You've probably seen all kinds of examples of different hairstyles and even shades of haircolors, when the characters appear in doll box art and in books and other art. This is a closer look at what the main characters' hairstyles actually look like in the cartoon, and what differs them.

There's a little more to the hairstyles than just long hair in different colors. Infact, all of these characters' hairstyles got a unique design. Here are their regular hairstyles pictured from the front, side, and back, and some information about their characteristics.

I'm not very knowledgable in the hair department, and hair can be very difficult to put into words, so luckily the pictures are based on original art. Perhaps this can be helpful to fanartists who want to add those personal details correctly to each character in their art.

One thing you will notice is that the hairstyles of the different groups seem to follow their group image. Jem and the Holograms have a more styled and "in place" hairstyles, while the Misfits have wilder, messier and somewhat irregular hairstyles.

More characters are coming up, and perhaps later more temporary hairstyles of the main characters, or even the dolls which also have their unique hairstyles but which differ from the cartoon versions alot.


Jem's regular hairstyle.
Color: Bright pink.
Style: Straight cut, longer than Kimber's. Kinda similar to Roxy's but a little longer, less spiky, and less irregular consistancy.
First appearance: "The Beginning".


Kimber's regular hairstyle.
Color: Red with a slight hint of pink, which can be seen on the 80's doll.
Style: Lots of volume on the top around the bangs, slightly shorter than Jem's but more spiky. More volume in the bangs than Aja.
First appearance: "The Beginning".


Aja's regular hairstyle.
Color: Aqua blue. Not entirely bright blue, but a touch of turquoise. Much brighter than Stormer's blue hair.
Style: Straight cut like Jem's, but with more obvious layers, or atleast one obvious layer that ends above the shoulders (better seen in the front picture). Longer than Kimber's.
First appearance: "The Beginning".


Shana's regular hairstyle.
Color: Lavender.
Style: Shana has her completely own style, an afro shaped like an american football, I don't know how else to describe it.
First appearance: "The Beginning".


Pizzazz' regular hairstyle.
Color: Neon yellow/green. In the cartoon it didn't always come out as glowing as it should be, especially not in the remastered Rhino DVD:s where it was rather very dark yellow or almost orange.
Style: Seems a bit spiky and messier than the others, with very subtle curls. But long and compact at the same time, and usually seem to all fall behind her back.
First appearance: "The Beginning".


Roxy's regular hairstyle.
Color: White. And certainly not blonde.
Style: Irregular consistancy, with the mix of straight cuts and spiky cuts. More similar to Jem's hairstyle than Pizzazz though. No curls at all.
First appearance: "The Beginning".


Stormer's regular hairstyle.
Color: Blue. Darker than Aja's.
Style: Unlike the doll, she has only Slightly curly hair. Almost always has a flower in it, in the same place and shape, but sometimes in another color when wearing certain other fashions. The flower is sometimes replaced with some other hairpiece for certain fashions.
First appearance: "The Beginning".


Rio's regular hairstyle.
Color: Purple.
Style: Rio doesn't have all too short hair, there's some room for styling it, probably because the doll line was releasing him with combable hair. But he never wears it in any other way in the cartoon. It's combed back on the sides, a little bit of bangs, and slight curls in the back.
First appearance: "The Beginning".

Eric Raymond

Eric's regular hairstyle.
Color: Brown or dark brown.
Style: He is a businessman, not very hip, and has alot shorter hair than Rio. Ever noticed the bangs kinda look like devil horns? Perhaps that was intention since he is the bad guy. A few times he is seen wearing hats.
First appearance: "The Beginning".

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