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Comic review issue #12

February 23, 2016

This issue of 20 pages of story, called "Dark Jem | Part Two", is released on February 24.

The covers for this issue are done by Sophie Campbell and Jen Bartel. And the story is drawn by Sophie Campbell. Story by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell. Written by Kelly Thompson. Colors by M. Victoria Robado, letters by Shawn Lee, edits by John Barber, and published by Ted Adams.

If the previous issue set things up, this is where the new style of Jem and the Holograms really starts, looks aswell as personalities. And we get to see them perform with their new style!

Not only did Jerrica's star earrings become black in last issue, but now Jem's earrings have a new look aswell. I just realized all of the Holograms and Jem now have yellow eyes in their new style (while Jerrica still has blue). Remains to be seen in next issue I guess, whether or not this is only a visual effect by Sophie to show us readers who is affected by Synergy's sound. Because Synergy may be able to give the band a new look, but she probably can't project yellow eyes on other people who hear their music.

Ms. Bailey and some Starlight girls are back, and we get to see the tourbuses of Jem and the Holograms and The Misfits!

This comic has never made a big deal about talking about what sexuality a character has, but has included stories about it anyway. But something that may not have appeared alot in media or atleast in comics yet is transgenderism. And Kelly and Sophie are bringing up the topic here with Blaze, coming out to the Misfits. Great job by Sophie drawing those expressions on their faces. You can clearly see what they're thinking before they even say it.

Sophie keeps changing the hairstyles and even haircolors, even more than ever, of several main characters, even if not entirely. That's so cool to see how Sophie dares to changes things like that, which were more static in the cartoon. Because although the cartoon needed to look like the dolls it advertised, nothing says they have to always look the same. I know some Jem fans don't like changes to their favorite characters, but as far as I'm concerned I'm looking forward to more changes about all kinds of things.

Poor Rio, he is probably given the hardest time of most people because of Jem and the Holograms' new style, since he is dating Jerrica and is interacting with them so much. But since Rio doesn't know about Synergy, I wonder how Kelly is going to make Jem and the Holograms get out of their new personalities without revealing Synergy to atleast Rio and perhaps the world, assuming they do go back to normal in later issues.

Haven't seen it before, but I like the short for Jerrica, "Jer". Let's use that in the Jem communities!

In conclusion, I really think they did a terrific job on creating a way out look for Jem and the Holograms, temporarily, perhaps not permanently. But it sure is an exciting story. The always clever Kelly probably also has in mind to force us readers to see the Misfits in a new way by both excluding Pizzazz for a while and making Jem and the Holograms the bad guys. Infact there's so much story going on in this issue, the Misfits having a new leadsinger would had been sufficent in itself. Poor thing Blaze to so suddenly jump in as the leadsinger during a tour and even compete with the Holograms in their new style. The continuation of this is bound to continue to be very interesting.

In this issue Pizzazz barely appears and has no lines. But my guess is that Pizzazz will not like Blaze, and that Blaze will not be part of the group if Pizzazz later returns. But I hope she will be. Because they could easily have two lead singers (if Pizzazz allows) and according to her previously released bio, Blaze can play guitar! Besides, if Clash can't sing nor play instruments, and Raya is eventually going to join the Holograms, it would be kinda nice if both groups had five members.

At the end of the issue John Barber replies to fan letters. And they even made those pages fit the new style of the Holograms with the black background and white text.

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