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The Jem cartoon had two different intros, with two different theme songs.

Original intro

The original Jem intro was extremely well done with beautiful animation and full of action, a great introduction to Jem. It showed alot of what Jem was about, music, fashion, action and that Jerrica and Jem is the same person. It even showed some of Hasbro's toys like the roadster, and four released fashions: Let the Music Play, Twilight In Paris, Rock Country, and Award Night. A shorter version was used at the end of the episodes, excluding the Misfits.

Before it became what you see in the below pictures, the look of Jem went through some changes and some scenes were cut as you can see by one of the original storyboards.

Second intro

The second intro got a new theme song, but consisted of the same animation as the first, except that the Misfits were cut out, and some scenes were added, from the episodes: Broadway Magic, Old Meets New, The Talent Search Part 2, Disaster, and Island Of Deception.

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