Gabor Mansion

This gigantic white mansion with a blue roof, is owned by Harvey Gabor. And it's where Pizzazz still lives, and probably where she grew up since her father was a billionaire already at 20 before he met Pizzazz' mother. But when Pizzazz met the other Misfits they didn't find out for some time that Pizzazz had a rich father, since Pizzazz lived in her own apartment for a while. Perhaps Pizzazz wanted to stand on her own feet for a short time. Maybe the Misfits even shared this apartment, which wouldn't sound too far fetched since Roxy came from another state Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, and Stormer probably didn't live in that little house yet.

This mansion is located very close to Starlight Mansion, since you can see what's going on at Starlight Mansion using binoculars.

This mansion certainly looks a whole lot bigger than Starlight Mansion and any other mansion seen throughout the series, and according to Pizzazz she and her father have even bigger mansions. In this picture it looks like there are two buildings that are close but not attached to each other, while in some of the pictures below they seem to be attached. Lots of chimneys, while we only get to see three fire places on the inside.

The mansion isn't as far up on a hill in this picture, and there are more trees. But that little stair to the right in the picture seems to end up into the grass and bushes.

The stair is fixed here. To the right in the picture, behind the tree appears to be a little building which is not seen anywhere else, but it's so close that it has to be owned by Harvey Gabor and not a neighbor.

The Gabors have a servant called Mathilda answering the door. Apparently she has the same temper as Pizzazz.

Judging by the pillars and the stairs, this would be the main entrance to the mansion. But that is probably a blooper, since this kind of door is previously seen inside the mansion and leds to a room in the back of the mansion (see the inside of the mansion).

These guard dogs walk around the mansion when they're not locked up, and Harvey Gabor is the only one who can control them, they don't listen to Pizzazz.


This Kennel would have to be located somewhere on the sides or behind the mansion.



There is a pool in the backyard and a little pool house.


Harvery has a garage for three cars, and two of these seems to be his, the third is the Misfits van.

Take a look inside Gabor Mansion aswell...

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