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With a pair of microprojector earrings and the words "showtime Synergy", Jerrica Benton's holographic computer transforms her into the "truly outrageous" Jem, the pink-haired singer of the band The Holograms.

In the 80's, Jem was the flagship of the world's largest toy company, Hasbro. In front of their toylines Transformers, G.I. Joe, and My Little Pony.

And the musical animated series made Jem the biggest female cartoon star of the 80's! And probably the most genuine one, since Jem was one of very few cartoons that was predominantly written by female writers. Infact, at times Jem beat all male-oriented cartoon shows in viewer ratings.

Jem clearly made a mark in the doll industry. Many brands have since been clearly inspired and also successful with similar ingredients. But Jem is her name, and no one else is the same!

Ever since the 80's, Jem has gathered a following of fans across the world, and the community of dedicated Jem fans is growing. New official Jem products are currently being released successfully, and... the 40 Year Anniversary of the Jem in 2025 is approaching, and we want even more of Jem!!!

This fansite was started in 1997, as a tribute to everything Jem, and to the people and companies that made it all happen. Here you can find in depth guides to the cartoon, reviews of the collectibles, behind the scenes material, and other informative features. And be sure to check back for updates about it all!

News & Updates:

September 20, 2022

Rock Jem 25th Anniversary!

Making this site has been a long journey! Starting in spring, 1997. Rock Jem is the oldest Jem fansite that is still active today. Today I'd like to celebrate by announcing that the guide to the IT Jem line is complete! With nearly 7000 pictures, and still growing.

The IT Jem line grew so big it became a challenge to review. But I think the dolls are worth it! And apparently many Jem fans agree, since the line lasted so many years! And hopefully many more dolls will be released in the future, especially in 2025 when Jem is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary.

I had no idea I'd be making this site after 25 years. I'd like to dedicate the Rock Jem 25 Year Anniversary to my family and friends. And a big thanks to everyone who has visited this site over the years, and to those who have contributed.

Hopefully it can brighten up your day to take a look at all the beautiful masterpieces the Integrity Toys Jem line has consisted of over the decades.

For more about the making of this site, and the history of other earlier Jem fan sites, take a look at the pages About and Fansite History.

January 25, 2022

Unreleased music from Jem's singing voice

Want to hear more from Jem's amazing singing voice?

Now we can all join the Patreon of Dean and Britta and get updates of their unreleased music and an insight into their music and careers.

November 17, 2021

Already time for more Integrity Toys 2022 stuff!

More releases already! Jem herself is back! The iconic look from music videos like "It Depends On The Mood I'm In" and "Love Is Doin' It To Me". This fashion is known for having been available in many different colors on different occasions in the Jem history, prototype color, 80's doll fashion color, cartoon color, doll color, and book colors. And here is now Integrity Toys' take on it. I think Integrity Toys definitely choose the most beautiful coloring!

Mood I'm In Jem comes in her purple dress, the 80's style bracelets, a microphone, and they even added a boa, seen only in the music video "It Depends On The Mood I'm In".

Also announced is a Music Medley Fashion Pack! Corresponding with the Mood I'm In theme, is a wardrobe of three fashions, the fan favorite look American Beauty, the original pink Jem dress, and a black Award Night dress for Jetta. Each complete with jewelry, shoes and more.

Expected to ship in summer 2022, and it's a W Club members only offer, but members can order as many as they like.

When the doll is shipped, Rock Jem will bring you a full review, with pictures and a description of all pieces included, and alot more. The pages about the Integrity Toys Jem line here at Rock Jem, are under re-construction and will hopefully soon be complete for the entire line.

October 18, 2021

A new amazing release from Integrity Toys!

Integrity Toys has presented their latest upcoming doll in the Jem line. This time they bring focus to one of the Misfits, Roxy from her iconic looks in the episode Roxy Rumbles.

For the first time, a set of two full dolls and outfits of the same character in the same box. Roxy Rumbles comes with a bunch of miniature extras based on the cartoon look and story, like a set of jewelries in metal, a purse, two House of Glamour shopping bags and more.

Expected to ship in late winter 2022, and will first be available as a pre-order to W club members, and then a limited amount for pre-order from

Once the doll is shipped, Rock Jem will bring you a full review, with pictures and a description of all pieces included, all details about this particular look, comparisons to the cartoon look and previous dolls, packaging, all the official information, and alot more. The pages about the Integrity Toys Jem line here at Rock Jem, are under re-construction and will soon be complete for the entire line.

July 23, 2021

Time for a new detailed episode review, this time let's jump all the way to the episode Culture Clash. It was finished many years ago, but not uploaded until now, and therefore not as detailed as the reviews have come to be later, but still alot of details you will probably enjoy. Alot more coming up!

July 10, 2021

A new detailed episode review is up today, of the episode Starbright Part One: "Falling Star". With a detailed look at everything that goes on in the episode, and alot of background information, some that probably no other Jem fans knew before. Enjoy reading! And more coming up.