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It's no rookies that created this movie. Although they haven't been involved in a Jem project before, they have alot of experience in making movies involving dancing and singing, and many other impressive movies on their resumes.

How about movies like G.I. Joe 2 and 3, Step Up 2 and 3, Hamlet, Paranormal Activity 1-5, Justin Bieber's Believe and Never Say Never. They've had Hollywood superstars like Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum, Julia Stiles, Ethan Hawke, Liev Schreiber, Dwayne Johnson, Kyle MacLachlan and Casey Affleck, among others, in their cast. So who did they cast in the Jem movie? That's what this page is about. I'll try to list as many names involved in the movie as possible, although some are yet unconfirmed.

Clicking the linked names will take you off site to and other official sites of companies. More to come!

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