Haven house

Haven house is a place for teenage runaways to get off the streets. This is where Jem and the Holograms and Rio met Danse for the first time, when they were introduced by Video. Danse doesn't live here, she just works part time as a volunteer. They don't have enough beds and money for all teenagers that arrive.

Jem and the Holograms has contributed to Haven House on two occasions. They played at a benefit show to raise funds for Haven House, and after winning Xanthos' contest for the best music video that personafies friendship and good will, Jerrica signed over the entire Xanthos price money, $250.000 to Haven House.

In this particular picture the porch looks different to the above version. The porch continues only to the left and stop right to the right of the stairs. The stairs itself looks different. There's a round window on the second floor. The roof doesn't continue over all the way down over the porch, instead there's a second level of roof starting over the porch. There are more bushes surrounding the house, and there are bushes instead of a fence that separates to the neighbor house.


The other side of the house, with another exit which leads right out to the car.

Porch and sign

The house actually says "Haven House" above the entrance.


These stairs don't look like the above two versions in the pictures of the house. It looks like a combination of the two.


Inside main entrance



These windows must be on the back of the house, which we never get to see.




There are so many runaways that they have trouble finding enough beds.

Dance room

This is where Danse can practice and at the same time be reachable for the Haven House teenagers. She even brings the Starlight Girls here sometimes for dance practicing.

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