Starlight Mansion

This is the mansion where Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana, the Starlight Girls and maybe also Mrs. Bailey live, since Starlight House burned down. Christy Marx once said it's located somewhere in the general L.A. area on the west coast. Jem and the Holograms won this mansion in the Battle of the Bands, from the previous owner Howard Sands. The name "Starlight Mansion" came from the character Kimber when she saw it for the first time (in Sweden it was translated to "Starlight Castle"). According to Christy, Raya probably did not move in when she joined the Holograms, rather she still lives with her parents or somewhere nearby to be close to the rest of her family.

The appearance of the mansion changes in every episode, atleast in some details. There are a number of differences that will be either one way or another on Starlight Mansion, here are some of the more notable ones:

  • Building color: White, beige, or yellow.
  • Roof: Brown, orange, red or blue. 2-4 windows.
  • Chimneys: 1-2 chimneys. Placed differently.
  • Windows amount: Above the door 0-1. Next to the door 2-3. Main building sides 0-2. On wings front 2-4. Wings sides 0-2. Wings corner 0-1. Extra part between main building and wing 0 or 2 or 4.
  • Windows shape.
  • Above entrance: A roof and a window, a roof and a wall, a balcony and glass door, a balcony and a window, or two windows.
  • Entrance door: Single, double or triple door. Dark brown, light brown, white, or made of glass.
  • Shape of entrance stairs and pillars.
  • Wings: Shape of corners. Extra wing inbetween the wings and the main building or no extra wing.
  • Side of main building/above wings: No windows, two windows, one window and one built out part, two windows and a glass door, a built out part in glass.
  • Front yard road: One straight road with a round area in front of the entrance, one turning road with a round area in front of the entrance, a straight road and one turning connecting road on each side each with their own gates at the fence.
  • Street lights or not.
  • Surroundings: Neighbor houses, forest, empty fields and/or mountains.
  • Fence: 1 or 3 gates. White or gray. Stone pillars or not. Fence or wall. High bushes, low bushes, or none.
  • Backyard: has a pool (in different shapes) or volleyball field and helipad.

This is a good example of how the ever changing mansion often looks like. Except there's only one window on the sides of the wings.

The picture that Howard Sands employees show to Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits, when Howard offers it to the Battle of the Bands contest. It's the first we see of Starlight Mansion. Although it doesn't look like this in all the early episodes, some of the details shown in this picture actually appear in later episodes. Above the door is not one but two windows. Two chimneys, but one is placed on the front of the roof.

A view from the clouds. The surroundings is just fields, with no other buildings in sight.

The road up to the mansion is straight with a little circle. There are little parts of the building inbetween the main building and the wings. The wings only have three windows on the front side, and none on the corners or the sides. The pool has a more round shape.

There is a balcony and a glass door above the entrance. Street lights can be seen in the dark. On the side of the building on top of the wing, there is a glass door and a window on each side. The fence consist of a wall.

Two windows on the main building sides. There is no pool in the backyard, instead there is a volleyball field and a helipad.

The road to the mansion is slightly bent. There is one extra part of the building on the left side inbetween the main building and the wing. No windows on the sides of the main building. The wings only have two windows on the front side. There are four roof windows. The main building has three windows on each side of the entrance and middle window, instead of two.

The mansion is white with a blue roof. On top of the right wing there appears to be a built out part which doesn't appear to be in glas, with a window on the side. Here is a view of the neighbor building to the left.

The mansion is white, with a brown roof. The front windows are quite wide.

No window at all above the front door. There is a stone path that leads up to the door.

The part between the main building and the wings have four windows divided on two floors on the front, aswell as three windows in the sides. The chimney is built partly outside the main building.

The gates and fence are grey.

Front Yard

There is a fence or a wall surrounding the building. The gates are electric security gates, and has an intercom with a camera to communicate through. The inside intercom has a small video screen showing the visitor. Though they're not very safe, which we can see in the episode "The Stingers Hit Town Part 2" where some Stingers fans push the gate over.

The fence is white and with white stone pillars and low bushes at the bottom.

Except for the gates, the rest of the fence is covered with bushes and the stone pillars are grey.


When the gates are closed you can call the inside from this doorphone. The other part of the doorphone is placed right inside the main entrance. There is even a little camera so you can see the person at the gates.

Main entrance door

Close-up of the front door and stairs. There is empty space underneath the roof. The curtains inside the windows can be seen.

Main entrance door

The doors are white.

Main entrance door

A close-up of the main entrance with open doors, which does not correspond with what we usually get to see on the inside. The pillars are round, and the stairs go down to the front only and have little bushes on the sides.

Main entrance door

Main entrance door

In "Disaster" we can see the door with glass windows. But this was in a sloppy retakes scene.


A party is being held here, that's probably why the neighbor Danielle allows Jem and the Holograms to use part of her lawn for those tables. In the back of the mansion there is a white fence. That fence would have to stop at where the back part of the house begins, since that part is open to the pool with no fence inbetween, and the pool couldn't possibly fit inside this white fence.

The white fence from another angle.

Fights and broken windows aren't a common sight at Starlight Mansion, but atleast we get a good look at the windows, which go all the way down to the floor, and some of them might be possible to open as doors, except these ones have little bushes right outside.

A smaller version of the fence in the back, just a little place with some chairs to sit.

The pool almost has a rectangular shape.

A great view of the backside of Starlight Mansion.

There are some obvious differences in this images compared to the one to the left. There are stairs. Even the wall to the right part of the building which is made of glass, is made of glass aswell. There is a glass door below the balcony. The stone the facade is made of is a different kind of stone, not brick wall.

The same balcony as in the two pictures above, but here the wall of glass is made of stone and even has a door aswell. This picture is the view through mirrors from the Gabor mansion, which means the Gabor mansion is located not far away.

The pool


Look to the right of Starlight Mansion, and you will see the rarely shown neighbor, which is suppose to be Danielle, even though that area is sometimes just filled with grass or other buildings.

I'd say this view of the next door neighbors to the right, best corresponds with Danielle's place.

Notice the houses in the background. To see where this helipad is placed, you can look at one of the above pictures.

That house in the background is probably the one seen in most pictures, but here it looks like it has two floors and different windows.

Take a look inside Starlight Mansion aswell...

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