KJEM Radiostation

This radiostation broadcasts over the whole country. They report news night and day, sports and the weather, and plays hit songs. KJEM was released as a playset in the doll line in 1987 called "KJEM Rock On Guitar".

A very small and probably old building.


Before Jem came along, this little FM radiostation was called "KMEL", and the building was purple. KMEL wasn't a very trendy radiostation for young people to listen, atleast not anymore. Even though they did play Jem already then. When the senior DJ and the engineer was offered three times the money to work for the huge radiostation KBST, the owner Elzer Marcus was about to sell it. But some college kids who were volunteers to learn some things for their communication course wanted to save it.


One of the college kids, called Switch, came up with the idea to turn it into a college station. So he decided to ask Jem and the Holograms for help, since he went to school with Kimber. Jerrica decided to help out, so Starlight Music entered into a partnership with KMEL and promised to cover their bills as long as they could and give the college kids a chance to save the station. As a thanks, the college kids and Elzer Marcus renamed the station "KJEM". Kimber's favorite radiostation used to be KMAX, but I guess she would prefer KJEM now.

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