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Uploaded: September 19, 2022

Jem Values

The Jem community seems to be one of the friendliest online communities. But let's not take anything for granted. This is about living by the positive values and morals that appear in the Jem cartoon, in the Jem community. How we treat each other. In turn, a friendly fanbase can accomplish alot more for this brand.

I think we all have to remind ourselves every now and then to think about how we might come across, and be ready to see things from someone else's perspective

Some general advice

- Discussing, and having different opinions is fun, as long as it's done nicely.

- We all want to feel appreciated, whether it's about getting likes in social media, or having friends that support us. So try to reply to people's messages, and click like on their messages if you agree with most of what they're saying or are thankful for something they shared, and feel free to just tell someone how much you appreciate something they did.

- There are no leaders in the Jem communities, so you never have to be a follower. Remind yourself of your equal value and why you like Jem.

- Try to always interpret a message the best way you can. Look for smilies. Try to understand people's feelings, and why they sometimes express themselves in certain ways. Try not to take personal offense. If you're upset, calm yourself before you reply.

- Share pictures and information from your collection online, so that everyone, who can not own them, can still enjoy a part of Jem's world, and perhaps even an important part of Jem's history.

- Support each others projects. Even if you don't contribute, you can give encouragement, and spread the word.

- Try to solve any arguments quickly.

- Try not to dislike someone you never met and know very little about.

- If you're new in the Jem communities, you need to know the Jem community is not as big as communities for brands that have had many recent things released, like Transformers. So don't feel left out or ignored if it takes some time for people to stop by and find your message and reply to it.

- Feel like no one ever agrees with anything you say, and everyone else is friends with each other? Perhaps you instead can be the first to acknowledge someone else, and things will improve in time.

- Stick to the truth, about Jem and for anything you say, and try to find good sources for things you say. An online source where you can link directly to a quote. Or picture proof of your own. Or atleast the name of a source and why it's credible.

- Don't feel forced to change your opinion about anything, just because there is a popular opinion about some things. What really matters is how you express yourself in words. It's fine to think differently.

- If you don't find your place in the Jem communities, have patience or just enjoy Jem on your own. It's not about a community anyway, it's about your love for Jem. Just remind yourself what it is you like about Jem and why it gives you joy.

Longtime Jem fans, are you as nice as you think?

Here are some things we should all ask ourselves from time to time.

Do you consider yourself a nice person? Do you think it comes across to others? Or is there something you can improve?

Are you ever the first part to reach out a hand and try to understand the other person?

Do you find it very important to be looked up to in the Jem community?

Do you often reply helpfully to other people's messages?

Do you start most of your sentences with "I"? "I think...", "I want..."?

Do you use harsh words? Do you often write out your opinions in capitals? And use no smilies?

When you get angry at someone in a forum or social media, do you calm down, breathe, write, and then read and re-write your message, try to understand how the other person is feeling, before posting?

Do you show appreciation of other people online?

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