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In the first Youtube video the moviemakers posted, they asked us to "HELP US MAKE OUR MOVIE". They weren't asking for money, but for our creativity: "We want to invite you into our process".

They said they're reading all your questions and submissions, although they cannot respond to audition videos privately, so once you’ve submitted you’re entered in the system.

Here are the challenges and contributions the official movie makers are asking for. Any submissions are to be sent via their website at, which is powered by, for those of your with accounts. Label any submissions "#JEMTHEMOVIE". On top of the actual assignments, you can send all kinds of messages to their website, some of which they will display on their official site.

First assignment

These challenges officially ended on April 6th, 2014, but were left open slightly longer due to different timezones.

  1. 1. Tell us what you love about the original Jem. Submit an image or video on the official tumblr "You can even post pictures of you dressed out as her. Whatever it is, we want to see and hear your passion to the original Jem."
  2. 2. Audition to be in it. Singing, dancing, acting. "We want you to be our movie star". Submit a video on the official tumblr "Post a video and tell us a bit about yourself, make it 2 minutes, no more. Give us a little glimpse of why you're special and then sing a song". Any song is accepted (not just jem), any age, any gender, ethnicities are welcome.

Second assignment

All submissions are due by Thursday, April 24th at 6 PM PST.

  1. 1. Make a video (2 minutes or less) or write a hand written letter like you’re talking directly to Jem and telling her what she means to you and how she's inspired you. Shoot your videos without background music! No music, no clips of Jem, etc!
  2. 2. Design a Jem concert poster. You can download the elements in our Dropbox, then go to Submit to share your creations!

Here are some examples of auditions on Youtube:

For more, see the official website at or make a search for #jemthemovie at Youtube.

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