World of Jem

Welcome to the world of Jem, here you can take a look at what we see in the background in the cartoon, the places where the main characters work, live or hang out. The outside of buildings, aswell as the inside of rooms.

These locations, buildings and vehicles were re-drawn for each episode by the very talented background designers Bob Schaffer and Dennis Venizelos. And though it's never mentioned even once in the cartoon, Jem and the Holograms live in Los Angeles, and that's where most of the buildings on this page are located.

Some of these places, buildings and vehicles, we get to see alot of, and some only once. It's not always certain what building the characters are in, or what or whose room it is. After a little while into the series, several rooms got a more consistent and even detailed design and were recognizable and established to be the room of a certain character. Before that, it almost seemed like a new room was invented whenever a script called for a certain kind of room.

The exact position of the rooms within the buildings on the other hand, is more difficult to determine. This can be somewhat figured out based on the fact that every now and then you can see a character go in a certain direction or take the stairs after entering a building, or you can see from the outside of a building through a window where they are. Sometimes however, this is different from episode to episode, and there seems to have been a seperate plan for the outside of a building versus the inside.

I tried to catch all angles of the buildings and rooms, and whenever something has changed appearance alot from one episode to another, I try to include that aswell. I sometimes even point out some completely useless details, which somehow caught my attention, and might reveal something interesting about a character.

As you will notice, I've done some puzzling, edited together pictures which is why there are some panorama shots, and even tried to fill in some empty spaces, and the outcome isn't perfect. But I hope you have fun in the world of Jem for a moment!

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Starlight Music
Music company of Jem and the Holograms.

Misfits Music/Stingers Sound
Music company of the Misfits and Stingers.

Starlight Mansion
Home of Jerrica, Holograms and Starlight girls.

Gabor Mansion
Home of Harvey Gabor, and sometimes Pizzazz.

Starlight House
Old home of Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana and the Starlight girls.

Gabor Business Building
Where Harvey Gabor works.

Starlight Drive-in
Where Synergy was found by Jerrica, Kimber, Aja and Shana.

Techrat's Rathole
Techrat's workshop.

Starlight Recording Studio
The Holograms' recording studio.

Flash! Recording Studio
Where the Misfits record some of their music.

Alonso's house / Nursery
Raya's family's home and nursery.

Stormer's Bungalow
Stormer's home.

Xanthos Estates and Business building
Where Richard Xanthos lives and works.

Eric's house
Eric Raymond's home.

Danielle's Mansions
Danielle Du Voisin's home.

Howard's House
Home of Howard Sands.

Haven House
Home for runaway teenagers.

South Highschool
Highschool for some Starlight girls.

Anthony's apartment
Where Anthony Julian lives.

Sean's house
Sean Harrison's home.

KJEM Radiostation
A small radiostation named after Jem.

Cool Trash Magazine's office
A gossip magazine.

Studios for the Lin-Z show.

Harriet Horn Show
The Harriet Horn show's studio.

Stingers Penthouse
Where the Stingers live.

What the characters drive.

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