Doll Extras

Here are the things that weren't available to purchase in stores, but had to be mailed in for, using a special offer, often included with the dolls or other accessories.

Also a closer look at some the offers themselves, along with other printed accessories that came in the doll boxes. What was included varied from edition to edition, and even within the same edition, but usually there was a poster, a mail-in offer, instructions sheet (Jem/Jerrica dolls and playsets), and sticker sheets (playsets).

Mail-in items

All the dolls, aswell as fashions and playsets, had Jemstar Points printed on the back of the boxes, which were to be cut out and mailed in along with a special offer for special items. This is the actual stuff you could get by sending them in, in the 80's.

Jem And Friends Dream Tour Cassette

  • MTV Jacket
    This is what you would get for sending in the MTV Jacket Offer. Hasbro also offered this as a third price in the Jem audition contest which would be won by as much as 1,000 people.

  • Jem And Friends Dream Tour Cassette
    Was offered with some of the dolls and fashions, which expired on December 31 1987. Includes songs by different artists of the time, like Toto, New Edition, Thompson Twins, Katrina and the Waves, Eddy Grant, The Fixx, Loverboy, Jets, and three Jem songs. Back. Cassette.
    "How You Play The Game"
    "Rock 'N Roll Is Forever"
    "Glitter 'N Gold"

  • Glitter 'N Gold Cassette
    The instrumentals on Side B has an instrument playing in place of the singing.
    "Glitter 'N Gold"
    "Back In Shape"
    "Jem Theme"

    [Picture by darkweaseljedi]

  • Jem and the Holograms cassette tape give away
    Has the text on the cassette printed directly on the cassette, in red text. Some interesting differently colored versions of this tape have been discovered, one black tape with a white sticker, and a very rare tape that has a sticker with blue text. [Picture by theMitigating]
    "Jem Theme"
    "Who Is He Kissing"
    "Universal Appeal"
    "Jem Theme"

  • Rama Llama
    Came in a plastic bag.
    Blanket. Brush.

  • Fan Club Packet
    Could be sent for using the Jem and the Holograms Fan Club and MTV Jacket Offer, and included a poster of Jem and the Holograms, backstage keychain, bandana, iron-on patch for t-shirts, Jem magazine. [Bandana picture by betseytacy]


These are the posters that were included in the boxes of the dolls, the boxed fashions, playsets, and even with the Wrist Rocks watches. Infact Hasbro was very generous, because sometimes a doll could come with as much as three or even more posters. Most of the time a certain posters came with certain dolls, but there were many exceptions to that too.

  • Jem and the Holograms poster
    Came with: All the first edition dolls, sometimes even with the Misfits dolls, and folded with the Flip Side Fashions.
    Artwork: Jem, Jerrica aswell as smaller pictures of The Holograms, Jem in the Rockin' Roadster, and a star shaped picture of Jem and Rio.
    Back: This poster was available with either a white back, or with the first edition dolls, fashions and playsets. It was even available with only the back showing the toys without white instead of artwork on the front. [Picture by darkweaseljedi]

  • The Misfits poster
    Came with: The first edition Misfits dolls.
    Artwork: The Misfits are standing in front of Starlight Music (this was of course before Misfits Music) playing their instruments, and a smaller Pizzazz is putting up a poster of the Misfits on a wall, over a Jem poster.
    Back: The back shows the first edition dolls, fashions, and playsets. Same back as the Jem and the Holograms poster.

  • Glitter 'n Gold poster
    Came with: The Glitter 'n Gold Jem and Rio dolls and most other second year dolls, the Starlight Girls dolls, Glitter 'n Gold fashions, Music Is Magic fashions and possibly second edition Flipside Fashions.
    Artwork: Glitter 'n Gold Rio and Jem, aswell as several small artwork pictures of Glitter 'n Gold Jem fashions.
    Back: This poster was available with either with the first edition dolls, fashions and playsets on the back, or the second edition dolls, fashions and playsets. Only Synergy, Danse and Jetta dolls are confirmed as coming with the second edition dolls on the back. Then there are rumors of a version without the small Glitter 'n Gold fashion artwork pictures on the front.


These were to the best of my knowledge only included in the US releases, since the offers were only valid for US residents, and only in some of the doll boxes depending on when the offer was issued.

Audition Contest


Came with the dolls, especially the Jem/Jerrica dolls, and playsets. You would get instructions how to assemble the playsets, change the batteries in the playsets and Jem dolls, style the dolls hair, dress them and pose them on the stand. Some of these were available in other languages like French.

Dressing Hints

Sticker sheets

Came with the playsets. Sometimes they had more than one set.

New Wave Waterbed Stickersheet

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