She's Got The Power". See the eyes, nose and mouth?

Anime Jem

To the right is a picture of what Jem could look like as a character in an anime (a Japanese cartoon). Just think of the possibilities, all those ideas the writers weren't allowed to use, as having a black bad girl, a boy with an alcoholic father, or Techrat being a androgenous character. Not that Jem haven't stretched the limits already.

We've already got a taste of what characters from Jem would look like as anime. Not the main characters though. But at the end of the episode "Starbright Part Three, Rising Star", the audience that comes out from the movies after seeing the Misfits movie, look like they came right out of an anime show. The drawing style looks completely different from what any of the regular characters usually looks like.

Anime Jem
[Artwork by]

Anime audience Anime audience Anime audience

Also in the episode "Scandal", there's a flashback with a younger Kimber. But here she doesn't look anything like she does in the other flashbacks in any other episodes.

Anime Kimber

What other things use the name "Jem"?

Every now and then you make a Jem search, and you have to add the word "Holograms" because otherwise you will end up with a bunch of irritating results that has nothing to do with the cartoon rockband and doll Jem. But have you ever wondering what those other Jem's are all about? Here are some of them:

  • "Jem" is the stagename of the Welsh singer Jemma Griffiths, born in 1975. She released her first single in 2002.
  • "Ibanez Jem" is a Japanese guitar brand model owned by Hoshino Gakki.
  • "Jem" is a character in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.
  • "Jem'Hadar" are a group of characters in the Star Trek universe.
  • "Jem Mace" was an English boxing champion.
  • "Jem" is a men's magazine.
  • "Jem" is the title of a novel by the american science fiction writer Frederik Pohl.
  • "Jem (and Sam)" is a novel by Ferdinand Mount.
  • "Martin Jem Magnum 2000" is a fog machine.
  • "Janome Jem" is a sewing machine.

This is about as far away you could get from Jem. Then of course there are a bunch of things named as other things from the Jem world, such as "The Misfits", or the characters' names.

Jem Anagrams

An anagram is when you re-arrange the letters of a word or a name to form other fun words. I tried this with some of the Jem characters' names, and these are some of the best ones I figured out:

  • Techrat
  • Rapture
    True Rap
    Pure art
    Peru rat
    Rear Put
  • Riot
    I rot
  • Howards Sands
    onwards dash
    darn sad show
    ran dads show
    now dads rash
    darn shadows
    dad has sworn
  • Jem and the Holograms
    harmed hotelman jogs
    hot men jam gasholder
    emeralds gotham john
    the handsomer logjam
    hammered john gloats
    jammer longs hothead
    hamster jog homeland
  • Mary Phillips
    prima phyllis
    hi slippy marl
    hip pills army
    slimy phil rap
    I harm pill spy
    rip hilly maps
    his primal ply
    his rally pimp
    my pap sir hill
  • Misfits
    hits fits me
    shifts time
    fists hit me
    the fit miss
  • Rio Pacheco
    coo rich ape
    hip coco era
    coach or pie
  • The Stingers
    three stings
    regents hits
    test her sing
    steer things
    string sheet
    he test rings
    tigress then
    teens rights
    he rigs tents
    enters sight
    rest the sing
    resets night

Real Life Jem Look Alikes

Take a look at some real life singers who look like the Jem characters. Whether their looks were based on Jem or not, it's still funny to see how much some of them look like Jem, or atleast to see artists that dare to color their hair in these unusual haircolors.

Gwen Stefani

The singer from No Doubt colored all her hair pink for a while, as can be seen in the music video to "Ex girlfriend".


A singer called Pink, whose first released single was "There You Go", but today is one of the most wellknown singers in the world.

Samantha Fox

Here's some pictures from the 80's, of the singer Samantha Fox with parts of her hair in pink.
[Information and picture by Maaike]


Meja has released two albums, and is most known for her hit song "All 'Bout The Money". She has sung the duet with Ricky Martin "Private Emotion", as the international version of the single and music video. The pink hair in the picture is caused by the lights at a performance, while she actually is all blond. But the interesting thing is that she looks pretty much like Britta Phillips (the singing voice of Jem), and backwards her name "Meja" can be pronounced as "A Jem".
[Idea by Joakim]

Katy Perry

A singer who currently has pink hair, but usually has all kinds of wild haircolors and styles.

Jem Fun

Jem Fanfics

As you've noticed by now, there's no fan fiction on this site, and probably never will be. But if I was to write my own Jem fanfic, here are some of my ideas. You be the judge if they are good or not:

Jem's Bond

Agent JEM comes to the rescue on a mission from M. See all the cool gadgets Techrat has invented for her, like a car that doesn't drive since it's made of plastic but is really a radio, or a waterbed that is really a keyboard, or what about the hat that disguises her beyond recognition by just covering her pink hair.

Big Brother Jem

What if you could peek into the mysterious every day life of Jem, when she isn't singing. When she is just at home, cleaning the pool, checking Synergy with antivirus programs, trying to find a bathroom in Starlight Mansion, and hanging up a picture on the holographic wall, or explaining to Rio why she and Jerrica share bedroom.


This one I actually started writing on: "Have you seen the news? Jem is opening a K-JEMART, maybe they got Pizzas, Pizzazz", said Stormer, "let's storm in and surprise them". "And what is this", asks Jetta, "is Rio driving his Jetta to Rio to film his own video with Video and her unknown sister Film?". "What a culture clash", said Clash, we better go along to find out what they're up to, lets call the Stingers and all other singers and have them come along too, just because.

Adventure In A Circus

Jem gets an invitation to visit a circus. She doesn't realize it was sent by the Misfits who intend to make Jem and the Holograms the clowns. What the Misfits don't know is that Jem and the Holograms all happen to be great acrobats. On top of that, there's a really weird pink llama running around.

Jem Poll Results

Here are the results of the latest poll:

Mrs. Farnsworth's clock set. What Jem stuff do you wish were made?
Total Votes: 131 (voting ended in december 2010)

  • Mrs. Farnsworth's clock set. (27 votes)
  • The Rockin' Jem toilet. (14 votes)
  • The holographic wall. (29 votes)
  • The Jem city. (9 votes)
  • Kimber's dates package. (22 votes)
  • Starlight Treehouse. (30 votes)
  • Ebay exclusives. (0 votes)

Insult of the day:

Maybe some day we Jem fans will get to enjoy the kind of respect a Transformers fan gets, but until that day, we get to hear things like this:


Found on the auction site eJem:

  • VHTF loose first edition Jem doll *earrings do not flash*

  • Jem gallery URL and map to store that makes T-shirts

  • Jem Iron-Offs for removal of badly done Jem shirts - Buy Soon

  • Redhaired Gem/Jessica and the Rockers doll 1884 Galoob

  • Jem thing - no pic - Buy Now

  • Unknown truly outrageous pinkhaired rockstar doll 1985 by Hasbro

Old Message Board Posts:

These are some of the most common kinds of messages, and also the reason why the old message board was shut down at this site:

  • GREAT site!! These Gem Barbies seems very interesting! Now please visit this link with some great offers - Adlover

  • Are you selling all the stuff on the site? - Kimberhero

  • May I please use your content without linking to your site? - JemUltimate

  • Is there a FAQ page somewhere on this site? Can you mail me the link? - Ellenora Frankenstein

  • Why does everybody love Raymond? - Robert Barone

  • Do you think Jem existed in a parallel universe? - Berrica Jenton

The ones I actually answered:

  • In the episode Glitter and Gold, Jerrica is about to tell Rio Jem's true identity. What shoes did Jerrica wear during that scene? - Moondreamer

    Answer: I'm getting really tired of answering this question eight times a day. So I made a screensaver to answer it. But you'll need the Synergy OS.

  • What program do you use to make all the Jem content? - Always fan

    Answer: The Jeminizer. Just open it and press the start button and within a few minutes it make you a Jem website including visitors and discussions on a message board. It makes hard work and imagination useless.

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