These are the vehicles, mostly cars, that the main characters drive in the cartoon atleast once. It seems that pretty much all of the main characters have a driver's license.

Rockin' Roadster

The roadster was a gift from Emmett Benton. Jerrica, Kimber, Aja and Shana found it in the Starlight Drive-in. When they first see the Rockin' Roadster it already says "Jem" on the hood ornament. One could argue that this is where Jerrica gets the idea for the name, since she comes up with idea of "Jem" some seconds after seeing the car. Aja who loves cars and motorcycles, is the resident chauffeur for Starlight Mansion, and is often seen driving the roadster, already in the Jem cartoon intro infact. Other characters who have driven it include Jem/Jerrica, Kimber, Shana and even Pizzazz and Eric. Was based on a toy released in the doll line in 1986. Compare with Hasbro's artwork and the Roadster in the comics.

With roof

This is a rare sight, although the toy version did have a removable roof, but it was pink.

From above

From behind

The spare tire, or it's cover, is completely green. The roadster has a red license plate.

From behind 2nd version

The spare tire is without a cover. Now the roadster has no license plate.

From behind 3rd version

The cover of the spare tire says "Jem". The backlight is completely round.


First sight of the inside of the roadster, it's all pink.

Inside 2nd version

A different kind of steering wheel. The inside of the door is flat. The rest of the dashboard is differently located.


This is where Kimber allegedly starts the car by turning on the radio.


Glitter 'n Gold Roadster

This roadster was won by Jem and the Holograms in the Glitter and Gold contest, a contest held at Diskovery Records. The first group to sell 500,000 records won the Roadster, the competing group was the Misfits. Also this roadster said "Jem" on the hood ornament when they first see it, before they even win it. I guess we could argue by now that this is the name of a certain in-cartoon brand.

Characters that have driven it include Jem/Jerrica, Aja, Rio, Roxy, Clash, Danielle and even Techrat (by remote though). Was released as a toy in the doll line in 1986. Compare with Hasbro's artwork.


This is a very shiny version of the roadster. Same hood ornament as the first roadster. Maybe "Jem" is the actual name of this sort of car in the cartoon. There are no handles on the doors.

From above without roof

From behind with roof

From behind without roof


Starlight Express

Invented by Christy. This is Jerrica, Kimber, Aja and Shana's car which they've had since before they started the group, and perhaps it was even Emmett's. According to Aja it's old already in the second episode. It's blue, and the side have yellow stars and says "STARLIGHT Express", and it has purple seats. It's also been referred to as "Starlight Van". This van is kept alongside the both roadsters to transport the Starlight girls, when Rio doesn't drive them in his van. This was most likely Emmett and Jacqui's car since the big family didn't have a lot of money and we don't see any other cars at this point, and since it's name says "Starlight", which is something Emmett named alot of things like Starlight House, Starlight Music, Starlight Drive-in, Starlight Foundation, and Starlight girls. We actually see Jerrica and Shana exit from the backseat through the front doors once, as if it has no backseat doors.



No handles on the front door.


The seats are purple and so is the steeringwheel.

Inside back

Rio's cars

Front of Rio's van

Although it doesn't seem like much, and Jem actually told him (according to herself in the episode "The Day The Music Died") to get it fixed, and it broke down, he keeps it even in the last episodes. But it's got room for six people, perfect for Rio and Jem and the Holograms.


Slightly different colors.


The license plate actually says "RIO".

Rio's Volkswagen "Beetle"

Probably Rio's first car. He had this car when Jerrica and the others were younger and still lived in Starlight House.


Yes, Jem and the Holograms have a tourbus. It's just a regular bus with seats, nothing special. They eat and sleep on the road. Rio drives it. We only get to see it in one episode "Video Wars".




Lots of seats, and whoever wants to sleep can do so in the back.

Holograms' and friends' cars

Most of these vehicles only appear once, so very little is known about them.

Emmett's car

He had this car when first driving Aja to Starlight House.

Emmett's car

And then when Shana came to Starlight House, it was in this car. This may suppose to be the same car as Starlight Express.

Aja's or the Holograms' car

This might be Aja's car since she is driving.

Starlight truck

They used it to bring equipment to the train for their tour by train. Perhaps it's also used to bring the equipment when on the road, driving along with the tourbus, because the equipment doesn't seem to fit in the tourbus.

Raya's car

Alonso's Nursery truck

Raya's father Miguel drives this car. Says "ALONSO'S NURSERY" on the side and back.

Danse's car

A little look of the inside.

Danse's car

The entire car.

Anthony's car

Anthony's car from above

Video's car?

This is the car we see Video run by as she runs along to Jem and the Holograms as they leave the movie set in the episode "Starbright Part One: Falling Star".

Video's car

Video's car

Craig's car

Sean's car

Regine's car

This is either Regine's car or Danielle's, Regine drives it though.

Lin-Z TV car

Apparently used when she is hunting for a scoop, and the bring her camera men and their equipment.

Misfits' Van

The Misfits usually take this car when they're going somewhere, it's there from the very first episode to the last few episodes. Pizzazz is usually the one who drives it, but Roxy aswell as Stormer have driven it once aswell.


A black van that says "Misfits" on the sides and flames underneath. It also has spikes in the wheels and under the headlights in the front.


White spare tire.


The spare tire has a yellow cover and says "Misfits". There is one single back light that is red.


Red seats.


The van was red in the episode "Video Wars", and then black again in later episodes.

Misfits' and friends' cars

Roxy's new car

She bought this after winning the lottery. But how did she get a driver's license when she can't read?

Stormer's car

Stormer's new car

Stormer gets a new car as a present from the other Misfits, a porsche.

Stormer's new car from above

Clash's car

This is the car she arrives in the first time we see her.

Clash's car from above

Pizzazz's car

Maybe she borrowed Clash's car since it looks the same and even has the same color. And it's not the other way around since Clash had this car before she met Pizzazz.

Eric's old car

This is the car Eric drove around in when he was first hired by Emmett. The license plate appears to say "E63741".

Eric Raymond's Rolls Royce

You can tell he made alot of money at Starlight Music before the Misfits had their breakthrough.

Eric Raymond's Mercedes-benz

Says "E - Ray" on the license plate.

Eric Raymond's Mercedes-benz

Misfits limousine

This is the car that the Misfits arrive in at the premiere of their movie, and Stormer is also seen driving them in it.

Misfits limousine close-up

Stingers' cars

Minx' car

Minx' car license plate

Which could read out as "I will be good" according to the storyline of the episode.

Other vehicles

Countess Danielle Du Voisin's yacht

Danielle loves to cruise on the ocean in her family's enormous hydrofoil yacht. The first time she met Jem and the Holograms, she invited them to a party on her yacht. Even the Misfits attended the party, uninvited. Danielle also has a 200 ft. sailboat.

Howard Sands' car

We only see it once from behind when driving through the gates to Starlight Mansion the first time he is showing it to the Holograms.

Eric's yacht

We only ever see this yacht in one episode. The Misfits come with him once, and even Jem and the Holograms come onboard uninvited.

Rio's plane

Rio gets his new license in the episode "KJEM" and even made the last payment on his plane, which is a Cessna 175.

As a side-note, in the UK Jem comic book Special No.1, Rio has been taking lessons for his own helicopter pilot's license.

Jeff's motorcycle

Jeff is used to driving all sorts of vehicles in his work as a stuntman. Kimber actually fell for him after he rescued her from a bunch of explosions on this motorcycle when a scene of the movie "Starbright" went wrong. It explodes but a very similar one appears in the episode "Glitter and Gold".

Jeff's second motorcycle

A futuristic motorcycle that may not be Jeff's own, but he drives it in a stunt scene.

Jeff's third motorcycle

This is what Jeff arrives to his wedding on.

Starlight Special 11

The race car that Martino Grandzetti/Jem drove in the episode "Intrigue At The Indy 500".


The race car that Pizzazz drove in the same episode.

Further vehicles sightings

In the UK comic series, in the Special No.2, Eric has his own pink van. And Jem and the Holograms drive a van with the Jem logo on it to their gigs.

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