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Cartoon pictures

A few screen captures. I know they are low resolution, and I'll try to upload some better ones soon.

Jem Fonts

These are the fonts used for Jem products in the 80's, and on some of the more recent products aswell. Probably none of them were created for Jem specificly, other than the Jem and Misfits logo. I can not offer them for download, just their names and some information, so you can search for them and buy them.


  • The Jem font
    Used in the Jem logo itself. Likely designed by Hasbro especially for Jem, and since nothing similar has shown up, there were probably no other letters designed.

  • Misfits font
    This is a mystery font that seems to have been used only in the cartoon, where the look even varied. For another Misfits font, see the back of the Misfits doll boxes or the posters, on the poster Pizzazz is putting up over a Jem poster. The closest I can find for download, are fonts like PiRhoHerak, Bizarre, Anger, BeeBopp, or Drakkar Bold.

  • FreestyleScriSH-Reg
    Used in the logo for the phrase "Truly Outrageous", the name of the dolls on front, and some larger text on the front of the boxes.

  • Freestyle Script
    Almost the same font as the above, but with the difference that the letters aren't made to be written togheter in italic script style, and thereby have a different look, especially noticable on the lower case letters "r" and "s". This font was used on the new Jem merchandise in 2012, including the Integrity Toys doll line, where they renamed "Jem - Truly Outrageous" into "Jem - and The Holograms". But also, this font was used atleast for some letters in the original 80's line, and even mixed with the correct font, whenever they for some reason wanted a specific look for certain letters. This is a very common and timeless font outside the Jem world.

  • Van Dijk
    Used on alot of merchandise released by other companies than Hasbro. A very common font outside of the Jem world also.

  • Seagull Lt BT
    Seagull Md BT
    Used in all describing text on the boxes, some on front, and a lot on the backside of boxes. Including the Jemstar Points number and text. Not so commonly used on other Jem merchandise that wasn't released directly by Hasbro.

  • Freehand575
    Used atleast in some early advertisements for the phrase "Truly Outrageous" along with the Jem logo, aswell as other text.

  • Murray Hill
    Not commonly used for Jem, but was used to write "Truly Outrageous" on the canadian doll boxes, and the canadian version of the Hasbro boardgame "Rock & Romance". Several similar fonts for this one, but Murray Hill SB-Regular seems pretty close.

Web-creating resources

Decided to make your own Jem website? Here's a little help on where to begin, and perhaps even learn some coding of your own.


Or maybe a blog, online photo album, or even a message board sounds better?

  • Tumblr - Here you can start your own blog, especially good for images and short messages.
  • Flickr - Or your own photo album for those higher resolution photos.
  • Bravenet - And here you can register a bunch of different interactive features of your own.

If you create a Jem site and want to send me a link, click the "contact" link below.