Alonso's House and Nursery

Alonso's House

This is where Raya's parents Rosa and Miguel Alonso live, and Raya's three brothers Enrique (currently in law school), Aurelio and Roberto. Raya lived here too atleast until she joined the Holograms.

Infact it's hard to tell whether or not Raya moved into the Starlight Mansion after that because it's never mentioned, and we never get to see her room. On the other hand we never get to see Aja's room, and she certainly lives at Starlight Mansion. Also, Raya does spend a whole lot of time in Starlight Mansion, including mornings and late nights.

The Alonso family's house is the one in the middle with a red roof and a garage to the right with turquoise roof.

As you can see the house is pretty small for a family of six. It's far from the luxury of Starlight Mansion.



Raya has practiced her drums here in the garage since she was very young, and she did until the day her brother and father told her about Jem and the Holograms' Talent Search.

A good view of the backyard here. You can see some plants every here and there, probably Miguel's.

View from garage

Some cute awnings on the house there, which aren't there in any other pictures.

The garage, and the backyard behind the fence.

Inside garage to the left

Inside garage to the right

Alonso's Nursery

The nursery is within a walking distance from their home...

...but they do have a car aswell, and atleast four parkingspaces to park it.

The little house next to the greenhouse.

Inside entrance of greenhouse

Some of the plants that Miguel grows are domestic and exotic plants. Some of them are roses, and orchids which seem to be some of his favorites. And some look like Vriesea carinata, or possibly Lobster Claw plants (Heliconias rostrata).

At end of the greenhouse

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