Stormer's Bungalow


In this bungalow Stormer lives, all by herself. Every now and then the Misfits are hanging out there, or her brother Craig comes to see his sister, and even Kimber has visited once.

Although it looks pretty small, it seems like a nice house in a nice area. Stormer probably couldn't afford this until she had some success with the Misfits.

Clearly the same house as the above, they even managed to draw the same neighborhouses in the background. Differences are the colors of the house and some details.

Neighborhood houses

On the other side of the street.

Front door

A nice view of the inside aswell.


Some things inside that are similar, even in the different pictures, is the shape and location of the windows, carpet which has the same pattern but in two different colors, the bookshelf and the table of glass.


The outside behind Pizzazz seems to be a room with a carpet, but that must be the porch, since the room she enters looks like the livingroom. But where does she hang her clothes and put her shoes?


By the books in the bookshelf it seems Stormer has some interest in reading. Looks like there might be a fireplace to the right in this picture.


This is the same view of the room as the picture above to the right.


This kitchen looks exactly the same as one of the kitchens in Starlight Mansion, but in this episode it doesn't make sense for Stormer and Kimber to be anywhere else than in Stormer's house in this scene.


Stormer has a picture of her and Kimber next to her bed, from the time they worked togheter.

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