Howard Sands' house

This is where Howard lived after he offered the Starlight Mansion to the winner of the Battle of the Bands contest.

It doesn't seem to be so much of a house compared to the Starlight Mansion. But maybe he wanted to keep it simple, or maybe it isn't his permanent home. Since he moved right out of Starlight Mansion as soon as he offered it for the contest, and since he seems to be wealthy, he might have gotten himself something bigger not too far away. Christy Marx said in 2006 that she was not involved at all in what his house would look like.


This is the driveway that leads up to Howard's house. To the left is the Misfits van leaving. And above you see even further along the way out on the driveway.


Bedroom view

His bedroom seems to be on the second floor.

Inside of house

First floor, here we see a little bit of what Howard lives like. Then again we get a good glimpse of his taste by looking at the inside of Starlight Mansion, where he used to live.

Front yard

The right side of his house, this is where Jerrica creates a hologram of Jem to distract Stormer.

Here's a path, which doesn't seem to be the same as the one in front of the house, because this one is covered with stone.


A full view of the pond.


Same pond it seems, but here it looks almost like a pool.

Neighbour houses

Howard's house seems to be surrounded by neighbours, in what looks like pretty simple houses, which suggests that this isn't the same kind of neighbourhood where the Starlight Mansion is located. But every angle we see them in, it appears to be different house.

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