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Uploaded: October 10, 2018

Jem wants

What Jem fans want for Jem's 40th Anniversary in 2025

Most of all, in no particular order: Animated series, commemorative doll line, doll line in stores, live-action movie, and comic series.

Or any of the above, in a combination of classic and re-invention. Or complete re-inventions that respect the original. If Jem is completely re-invented, then give us original fans something like comic continuation of the 80's animated series, to show us that parallell canons are possible.

More about the above ideas, and some more things we want:

Animated series. A continuation of the 80's cartoon. Or a re-invention, or hey... a live-action show. Even if each episode only contained one song that was perhaps more full length. There are so many more stories to be told, and Rio never found out Jem's secret.

Commemorative doll line. We already know it's popular with commemorative versions based on the original Jem looks, because Integrity Toys sold 400+ dolls each (some editions over 1000 dolls each, which sold out!) of over 70+ different dolls plus playsets. And they sold this well despite having a price tag of $119 or more each, from 2012-2022.

Doll line. Jem fans are also ready for a brand new massproduced playline of dolls in toystores, even a re-invention with modern looks and any sizes.

Live-action movie. A new one written by Christy Marx, or make a sequel to the first one, with the original cast. And this time, don't remove it from theaters before it even had it's premiere. European fans absolutely loved (!!!) it and didn't even get a chance to prove it.

Comic. Written by Christy Marx. A continuation of where the 80's animated series ended. In the same drawing style and fashion looks, and even some new fashions and styles.

Secondary product ideas:

Jemstar earrings in real size.
We never got any really good earrings in the 80's. Atleast not that resembled the ones in the cartoon. We need some actual star earrings, in metal or plastic. Make them red with seven spikes! Make them quite flat and not bulky and not glittery. Make them light up when clicked on, and maybe make a sound that says "As you wish". They could even have a built in miniature microphone, that would connect to a Synergy playset which would transform into a... oh never mind.

Instruments Actual ones you can play, that look like the Holograms instruments, even if plastic toys that are somewhat smaller than real instruments. Or something with the instruments in some shape. There really was nothing at all released for life-sized instruments in the 80's not even inflatable ones that you could play with and pretend you were the Jem characters. A huge missed opportunity among many.

Jem karaoke collection with microphone. Instrumental versions of the songs were released with the 80's toys and could easily be gathered for a collection today on CD, a USB stick or Spotify, or however they release music these days.

Synergy in her computer shape. As a plastic playset for a doll line, or even a cardboard playset. Probably the most wanted Jem toy ever. But can you believe we never ever got anything like that? Not even for the Integrity Toys doll line.

Well made wigs with long hair with the correct haircuts and colors. For all main characters.

Dolls of characters that were never released. Some from the cartoon have been released in recent commemorative versions and have proven very popular! But many characters have still never been released.

Fashions from the cartoon that were never released in doll format.

Some products with holograms on them! Yeah we never got anything like this, unless you count the sticker on the guitar of the 80's aswell as the 2013 Pizzazz dolls. Either just stickers with pictures of the Jem characters, or cleverly used on certain products.

A new special edition Jem doll in the 80's Hasbro format. And if proven popular, why not finally release Rockin' Romance Jem, and the Stingers as they were meant to look in the 80's!

Jem Lego. Lego did release a pink-haired female rockstar figure that was obviously a reference to Jem. But we need official Jem lego too! Can't atleast some of those similar looking lego-brands make a Jem set?

Life-size jewelries. Even plastic ones, of many of the designs from the cartoon and doll line. Shopbop already released a big line in 2015, but those were extremely expensive designer jewelries.

Techrat's gadgets and funny robots from "Culture Clash". Let's make a spinoff line.

Jem posters. Of new official art. Hire a Jem fan artist, plenty of extremely good ones to choose from. Check Deviant Art. They could also do the art for boxes of new Jem dolls.

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