Misfits Music/Stingers Sound

After all the arguing about Starlight Music, all Pizzazz needed to do was to ask her father Harvey Gabor to buy a record company, which she did in the episode "The Music Awards Part 1". Then Pizzazz hired Eric Raymond to run it. Before this, the Misfits were out of a recording contract, and Eric was out of a job. At first, the record company was owned by Harvey Gabor, but then Eric purchased it and offered half of the company to the Stingers to convince them to sign a record deal with Misfits Music, while the Misfits are still signed to the company.

This entire building might have been built for the Misfits, since it hasn't been seen in earlier episodes showing the surroundings of Starlight Music, but the storyline in the "Music Awards" two parter, suggests that it would have had to been built in just a few weeks, since the music awards were coming up. So most likely is that the building was already there, and perhaps already a music company since Pizzazz talked about buying a music company rather than starting one. So they were in luck to find one across the street from Starlight Music, and that it had a look that fit the Misfits style. Of course they could have made changes to it, because they did add that Misfits sign on top.

Misfits Music surroundings

One of the tallest buildings in the area, covered with dark glass. It seems to be about twice as tall as Starlight Music. The entrance seems to be on the side seen here, and not from the front facing Starlight Music, while on the other hand the building appears to be turned 90 degrees in some episodes, which means the entrance is facing Starlight Music. If you look closely on the following pictures, you will see all kinds of differences of the shape of this somewhat complicated design of a building.

At first, there was a sign showing the members of the Misfits underneath the name "Misfits Music" as seen to the left, then it was replaced by a simple sign that said "Misfits Music".

Taller than ever. The building is orange, maybe it's just the reflecting sunset, and even the sign appears to be orange.

Judging by how large Eric, the Misfits and Clash look on the roof they're standing on, it's hard to understand how that big park on the roof, as shown in the last picture on this page, could fit on it.

Stingers Sound at night

Another angle. The Stingers sign actually lights up in the dark.

Misfits Music at night

The building doesn't look so tall in this picture, and the street looks wider. According to which rooms the light is turned on in at night, we get some kind of indication, perhaps, of where some well used rooms like the offices are located.

Stingers Sound sign

There is a fence around the rooftop, because there's a park there since the Stingers took over it.

Misfits Music Parking Garage

Stingers Sound park on roof

This must be the only time we get to see the roof actually used for something like a party. Before the Stingers arrived and transformed the size of the roof and made it into a little park with a fountain even, the roof has only previously been used by the Misfits in the episode "The Music Awards Part 2" where they fly with hanggliders off the roof, and in the episode "The Jem Jam Part 1" where they release balloons from the roof.

Take a look inside Misfits Music aswell...

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