Live-action movie fashions

Fashion was a major theme in the 80's cartoon, and the movie crew realized this and made it a thing in the movie aswell. Several of these have obvious references to the original Jem cartoon and doll fashions, but they're also leaning towards a rougher style with more leather and black. Perhaps more of a mix between Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits.

So who are the people behind this mix of fashions and unique designs? None other than Soyon An herself has designed some of the stage fashions, along with assistant costume designer Joan Lee. Frank Alexander was the key costumer, Angelina Coscuna the set costumer, and Toni Cunningham an additional costumer.

This guide will feature all outfits that appear in the movie, more will be added once the movie is released, aswell as more details. As for now, some of these pages are a bit empty, and the pictures available are from the trailer and some publicity pictures.

This guide will to begin with cover the characters: Jem/Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana, Aunt Bailey, Erica, Rio, and Zipper. But I suspect there will be more interesting characters in the movie. Each fashion is pictured in order of appearance in the movie (or trailer so far). You'll eventually find all kinds of notes from the story in the movie, like who designed it, or in what situations the fashion appeared.

Over 60 fashions, and more to be reviewed.





Aunt Bailey




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