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Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame!

As the above phrase suggests, one of the themes of the Jem series was fashion. Three noticable characters were fashion designers, Shana, Regine and Danielle Du Vosin, and there were even some episodes dedicated to fashion: "In Stitches", "Rock Fashion Book", "Straight From The Heart", or costumes: "Trick Or Techrat" and "Mardi Gras".

I can't think of a cartoon that had a larger wardrobe of unique outfits. One reason was of course that Hasbro wanted to showcase the Jem doll line clothing in the cartoon, and then alot of fashions were created exclusively for the cartoon. On top of all the outrageous fashion designs, the cartoon was also very good at logical clothing changes, so the characters didn't always wear the same outfit regardless of what they were doing. And the series after all had as much as 65 episodes.

While fashion was one of the ingredients of Jem, it was only occasionally featured as a big deal in the cartoon. Part of the fascination with the fashions is because of us Jem fans, making pages like this and collectors who customize unproduced cartoon fashions for their dolls. Fashion was not a superficial part of the story, but rather as the song "She Makes An Impression" implies "It's not the store or the designers name, it's not the price, she won't play that game". Many fashions were daily working-clothes, or very simple, or typical outfits featured for a quick role in a music video. Jem sure doesn't shop alot in the cartoon, since she creates holographic fashions over her body by the help of Synergy. Infact there are many scenes that called for new impressive fashions, or atleast a specific outfits, where the animators did not create such, but instead re-used existing ones.

Debra L. Pugh designed the fashions and model designs on the show. Carleigh Hoff designed several of the Hasbro doll fashions, many of which were featured in the cartoon. Will Meugniot designed atleast some of the fashions, and perhaps Barb Raush and Romeo Tanghal, who inked the model cels, designed some aswell.

This guide features most of the fashions that appeared on the show, and several that you have probably never seen, nor will see, anywhere else. You'll get to see more than a picture of the fashions, because after all half of the fashion is the backside of it, and even close-ups and details.

This guide will cover the characters: Jem, Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana, Raya, Rio, Pizzazz, Roxy, Stormer, Jetta, Clash, Eric, Techrat, Danse, Video, Riot, Rapture, Minx, Regine, Astral, Howard Sands, Danielle, Lindsey Pierce, Anthony Julian, Zipper, Craig, Jeff, Sean, Ashley, Ba Nee, Krissie, Deirdre, Terri, Lela, Anne, Marianne, Joellen, Becky, Nancy and Delaree. That's 41 characters. And perhaps later even more characters and noticable designs worn by secondary characters, and maybe even books/comics specific fashions.

Over 1000 fashions, and more to be reviewed.































Ba Nee











This is what the guide will contain once it's done:

  • Fashions: Each fashion is pictured (original model design, cartoon capture, or drawing), displayed in order of appearance, according to episode production numbers. Sometimes a fashion was changed later (sometimes because of a blooper), in which case you'll see the alternate version in the notes or featured as it's own fashion if the changes were big or repeated. Fashions that were designed for an episode but never appeared, are placed after all the other fashions from that episode (unless I know where it was supposed to appear). Some of the fashions did not get specific numbers, because they were only to appear for a very quick scene in a music video, and on the contrary some things that weren't actual fashions got their own numbers, like when a blanket was wrapped on over a fashion.

  • Names: Most of these fashions were named (letters and numbers) by Sunbow, for example "JR-16" means "Jerrica" and fashion number 16. Some were released in the doll line and were named (phrase or song title) by Hasbro. If no name is available, I might name some of them in smaller text. Fashions created for the first five episodes and re-used in the Starbright episodes, got new numbers, so they might appear with two different numbers.

  • Episode: First the episode it was designed for or appeared in first, and then a list of all episodes they appeared in.

  • Details: List of every piece the fashion consists of, clothing, shoes, jewelries, accessories (even if not commonly associated with the fashion), the entire fashion from behind, and close-up on certain parts of the fashions. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether a piece is attached to the outfit though, or separate. And some pieces only appeared in some episodes. There are some amazing jewelry designs that seem to have been spent alot of time on for many fashions. But also many times, fashions worked very well without jewelries, and were left alone with either just colored pearl earrings or nothing. One thing that is very consistant about the fashions in this show, is that no pieces were ever mixed and matched with pieces from other fashions, so you would never see Aja, for example, wear a top from one fashion with pants from another.

  • Other versions: Cartoon variation, and other interpretations like the dolls, doll fashions, doll box artwork, comics, books. In those cases where a doll line version is available, the cartoon version was based on it, except for the commemorative Integrity Toys line which based some fashions on the cartoon designs. Some fashions would look different at times, like when seen from a distance in the cartoon since all the details and patterns on the fabrics weren't drawn. And some of the fashions that were based on Hasbro's doll line, were simplified to animate easier.

  • Notes: Here you'll find all kinds of notes from the story in the cartoon. Whether there's a certain story in the cartoon about the fashion, like who designed it, or it broke. In what situations the fashion is usually worn. When it says a fashion is a "FlipSide" fashion, it means there's a similar version for Jerrica in the doll line.

    Although this series has a very large amount of fashions for each of the main characters, it's not always consistant. Sometimes a fashion that seems created for a special occasion like a party, is later worn as a daily outfit. And sometimes a fashion is ruined or stolen, but still shows up again. Also, Jem and the Holograms didn't mind wearing a very old fashion for a new music video. A few fashions were switched around for different characters even.

    It's interesting to see how differently the amount of new fashions were divided on the Starlight girls and how few they were in total, 77 (depending on how you count). They would wear their original outfits, which they wore at the somewhat poor foster home Starlight House, all the way to the end of the series. Only a few times, mostly for special occasions, like Hasbro releasing a doll or the girls attending a certain event in the cartoon, they would get a different outfit.

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