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Here are some different versions of Jem theme songs. See what the two intros looked like on the Show intro page.

This is as far as this site will ever go when it comes to offering Jem songs for download. The regular songs, or episodes, will never be available for download from this site, since this site is meant to review and support Jem.

Character sounds

Some more or less typical lines for the main characters.

  • Jerrica: "Showtime Synergy!".

  • Jem: "Show's over Synergy!".

  • Kimber: "Outrageous!".

  • Aja: "Tired already? It's only been 5 miles.".

  • Shana: "Starlight House, Shana speaking.".

  • Raya: "When I joined Jem and the Holograms, it was the happiest day of my life".

  • Synergy: "Whatever you wish Jem".

  • Rio: "I hate deception and I despise liars".

  • Pizzazz: "I want to be famous, I want my name spoken my name with awe, I want people to throw themselves at my feet!".

  • Roxy: "Winning is everything that counts!".

  • Stormer: "I'm with you, let's go!".

  • Jetta: "Did I tell you I'm close personal friends with Di and Charles and Fergie and Andrew?".

  • Clash: "I'm Clash, your biggest fan. I think you're all wonderful, I love your music, I love your clothes!".

  • Eric: "Starlight Music will soon be mine".

  • Lindsey Piece: "And now Jem's new outrageous hit!".

  • Video: "Please, call me Video, everyone does.".

  • Danse: "You think this is good, wait till you see me dance!".

  • Riot: "A man as perfect as myself cannot tolerate even the slightest imperfection in his posessions".

  • Rapture: "This ancient crystal ball comes from the ruins of lost Atlantis, using mystic rituals which only I know, I can divine the past or the future!".

  • Minx: "I am Minx! I think you are very handsome!".

  • Techrat: "My gimmick, my beautiful gimmick it's ruined!".

International voices

Listen to sound files of lines from the cartoon, in the seven languages: Danish, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Some are in mp3, while the rest are wav, and the sound quality differs alot.

Line 1:

    Jerrica and Synergy
  • Danish
  • English
    Synergy: Is there a problem?
    Jerrica: Just checking your power level Synergy, I'm changing so often I'm afraid I'll wear you out.
    Synergy: I can project 600 holographic images a minute without powerloss, please do not worry.
    Jerrica: My father sure knew what he was doing when he buildt you. Showtime Synergy.
  • Finnish
    Synergy: Vaikeuksia?
    Jerrica: Testaan vaan voimiasi Synergy. Joudun muuttumaan niin monesti, toivottavasti kestät.
    Synergy: Tuotan 600 hologrammikuvaa minuutissa joten älä sure suotta.
    Jerrica: Isäni tosiaan tiesi mitä teki luodessaan sinut. Showtime Synergy.
  • French
    Synergy: Il y a un problème ?
    Jerrica: Je vérifis simplement ta réserve d'énergie. Je change tellement souvent de forme que je vais finir par t'épuisé !
    Synergy: Je peux progeter jusqu'à 600 images holographique sans supporter la moindre perte d'énergie, ne t'inquiète pas pour moi!
    Jerrica: Mon père savais ce qu'il faisait quand il te mettais au point! Que le spectacle comence!
  • Italian
    Synergy: Ci sono problemi?
    Jerrica: Volevo solo controllare il livello di energia; sai, mi cambio così spesso che ho paura di scaricarti.
    Synergy: Posso proiettare 600 immagini olografiche al minuto senza perdita di energia. Ti prego, non preoccuparti.
    Jerrica: Mio padre sapeva quel che faceva quando ti ha costruito. All’opera Energy!
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
    Synergy: Är nånting på tok?
    Jerrica: Jag kollar bara din kraftnivå Synergy, jag byter ju så ofta att jag är rädd att jag bränner ut dig.
    Synergy: Jag kan projicera 600 holografiska bilder per minut utan att förlora kraft, så oroa dig inte.
    Jerrica: Min pappa visste vad han gjorde när han byggde dig. Showtime Synergy.

Line 2:
    Jem, Kimber and Aja
  • Danish
  • English
    Aja: Jem aren't they gorgeous?
    Kimber: Outrageous.
    Danielle: I brought an entire new line of Jem and the Holograms fashions.
    Jem: We'll be ready in a flash.
  • Finnish
    Aja: Jem, eivätkö nämä ole ihania?
    Kimber: Uskomatonta.
    Danielle: Esittelen uuden muotivirtauksen. Jem ja Hologrammit.
    Jem: Olemme valmiita hetkessä.
  • French
    Aja: Jem, avoue que c'est fantastique, non !?!
    Kimber: À ça oui c'est fantastique !!!
    Danielle: J'ai apporté tout les models de la nouvelle collection de Jem et les Hologrammes.
    Jem: Donnez nous quelques petites segondes!
  • Italian
    Aja: Jem, non li trovi stupendi?
    Kimber: Oh sì, sono meravigliosi!
    Danielle: Ho portato l’intera nuova collezione dei modelli Jem e le Hologram.
    Jem: Saremo pronte in un attimo.
  • Spanish
    Aja: Jem no son hermosos!
    Kimber: ¡ Que fantastico!
    Danielle: Traje toda la linea de modas Jem y the Holograms!
    Jem: Estaremos listas en un instante!
  • Swedish
    Aja: Jem är de inte underbara?
    Kimber: Strålande.
    Danielle: Jag har tagit fram en komplett Jem and the Holograms collection.
    Jem: Vi är klara på en gång.

Line 3:
    The Misfits
  • Danish
  • English
    Roxy: Hey Pizzazz, you never told us your father was so rich.
    Stormer: Yeah, what a place.
    Pizzazz: We have bigger ones. Anyway who cares about money.
    Roxy and Stormer: We do.
    Pizzazz: I wanna be famous. I want my name spoken with awe. I want people to throw themselves at my feet.
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
    Roxy: Du Pizzazz, du har aldrig talat om att din farsa var så rik.
    Stormer: Ja, vilket ställe.
    Pizzazz: Vi har ännu större. Men vem bryr sig om pengar.
    Roxy and Stormer: Vi två.
    Pizzazz: Jag vill vara berömd. Jag vill att mitt namn ska sägas med respekt. Jag vill att folk ska ligga för mina fötter.

[Text and mp3 files in Finnish by Sanni Sirén]
[Text in French by WhiteSun]
[Text and wav files in Italian by Marco Valli]
[Text and wav file in Spanish by Alicia López]

Unheard music

In the cartoon episode "In Search Of The Stolen Album", we can see sheet music of Jem and the Holograms at the Starlight Recording Studio. A Jem fan, Nabil Khazzaka, actually translated these notes into music, and provided a music file of what this mysterious sheet music sounds like, aswell the following information about it:

First of all, you will notice that the music is totally rubbish. It sounds more like a contempary piece of music than a Jem and the Holograms song. Secondly, there are a couple of measure changes. This is sometimes used in popsongs (like in the chorus of "Only The Beginning"). It adds a bit of an unexpected twist to the song. But in this case it's just too weird: one measure in 4/4, then two measures in 5/4, then a measure in 4/4, followed by three measures in 2/4, and then one in 3/4, followed by a couple of measures in 2/4. Lastly, there are a couple of mistakes: the top of the score looks like a piano score (bass and treble key) but the last two lines are two treble keys (without bass line). Nobody writes a score like that. There are also mistakes to the time signature for instance at one point the melody line is in 5/4 and the bass line underneath is in 4/4. That's impossible. My guess is that somebody at the animation studio with a very basic knowledge of music must have written something quickly down.

[Music file and information by Nabil Khazzaka]

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