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What it's all about

What is Jem all about? Whether you are new to Jem and want to learn more, or are creating new licensed products, here's a start.

Some quick information about Jem, aswell as material for writing about Jem. But also some more in depth definitions of what defines Jem to Jem fans. Aswell as some information about the Jem fan communities, some of the creative things that Jem fans do. Our wishes for the future of Jem, and what we can do ourselves to help Jem return. And lots of Jem links!

Quick Guide
Quick introduction to the cartoon and dolls.
Pictures to use, info about fonts, and links to webtools.
Defining Jem
For your consideration when creating something Jem.
Jem Wants for Jem's 40th Anniversary in 2025
Projects and products that Jem fans have wished for.
Questions & Answers
Answers to common questions about Jem and this site.
List of names, titles, and phrases, with descriptions and links.
Jem Fandom
What do Jem fans do in the communities?
Jem Values
Positive messages of the Jem cartoon, and how we Jem fans treat each other.
Bring Jem Back
What projects fans can do, or already are doing, to bring back Jem.
Jem Links Directory
Links to other sites and content about Jem.

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